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Top 15 Plate Bending Machine Manufacturers in the World (Update 2024)

Early plate bending equipment was manual. Well known manual bending machine or simple numerical controlled bending machinery include: Wysong press brake, swag press brake, verson press brake……

With the development of science and technology, CNC plate bending machine has become the mainstream.

Because of the limitation of performance, manual bending machine has gradually faded out of the market. However, there are still lots of used manual press brakes in the market to meet the needs of a small number of people.

Plate bending machine has developed from manual and simple numerical control to full CNC. Even the robotic press brake has become more and more popular.

So what are the professional CNC plate bending machine manufacturers?



Shenchong was founded in 2002. In the early years, it was an OEM press brake factory for many famous European companies.

It has more than 20 years’ experience in the production of CNC plate bending machines and other sheet metal machinery.

SHENCHONG was proved through ISO9001 certification in 2003 and got TÜV CE certification in 2006.

High precision, low energy consumption, and competitive price are the advantages of SHENCHONG plate bending machines.

All SHENCHONG bending machineries’ operation or usage is very easy, convenient, and safe.

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SHENCHONG plate bending machines

Hybrid plate bending machine

– Hybrid servo plate bending machine is the latest generation.

– Energy-saving, eco-friendly, environmental protection, low noise, and low oil temperature are the most obvious advantages.

– It is very suitable for users who want high efficiency and high precision.

Mini plate bending machine

– SHENCHONG is only one single cylinder mini high-speed bending machine manufacturer in China.

– 20/30/40 ton small hydraulic CNC plate bending machine is designed for small workpieces bending forming, popular in Europe and North America.

Tandem plate bending machine

Tandem CNC hydraulic brake press for heavy-duty metal plate, are widely used in airplane, shipment, auto, military, engineering machinery, lamp pole, light pole, electric power pole, transformer, and other relative industries.

Sheet metal bending automation

– Robotic press brake for automation provides the unmanned and stable quality sheet metal bending, reduces labor costs, improves work efficiency, and achieves safe production.

Press Brake Sheet Bending Follower

Press brake sheet follower device is a semi-automatic tool that assists workers in turning up during the bending process. Shenchong servo bending follow-up can cooperate with CNC press brake to quickly form a semi-automatic production unit. Save labor, fast and flexible, mass production.


If you want a good-quality plate bending machine with a reasonable price, SHENCHONG is a good choice.

2. TRUMPF Germany

TRUMPF Germany

TRUMPF is a plate bending machine brand in Germany, founded in 1923.

At first, it was just a mechanical workshop, and later developed into one of the world’s leading industrial machine tools, laser technology and electronic products companies.

At present, it is the leader of the plate bending machinery industry.

Trumpf plate bending machines represent rich experience and pioneering innovation.

A wide product portfolio includes machines for die and panel bending technology, as well as large bending machines and fully automatic solutions.

Trubend plate bending machine

Advanced technology and excellent process

– Trumpf bending technology and manufacturing process lead the world trend.

– It is very advanced and mature.

– The craft of the machine is exquisite and the appearance is beautiful.

Trubend plate bending machine

– Use trubend bending machine to accurately and economically produce simple and complex parts in any form.

– Trumpf focuses on operability and ergonomics to ensure that the machine supports the operator’s work.


– The cost of an ultra-high manufacturing process is high. But many ordinary users will also be scared away by the price of their products.

– TRUMPF plate bending machine is more suitable for users who are more demanding on the appearance and technology of machines.

3. AMADA Japan


AMADA is a world-famous brand, plate bending machine manufacturer in Japan.

The market share of the bending machinery is very large, especially in Southeast Asia and America.

Amada machine tools consistently adhere to global standards in performance and reliability.

Every year, Amada constantly develops and improves innovative sheet metal manufacturing and automation solutions.

AMADA offers a wide range of CNC hydraulic press brake machines.

Eco-friendly HD NT plate bending machine

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Excellent accuracy

– The maximum repeat positioning accuracy of Amada bending machine for sale is within ± 0.00004 “.

– CNC hydraulic press brake eco-friendly HD NT series adopts an electro-hydraulic down acting system that provides superior accuracy.

Eco-friendly HD NT plate bending machine

– AMADA high-performance plate bending machine eco-friendly HD NT Series is popular in many high-precision machining industries.

– The characteristic of this high-performance series brake press is that it uses the hybrid drive system.

– It is designed for low energy consumption, saving hydraulic oil compared to traditional machines.

High precision performance plate bending tools

– Amada plate bending tooling is hardened and precision ground to give you the best metal plate bending performance, with all key tolerances within ± 0.0008” (0.02mm).

– High precision performance plate bending dies and punches help to reduce secondary processing to correct errors while also helping to reduce bending costs.

– Amada sheet metal bending tools are quenched to provide long-lasting accuracy, better than traditional tools.

Perfect service system

– As a well-known plate bending machine manufacturer, its whole management and service system is more comprehensive, providing perfect pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services.

– Amada also provides online consultation and ordering, technical training, machine tool control system software use training and online update, and other technical support.


– Compared with most ordinary users, its cost performance is slightly lower.

– Because of its popularity and brand value, Amada machinery price will be much higher.

– Amada CNC sheet metal bending equipment is suitable for companies with very high requirements on all aspects of the machine and have economic strength.

– So, Amada plate bending machinery price will not be very friendly to the people. For users with limited funds, there is no need to buy a bending machine at a high price for just the brand.

4. Bystronic Switzerland

Bystronic Switzerland

Bystronic is the world’s leading provider of high-quality solutions for sheet metal processing.

The company’s headquarters is located in Niederönz (Switzerland).

The product focuses on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain.

Bystronic product portfolio includes laser cutting systems, CNC plate bending machines, related automation, and software solutions.

Swiss Bystronic plate bending machine is mainly used in Europe, Asia/Pacific, North, and South America areas.

Compact high-speed small bending machine

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Compact high-speed small bending machine

– Compact speed small plate bending machine for small and medium-sized parts

– High precision CNC bending machine, highest demands on process speed and flexibility bending technology, fast entry into bending technology, and so on.


– If you require a user-friendly and powerful plate bending machine with Swiss quality, Bystronic is perfect for you.

5. LVD Belgium

LVD Belgium

LVD was founded in 1952. It is widely recognized as a precision sheet metal bending machine manufacturer.

The company developed rapidly in the 1990s and began to produce laser cutting machines.

As a result, LVD has become the leader of laser, punch, and bending technology.

In addition to providing the most comprehensive and economical bending solution in the industry, LVD also has customized multi-axis CNC plate bending machine with Easy-Form® laser angle measurement technology and plate bending equipment used automatic mold change and mold library.

LVD CNC hydraulic bending machine

LVD CNC hydraulic bending machine tooling

– Tooling that LVD CNC plate hydraulic bending machine used has a wide range of mold models and high quality to meet various bending requirements.

– The complete product line of standard bending punch and die can be applied to machine tools of 120kn to 30000kN.

– In addition to the CNC brake press, standard dies for sale, there are single V, multi V, and adjustable V-shaped lower dies.

– The patented stone radius V-shaped lower die of LVD adopts innovative design to ensure the accurate angle of the whole bending length.

– The vertical removable die makes the tool change fast and convenient.

– LVD plate bending machinery manufacturer can provide customized tooling to adapt to high pressure and poor production conditions.


– If the customer would like to purchase bending machinery integrated with automatic tool changer and tool library, LVD multi-axis CNC plate bending machines with integrated Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending technology is the right choice.

6. Gasparini Brazil

Gasparini Brazil

Gasparini is an Italian metal plate bending machine manufacturer with 45 years of excellence in shearing and bending machine manufacturing.

In fact, it originated in Italy, but it no longer exists in Italy. Now, they moved to Brazil. So we call it Gasparini Brazil.

They attach great importance to scientific research and innovation, and invest 10% of their turnover in technological research and development.

More than 8,000 Gasparini plate bending machines and shears installed worldwide.

X-Press Gasparini hydraulic bending machine is now available in 3 trims: Easy, Next, and Super Custom.

X-Press plate bending machine

X-Press plate bending machine

– The structure, accessories, and design of x-press hydraulic bending machine have been improved.

– Its structure is welded and standardized to ensure maximum stability. And now it is equipped with a new post tester.


– Gasparini manufactures tailor-made machines, specific to the customers’ requirements.

– This is a good choice for users who need an extremely customized plate bending machinery with technical excellence and full reliability.

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7. Salvagnini Italy

Salvagnini Italy

Salvagnini was founded in 1963 by Mr. Salvagnini, a famous Italian engineer.

It has 5 manufacturing plants in Italy, America, Canada, Mexico, and Austria.

It is one of the most outstanding representatives of the manufacturing sheet metal flexible machining system in the world and also involved in the field of sheet metal bending.

B3 – plate bending machine 4.0

B3 – plate bending machine 4.0

– The B3 automatic bending solution design combines the features and advantages of electric and hydraulic bending machines, as well as in-depth knowledge of automation, software, mechanical, and electronics.

ROBOformER – Robotic Bending Cell

– Salvagnini is the first company to adopt the concept of lean manufacturing and develop a fully automatic and flexible processing system.

– It is also the first company to introduce a fully automatic robotic bending unit operated by a controller and a program.


– Salvagnini robotic plate bending machine and automatic bending production line are very good for intelligent & automation plants to use.

– We suggest customers with high requirements for automation unmanned to purchase.

– Salvagnini is a good cooperation company for users who need to add the CNC bending machine to the production line or the factory wants to develop in the direction of automation.

8. Safan Netherlands

Safan Netherlands

SafanDarley is the plate bending machine brand in the Netherlands.

Safan is the world’s leading professional development and manufacture of metal plate bending and shearing machine, covering all disciplines.

From R & D and engineering to manufacturing and assembly; from marketing to technical training; from service desk to the service department.

SafanDarley is the inventor of a servo-electronic press brake.

Electronic plate bending machine

Electronic plate bending machine

– Safan brings the electronic revolution in sheet metal processing.

– It has more excellent electronic technology than a traditional hydraulic system.

– Safan has built a leading position with its original ebrake that no other manufacturer can achieve.

– The safety of electric plate bending equipment is unparalleled in the world.


– For customers who want to purchase an electric plate bending machine, we recommend Safan electronic press brakes.

9. ALIKO Finland

ALIKO Finland

Aliko Oy Ltd is founded in 1978. It is a bending machine manufacturer from Finland with 40 years of experience.

ALIKO plate bending machines are favored by more than 1300 deliveries. It provides user-friendly and environmentally friendly solutions.

Aliko specializes in press brakes with a bending length of 3000 mm, and a bending force of 220 tons or above.

Aliko bending machine for sale: F-series, Heavy Duty, Giant.

F-series plate bending machine

F-series plate bending machine

– F-series is the smallest bending machine of ALIKO, for 3-4.2 meters bending length and 220-400 tons bending force.

– It has a floor standing solution. It does not require any foundation requirements. It always takes only one day to deliver, assemble, and install.

Heavy-duty plate bending machine

– This is the quality solution for larger volumes or heavier materials bending.

– The series has a reinforced structure with a bending length of 3-10 meters and a bending force of 500-800 tons.

Giant plate bending machine

– The new design pays special attention to the convexity of the upper and lower beams and the new frame structure to obtain good bending products.

Limit: bending length of 4-14 meters and bending force of 1000-4000 tons.


– We recommend customers with limited workshop conditions who need to use the machine as soon as possible to purchase it.

– If you are looking for a tandem bending machine, you can consider Aliko giant bending machines.



Cincinnati was founded in the late 1890s as The Cincinnati Shaper Company.

It started to manufacture metal fabrication equipment in the early 1920s.

CINCINNATI has sold more than 50,000 machines in over a 100 years of operation.

Its company covers a wide range of areas, the bending machine is only a small part of it.

CINCINNATI CI Plate Bending Machine

CINCINNATI CI Plate Bending Machine


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– Customers in need of multi-shift operations can choose CI bending machines for complex sheet metal bending process.

11. Pacific America

Pacific America

Pacific Press Technologies was founded in 1945.

It built the first hydraulic bending machine in the world.

Therefore, it has a high reputation in the world.

Over the years, the Pacific has installed more than 15000 machines in North America, leading the position in bending equipment.

Pacific continues to be known for its extremely robust and reliable design, designed and manufactured here in the United States.

Pacific mainly design and manufacture the right machine for your application from 100 tons to 3000 tons.

Pacific hydraulic plate bending machine for sale

Pacific hydraulic plate bending machine for sale

High tonnage, low tonnage and electric types.


– As a world-class leader in the design, manufacture, and service of hydraulic press, bending machine, and automation solutions, their experience in the field of hydraulic machinery is very rich.

– It is suitable for the user who wants to buy hydraulic series bending machinery.



JMT was founded in 1967 in Intermountain West of the United States, as an excellent organization integrating marketing, sales, service, and support of metalworking equipment and material handling products.

JMT Bending Machine

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JMT Bending Machine

– Hydraulic plate bending machines

– Electrical plate bending machine

– Bending plate machine tooling

– Bending robotics


– Multi-axis, large tonnage, high precision, energy-saving and environmental protection, electrical series CNC bending machine, as well as robot automatic bending, are all on sale.

– If you are looking for authentic American style plate bending machines designed by professional engineers, JMT is a good choice.

13. Ermaksan Turkey

Ermaksan Turkey

Ermaksan has a brand history of more than 50 years. The company has more than 800 employees.

Its modern production facilities have been expanded to 96000 square meters to produce high-tech and high-quality machines.

In half a century, it is taking firm steps to the future by continuing to develop “innovative technologies”.

Ermaksan continues to operate from an innovative perspective in the 21st century, aiming to become one of the world’s leading producers in technology and R & D.

Ermaksan Bending Machine

Ermaksan Bending Machine

Ermaksan offers servo bending machine, hybrid bending machine, synchronized hydraulic bending machine, CNC hydraulic bending machine, etc.

– Ermaksan bending machine is currently working in 110 countries and regions.

– Technology and innovation are a major feature of Ermaksan machine tools.

– Ermaksan is a leading industrial organization, with strong R & D strength to shape the field of sheet metal processing machinery.

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– If you are looking for speed, versatility, and high efficiency, speed-bend brake presses are the right choice.

– If you don’t have enough space for a bending machine, Ermaksan can offer you Micro-Bend, the most productive and small size with hydraulic in its class.

14. DURMA Turkey

DURMA Turkey

Durma plate bending machine manufacturers have more than 60 years’ history. DURMA produces about 8000 machines a year, employs more than 2000 people, and manages operations in 156 countries.

DURMA machines are used in all industries, including space shuttle, defense, aircraft manufacturers and other technology sensitive companies.

Durma machine tools can communicate with each other globally. And these machines are energy-saving, with industrial 4.0 technology and strong endurance, very powerful.

Durma bending machines for sale

Durma bending machines for sale



– AD-ES CNC plate bending machines are suitable for the production from 1250 mm table width to 2500 table width.

– AD-S Series with high technology to increase efficiency are for precise part bending.

– AD-R series bending machines perfectly equipped for sensitive bending and energy-efficient solutions are designed for higher-end customers.

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15. Baykal Turkey

Baykal Turkey

Baykal plate bending machine manufacturer company was founded by Hakkı Baykal in 1950.

It has a superior experience of 69 years.

Baykal Plate Bending Machine for sale

Baykal Plate Bending Machine for sale

– In 1973, the company began to manufacture hydraulic bending machines.

– In 1994, the company began to produce CNC plate bending machines.

Baykal sheet metal bending machine series is divided into: APHS, APHS-C, APH


– Many customers would like choose old brands with a long history. They think such businesses with solid technology and capital are more trustworthy.

– So these customers will choose Baykal with a superior experience for 20 years in bending machine manufacturing.

Each brand of plate bending machine has its characteristics.

Also, there are various types: NC hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic CNC bending machine, electronic bending machine, high-speed mini bending machine, tandem bending machine, hybrid bending machine, robotic bending machine……

Different kinds of plate bending machines are suitable for different metal bending process. Users should select according to the requirements and actual situation.