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A refrigeration equipment manufacturer ordered a 3200mm steel plate bending machine from us. Steel Plate Bending Machine Model: WSK electro-hydraulic energy-saving series 100Ton 3200mm sheet metal bending machine EL15T CNC controller 4+1 axis
Middle Eastern customers often order bending machines, shearing machines and plate rolling machines from Shenchong. Last month, a 20X3200MM upper roller universal rolling machine was shipped to Qatar.
SHENCHONG CNC Press Brake Machine Model: WEK electro-hydraulic series, 400Ton 4000mm (13ft), CNC system ESA S630, 3+1axis
The specific process points of the street light pole production line can be roughly divided into the following: uncoiling and leveling, large-scale bending process, automatic welding, straightening and bending pipes, surface treatment......
SC Hydraulic Ironworker For Sale adopts a hydraulic drive system and is equipped with a cutting stop device. It can cut, punch and groove various metal plates, square steel, round steel, angle steel, channel steel and joists on this machine.
The textile equipment factory ordered a CNC press brake from us for the manufacturing and processing of textile machinery. It has been loaded and shipped to the customer's factory and the installation and commissioning work has been completed.