SHENCHONG is a China high-precision CNC Sheet Metal Machinery manufacturer.
We supply all series sheet metal processing equipments and manufacturing solutions.


CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
Mechanical Level Down Four-roller Bending Roll
CNC Hydraulic Guillotine
NC Torsion Bar Synchro Hydraulic Press Brake
CNC Tandem Press Brake Machine

Wuxi Shenchong Forging Machine Co., Ltd.

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SHENCHONG Machine is a professional China sheet metal machine manufacturer since 2002. We supply all series sheet metal machinery, including hydraulic press brake, hydraulic shearing machine, three or four roller plate bending machine and plate rolling machine. In addition, we also supply OEM service according to customer request. Our sheet metal machine is used to forge any metal work-pieces shape.

Due to high quality, reliability and low energy consumption of our forging machines, they are widely applied in a multitude of industries, such as household appliances, elevators, the military, engineering machinery, boilers, shipping, containers manufacturing, etc..

In SHENCHONG, we have adopted the most advanced and efficient facilities (20 sets of heavy-duty CNC processing machine tools) and also use CAD & UG programs to process sheet metal machinery products. 

Wuxi SHENCHONG was proved through ISO9001 certification in 2003. Our company got export certification in 2005 and TUV CE certification from Germany in 2006. 
Why Choose Us
Each client is unique and each requirement is different.  We innovate to add value to our customers and provide
first-rate machines and services to help them win in the market. But, in most cases, everything depends on one word - Trust.
Trust Our Experience
We are a China high-precision CNC Sheet Metal Machinery manufacturer, professionally offers all kinds of sheet metal processing equipments and manufacturing solutions. We have a large group of experts and skilled employees in sheet metal processing field globally. Our company continues to innovate various products to meet the market needs, including shearing machines, press brakes, plate bending rolls, roll forming machines and so on.
Trust Our Products
We always keep researching and developing new products. If you are interested in our history, you can click here. Besides, our CNC sheet metal machinery products have high quality. For instance, if you use our machines 8 hours a day, our machines can be used at least 10 years. Due to their high quality, machines with “Shenchong” brand have already been sold to more than 50 countries.
Trust Our Service
We have set up over 20 dealer agencies to provide high quality and most convenient customer service with fastest speed. WUXI SHENCHONG always believes customer satisfaction is the most important thing. Our technical service department is always ready to answer your questions and give all kind of service you need.
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Selecting WUXI SHENCHONG as your partner and a contributor to your business success is a significant vote of confidence. We’d be pleased to offer you our rich experience, good products and service, and start to win your trust.


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15 years of Innovation

Moving forward with the right values, Wuxi Shenchong believes the innovation is the engine of the company development.
Our factory focuses on technique progress to innovate new types of sheet metal fabrication machines every year.
Spirit of innovation helps Wuxi Shenchong develops fast and grows as one of leading companies in machinery industry, and Shenchong now attracts superior dealers and direct clients over 50 countries. 

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