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Robotic Press Brake

Shenchong robotic press brake provides unmanned and stable sheet metal bending process, which improves cost-effective and ROI.

Advanced 6-axis or 7-axis robot with 6 + 1 or (7 + 1, 8 + 1) axis CNC press brake, center platform, turnover bracket, and other accessories meet your unique requirements for automatic bending.

- Provide stable sheet metal bending at any time during the bending processing

- High level consistency of work pieces

- Reduces labor costs and labor intensity

- Saves time and effort

- Achieve safe production results

Robot Options:

- STEP (China Brand)

- ABB (Japan)

Advantages and differences:

Shenchong robotic press brake automation solution can implement linkage between 6+1 axis cnc press brake, 7+1 axis cnc press brake or 8+1 axis CNC press brake with 6 axis or 7 axis industrial robot.

Robotic Press Brake Machine for Sheet Metal Automation

- Cost Saving

The use of robotic automatic press brake can reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

- High Quality

Intelligent vision technology ensures the accurate position of bending. Simplified system controls and debugging ensures the dimensional accuracy of every work piece. The use of the robotic automatic press brake ensures the consistency of the workpiece quality, reduces accidents and enables safe production.

- Automation

Robots can work 24 hours a day, increasing production capacity. SHENCHONG robotic press brake can connect with the sheet metal intelligent storage system, and communicate the industrial MES system to achieve continuous unmanned production.

Robotic Press Brake Main Parts:

- 6-axis robot or 7-axis robot for plate bending process

- Bending robot fixture for sheet metal clamping

- CNC Press Brake Machine 6+1 axis, 7+1 axis or 8+1 axis

- Gravity centering platform and turning platform for positioning and turning over sheet metal

- Feeding platform with magnetic separator to separate and load materials

- Vacuum suction cup and pneumatic components

- Linear guide rail

- Access control photoelectric, fence and other safety facilities

- Control cabinet and control system

- Remote module for remote control

Specific models and configurations can be designed according to your requirements.


- All industries require automatic sheet metal bending processing.

- Factories that need to reduce labor cost and areas where labor is expensive.

- The best choice for flexible production lines and intelligent factories.

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