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The textile equipment factory ordered a CNC press brake from us for the manufacturing and processing of textile machinery. It has been loaded and shipped to the customer's factory and the installation and commissioning work has been completed.
The WSK CNC press brake machine ordered by the industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer shipped and debugged! The casings of industrial cleaning equipment are made of stainless steel. Lots of sheet metal processing processes will be required in production, such as guillotine plate shears and press brake bending machines.
Manufacturer of robot intelligent equipment ordered a mini high-speed press brake from us. The manufacturing of many industrial robots and supporting intelligent equipment and mechanical equipment requires the use of various sheet metal processing equipment. SC mini high-speed press brake is suitable for bending small workpieces.
The Saudi Arabia customer ordered a symmetrical three-roller plate rolling machine from Shenchong. Now packed and sent to Saudi customer factory! Saudi Arabia Three-roller Plate Rolling Machine Configuration: Symmetrical 3-roll type 20x3000mm.
The Vietnamese customer ordered a vertical cnc v grooe machine 1500X4000. Preparing for shipment. SC Vietnam vertical CNC V grooving machine is suitable for thick plate processing. The vertical grooving machine can groove at an angle and is suitable for processing special-shaped boards.
Material Technology Company ordered an energy-saving electro-hydraulic CNC press brake machine for bending metal building materials. Metal building material bending machine configuration: WSK Servo Electro-hydraulic Press Brake 200Ton 6000mm Shenchong self-developed CNC system EL15T 4+1 axis