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This equipment is a Hydraulic Symmetrical Cone 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine W12ZT-6X1000, used to bend metal plates of a certain thickness into tapered parts at room temperature.
Wuxi Shenchong is skilled in manufacturing heavy duty CNC press brake machines. In September, our Tunisian customer placed an order for a tandem bending machine. It has been debugged in the factory, packed and ready for delivery! Tunisia Heavy Duty Tandem Press Brake Parameters as follow......
3015 6000W Double Platform Exchange Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Parameter showing below. Give up wire cable connection, easy to install and quick to put into production, minimizing your waiting time for working.
This is an automatic plate shearing machine ordered by customers in the automotive and transportation industries. Ready to ship! As leading company in guillotine shearing machine industry, Shenchong keeps innovating in CNC hydraulic front feeding guillotine shears​ details to improve cutting precision and linear.
The customer from Shipbuilding Heavy Industries has ordered a bending machine from us. This a CNC press brake has been packed well shipped to the factory. When repairing and renovating ships, guillotine plate shearing and bending machines are needed for sheet metal processing.
This is a heavy-duty press brake ordered by our russian customer. This large tonnage CNC plate bending machine has been debugged and ready for shipment in our press brake factory! Russia Heavy Duty CNC Press Brake Configuration: WEK electro-hydraulic series 600Ton 3200mm 4+1 Axis, ESA S630 CNC system, sheet metal frontal supports