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This is a 3-Roller Bending Machine sent to Indonesia. This Indonesia 3 roller bending roll with optional device: side bracket, which is conveniently use to long plate during the rolling process.
This is a 125ton cnc press brake for sale used in cold chain industry. It is completed and has been already shipped now! Machine Configuration: WEK series 125Ton 4000mm 4+1 axis ESA 630 controller
SW11 12X2000mm 3 roll plate bending machine is a symmetrical up-regulation three rollers plate rolling machine, which is used to bend metal plates of a certain thickness into cylindrical and curved parts at room temperature. Its working principle is rotary bending deformation. SHENCHONG SW11 12X2000mm 3 rollers plate rolling machine is in stock for sale.
SHENCHONG customized machine details for heavy duty press brake such as WEK 600 Tons 9000mm based on customers' bending requirements. Since heavy duty CNC press brake always be used to bend light poles or other large workpieces, it need to use special design press brake upper punch and dies. Based on the workpiece drawings, we can design the machine stroke, throat depth, open height, press brake toolings.
SHENCHONG WEK 350 tons 6000mm CNC Press Brake For Sale. WEK 350T/6000MM cnc press brake machine with ESA S630 controller and standard 4+1 axis. It has distance between housings: 4800mm, throat depth: 400mm, stroke: 300mm, open height: 605mm, Y1,Y2 parallel tolerance: ±0.01mm, X precision: ±0.015mm, R precision: ±0.03mm.
QC11Y 8x6000MM Sheet Metal NC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine with E21 Controller For Sale. SHENCHONG 8X6000MM NC Guillotine Shear can Max. cutting thickness of plate: 8mm, max. cutting width of plate: 6000mm, with adjustable cutting angle: 0.5°-2.5°. It has high precision that cutting linear accuracy: ±0.05mm/M, back gauge repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05 and any positioning accuracy: ±0.08mm/M.