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The environmental protection equipment factory ordered a metal press brakefrom us. Workers are packing and ready to deliver! Configuration of environmental protection equipment metal press brake: WEK eletro-hydraulic series 160Ton 4000mm ESA S630 controller 4+1 axis
The manufacturer of environmental protection equipment ordered a metal shearing machine from Shenchong. It's packed and ready for delivery! Configuration of environmental protection equipment metal shearing machine: QC11K hydraulic guillotine shear 6X4000mm E21S control system
Wuxi Shenchong is a long-term supplier of bending and shearing equipment required by specialized automobile manufacturers. Now there is a Special Purpose Vehicle CNC Press Brake WEK-600T/6000MM​ for specialized car manufacturing that has been shipped.
A cold storage manufacturer ordered a CNC hydraulic press brake machine from Wuxi Shenchong. This is a customer who has been cooperating with us for a long time in purchasing equipment. Choosing high-performance CNC shearing machines and CNC press brake bending machines can effectively improve the manufacturing efficiency of cold storage!
The furnace manufacturing factory has ordered a Furnace Industry Shearing Machine QC11K 16X2500MM E21S from us. It has been shipped and installed and debugged at the customer's factory. The metal plates used in the furnace industry need to be cut using a plate shearing machine​.
A casting equipment factory has ordered a CNC press brake machine from Wuxi Shenchong. The equipment has been packaged and is currently being shipped. When manufacturing and producing casting machinery, manufacturers will use various sheet metal processing equipment, such as cutting machines, bending machines, rolling machines, and so on.