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This is a W12 four-roller plate bending machine sent to Mexico, which can be used to roll thicker plates. The rolling thickness of this four-roller plate rolling machine is 25mm and the width is 13mm. The outer diameter of the rolled circle is 565mm and the inner diameter is 515mm.
The machinery manufacturing plant purchased the SC sheet metal shearing machine to produce metal forming machine tools and parts, hydraulic presses and pneumatic power machinery and components, dust removal equipment, molds, marine supporting equipment, power distribution switch control equipment, window cleaning machines, high-altitude Working baskets, lifting mobile machinery and accessories, etc.
Malaysian Electrical and Mechanical Company ordered two sheet metal bending followers from Wuxi Shenchong. Their products will require a lot of metal casings to be made. After equipped with sheet followers, sheet metal bending will become more labor-saving and faster.
The Front-feeding Shearing Machine Cobalt Plate Cutting Automation Unit ordered by New Energy Technology Company from Shenchong has been shipped! Our technicians have completed the installation and commissioning at the customer's factory.
The energy-saving CNC press brake machine customized by Indonesian customers has been delivered! The workers in the workshop are debugging. On the basis of WEK model, WSK press brake series replaces the main motor with the servo main motor...
The automobile parts and accessories manufacturing factory has ordered an E21 hydraulic shearing machine from us. The shipment has now been completed. The shearing machine has arrived at the customer's factory and is currently undergoing debugging.