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Top 6 Press Brake Manufacturers in Egypt [ Updated 2023]

Whether your business is a brand-new startup or a massive manufacturing entity, a press brake is likely to be one of your most important pieces of machinery. A press brake is capable of repeatedly creating perfect bends in sheet metal to create a large number of products across nearly all industries.

To help your business find the perfect press brake for its needs, we’ve reviewed the top 6 press brake manufacturers in Egypt along with the pros and cons of doing business with each one for your reference.



SHENCHONG is a customer-first company that focuses much of its focus on after-sale services, customer service, and maintaining the lowest prices possible without sacrificing quality. The quality of  the machine is at the international first-class level.


SHENCHONG provides a standard product lineup with various machines that can serve most companies well, and each of their press brakes is available at highly competitive prices. However, the most important feature of SHENCHONG is the company’s dedication to its customers.

SHENCHONG provides global after-sale services to all of its customers, accommodates representatives of every company it services, and offers custom solutions to increase the flexibility of its machines.

SHENCHONG is also one of the few major suppliers to offer fully robotic machinery.

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- Cost-effective press brake machinery

- The maximum speed of the machine can reach 300mm / s

- Bending accuracy can reach ±0.01mm

- Comprehensive and global after-sale services

- Pre-purchase representative accommodations

- Custom die creation to match any customer’s needs

Robotic press brake full automatic options


- Delivery time: 30 days.

- Almost no longer produce low-end torsion shaft NC hydraulic press brake series.

Purchase Suggestions:

We recommend taking full advantage of SHENCHONG’S unbeatable customer service. Pre-purchase services include in-factory visits, and after-sale services include everything from installation and usage support to repairs. This will ensure your SHENCHONG press brake is always capable of handling your company’s needs.

2. Safwa Egypt

Safwa Egypt Machine

Safwa Group’s Egyptian branch offers a reasonable range of press brakes, but it sets itself apart the most with its technical capabilities and support. They also offer localized services that make for a consistent and enjoyable transaction process.


Safwa’s selection of presses is small but varied. You can choose from a small press, Italy press, or Olympian press, and each model provides its pros and cons in an industrial fabrication setting. It also ensures Safwa provides a press brake Egypt companies can rely on with little need for customization.

At the same time, Safwa’s dedicated technician department is what sets it apart the most. The company’s comprehensive team of in-house technicians is trained extensively to provide customer support at any time. This ensures that any support you receive is given only by the industry’s most trained professionals.

Safwa Machines


- Three distinct options to choose from

- Egyptian location

- Highly trained technical support

- Devoted to after-sale services


- Lacks niche press brake options

Purchase Suggestions:

We recommend utilizing Safwa’s impressive technical support team. They can help your program and optimize your press for every project, or they can walk you through on-site repairs with ease.

3. Intermass


Intermass is one of the longest-standing press brake manufacturers in Egypt. It has more than 44 years of history in the area, and it has developed a reputation as one of the best providers of high-quality machinery.


Intermass doesn’t have a large selection of press brakes available, but the company does offer both hydraulic and electric options. Their main press brake product is ADIRA branded and comes with a reputation for being the best press brake Egypt companies can purchase locally due to its semi-hybrid nature and flexibility.

In addition, it is the distributor of Shenchong in Egypt. The two companies have a long-term stable cooperation, providing technical support in the local area.

The company also offers a high-quality after-sales service to handle all of your repair needs; as well as provide you with real-time guidance and technical support.

However, one of Intermass’s best qualities is that it acts as a one-stop-shop for your metal fabrication needs. Not only does it supply press brakes, but it also offers shears, rollers, CNC machinery, and more.

Intermass Machines

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- A positive reputation built over 44 years serving Egyptian companies

- Located in Egypt for fast delivery and a focused sales approach

- Distribute ADIRA press brakes and SHENCHONG press brake

- One-stop-shop for metal fabricators


- Limited press brake lineup won’t suit everyone

Purchase Suggestions:

Buying the ADIRA semi-hybrid will be the best choice for most customers. Its flexibility makes it useful for standard projects of all kinds, and it’s flexible enough to handle non-standard tasks in some cases.

4. Sakkary EST Co

Sakkary EST Co

Sakkary is a Cairo-based company utilizing Taiwanese factories and Japanese parts to create cost-effective, high-quality, fabrication machinery. They not only offer a wide variety of press brakes, but they also offer nearly every other fabrication tool used in modern manufacturing.


Sakkary offers five different press brakes in various sizes and styles. This includes the mechanical press brake Egypt suppliers usually don’t stock, and they also have hydraulic and workshop options to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Another defining feature of Sakkary is its focus on fast, environmentally-friendly, manufacturing. Sakkary often delivers faster than even Egypt-based suppliers, and despite their focus on lowering their environmental impact, they maintain the low prices of less dedicated companies.


- Fair prices

- Fast manufacturing and delivery

- High-quality control

- Various options available

- Cairo-based headquarters

Sakkary EST Co Machine


- Lacks the high-tech options of similar suppliers.

Purchase Suggestions:

We recommend sourcing your standard press brake machinery from Sakkary due to its low cost and fast delivery while relying on another source for more high-tech needs.



ECIF functions as a bridge between customers and press brake manufacturers around the world. This allows them to focus their efforts on analyzing a company’s needs and finding solutions rather than dividing their attention between manufacturing and sales.

While their selection is limited, their staff has the connections and technical knowledge to assist in finding customized solutions that meet your needs.


ECIF focuses on three similar, yet distinct, press brake models. A CNC press brake with synchronous pressure application, a CNC electro-hydraulic press brake, and an NC hydraulic press brake. This is plenty of variety to meet the average customer’s needs.

Also, you can purchase new control panels and custom dies from ECIF.

Finally, since ECIF is a sales partner and technical advisor, they can help your company determine its needs and find the perfect product to meet those needs.

ECIF Machine


- Top-tier consultation pre-purchase

- Wide variety of manufacturer partnerships

- Three primary options

- Provides CNC parts and replacements


- You’re buying from a sales and advisory team instead of a manufacturer directly.

Purchase Suggestions:

ECIF is a great option if you’re unsure of the machinery you need to accomplish a task, or if you need unique solutions for highly specialized projects. However, experienced customers may have more options if they purchase directly from a manufacturer.

6. Chehab Egypt

Chehab Egypt

Chehab Egypt is another supplier that has built a strong reputation for itself through decades of service. However, Chehab mainly sets itself apart by focusing its efforts on innovating the products it supplies and providing top-notch professional guidance to all potential customers.


Chehab offers a wide variety of NC and CNC hydraulic press brakes, but it also offers manual and electric benders as cost-effective, low-volume solutions. These machines are sourced from the top brands and manufacturers to ensure every customer is satisfied.

However, the company’s approach to sales is unique. Each sales representative is also a highly-trained and experienced engineer with hands-on experience using the products for real-world purposes. This allows the sales team to direct you towards the best solution for your project every time.

Chehab Machine


- Wide variety of options

- The sales team consists of experienced engineers

- Guided purchasing process

- 40 years of service

- Egypt-based headquarters and team

- Partnered with the best press brake manufacturers


- No automated options

- Selection can be overwhelming without guidance

Purchase Suggestions:

We recommend bringing a detailed list of your needs and project details to make the most use of the talented sales team. This will ensure that you receive a press brake that perfectly suits your project without any trial and error.

Choose the Best Press Brake Manufacturers Egypt has to Offer

Each of these six press brake manufacturers has served Egyptian companies well for years. However, each one has its pros and cons that we’ve outlined in our reviews. Weigh the pros and cons of each against your company’s needs, and you’ll enjoy a press brake purchasing experience that can’t be beaten.

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