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Robot Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing - Mini High-speed Press Brake

A manufacturer of robot intelligent equipment ordered a mini high-speed press brake from us. This company mainly involves robotics technology, intelligent equipment, automation technology and other fields. The main products include robots and intelligent equipment, mechanical equipment, industrial assembly lines and automation equipment, optical equipment, electronic products, system integration related products, pipelines, molds, etc.

Mini High-speed Press Brake 20x1000mm

The manufacturing of many industrial robots and supporting intelligent equipment and mechanical equipment requires the use of various sheet metal processing equipment. SC mini high-speed press brake machine is suitable for efficient bending of small workpieces. The unique design of the single-cylinder sheet metal mini bending machine has only one oil cylinder. It can also be equipped with a chair to sit and process the bending workpiece.

SC Mini High-speed CNC Press Brake 20x1000mm

Robot Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Press Brake Configuration:

- WG67K mini high speed series

- 20x1000mm

- Mitsubishi touch screen control system

- 4 axis CNC

- Y axis precision ram positioning

- Standard X, R and Z-axis

- NOK seal ring

- Schneider and ABB Electric Components

- Back gauge is adopted ball screw and rolling guide way

- Standard MSD Laser Protection (Italy)

- Yaskawa Servo Motor

- No load speed (Quick down): 150-400mm/s

- Working speed (Slow down): 5-20mm/s

- Return speed: 150mm/s

Mini High-speed Press Brake 20x1000mm back gauge

Features of mini high-speed bending machine:

- Faster, more convenient and more efficient.

- The appearance design is novel and exquisite.

- High precision and low noise.

- Servo controlled 4 axis YXRZ.

- Laser protection is installed on both sides of the machine tool mold.

High-speed Mini Press Brake for sale back look

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