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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing CNC Press Brake WSK 400T/4000

The WSK CNC press brake machine ordered by the industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer from Wuxi Shenchong has been shipped and debugged!


Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing CNC Press Brake Delivery

This manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment specializes in processing spray devices and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. In equipment manufacturing, a bending machine is needed to process plates. In recent years, they have ordered several machines.


Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing CNC Press Brake WSK

Industrial cleaning equipment manufacturing press brake configuration:

- WSK-servo electro-hydraulic series

- 400Ton 4000mm

- Shenchong self-developed CNC system: EL15T

- 4+1 axis

Industrial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing CNC Press Brake

What is industrial cleaning equipment?

Cleaning equipment refers to mechanical equipment that can be used to replace manual labor to clean oil, wax, dust, oxide layers and other stains and stains on the surface of workpieces. The cleaning equipment seen on the market is: ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaning, laser cleaning, steam cleaning, dry ice cleaning and composite cleaning equipment.


Among them, the most widely used ones are spray cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. In the production process of industrial production and electronic products, as the surface cleanliness of product parts improves, ultrasonic precision cleaning methods are attracting more and more attention and recognition.

The casings of industrial cleaning equipment such as spray and ultrasonic cleaning equipment are made of stainless steel. Therefore, a large number of sheet metal processing processes will be required in production, such as guillotine plate shears and press brake bending machines. Purchasing high-quality CNC shearing machines and bending machines for equipment manufacturing will help you improve production efficiency!