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Saudi Arabia - Three-roller Plate Rolling Machine For Sale

The Saudi Arabia customer ordered a symmetrical three-roller plate rolling machine from Shenchong. Now packed and sent to Saudi customer factory!

Saudi Arabia Three-roller Plate Rolling Machine For Sale

Saudi Arabia Three-roller Plate Rolling Machine Configuration:

- Symmetrical 3-roll type

- 20x3000mm

Symmetrical 3 rolling working principle:

The structure of the machine is three-roller symmetrical. The upper roller moves vertically up and down at the symmetrical position in the center of the two lower rollers. It is obtained through screw nut and worm drive, and the two lower rollers rotate and are driven by the motor. The output gear of the reducer meshes with the lower roller gear to provide torque for the rolled plate.

Symmetry three-roller plate rolling machine 20x3000mm

Symmetry 3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine Features:

- Simple structure, convenience operation, movable operation table.

- Keep standard height of lower-roller, convenience to feeding and operating.

- Machine frame integral quenching eliminates stress, never deformation.

- Best cost-effective choice for architecture industry, vehicle maintenance industry and machinery factories.