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Top 8 Sheet Metal Shear Machine Manufacturers Research Report

Sheet metal shear machine are devices that apply shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses by moving the gap between upper and lower blades to separate the plates according to the required size. Shear machine can be divided into: manual, mechanical, hydraulic swing, hydraulic guillotine, full-automatic, etc. The sheet metal shearing process shall ensure the straightness and parallelism of the sheared surface, and minimize the distortion of the sheet metal to obtain high-quality work pieces.

Now let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the top eight shearing machine manufacturers in the world.


AMADA Sheet Metal Shear Machine

As a world-renowned sheet metal machinery manufacturer, AMADA also has hydraulic and mechanical shear machine for sale.

Product introduction:

AMADA shearing machine for sheet metal has these types: AT.F Series, ESH Series, DCT Series, M-4065.

- AT.F Series has a higher level of throughput performance.

- ESH Series is hydraulic shear that offers precision, productivity and quiet operation.

- DCT Series is roller guide mechanical shearing machine

- M-4065 is long-selling mechanical shearing machine.


- The types of plate sheet metal shear machine are complete. In addition to the common hydraulic shears, there are mechanical shears.

- Big companies are trustworthy. Strong technical support and global sales service network.

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AMADA shear machine


- Low cost performance. Due to the brand premium, the price of equipment is generally very high.

- There are many fake and second-hand plate shears of AMADA in the market. It is difficult for users to distinguish the true from the false when buying.


For users with deep pockets, this is a good option. However, the more advanced the equipment, the more professional personnel are required to operate it in order to give full play to its value. Therefore, we do not recommend inexperienced novice to buy such an expensive shearing machine.


SHENCHONG Sheet Metal Shear

SHENCHONG is a well-known brand of sheet metal shear machines in China. SHENCHONG sheet metal shear machine manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in sheet metal cutting and bending industry.

cnc hydraulic guillotine shear

Product introduction:

SHENCHONG shear machine are hydraulic guillotine type, mainly for NC, CNC, high speed, high precision and front feeding automatic shearing machine.

- NC Hydraulic Shears: the most cost-effective simple numerical controlled shear machine.

- CNC shearing machine: CNC hydraulic guillotine shear provides high strength, high productivity, high precision, and safety to improving your bottom line.

- High-speed series: Cutting speed is twice faster than the normal shear. 

CNC Front Feeding Plate Shearing Machine

- High-precision series: Cutting linear accuracy is ±0.03mm. Have strong advantage in laser tailor welding industry or other industries for high accuracy sheet metal processing.

- Front-feeding automatic series: Automatic loading and unloading sheet metal. Very suitable for automated production.

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- Based on reasonable price, Shenchong sheet metal shear has a high competitive advantage.

- Focus on hydraulic shearing machine production. Very proficient and professional in the manufacture of hydraulic guillotine shears.

- The precision range of plate shears is 0.03mm/m.

- It can even design a complete sheet metal shearing production line for you.

SHENCHONG Shear Machine


- Mechanical shears are not provided. 

- The swing beam shears have also been discontinued.

CNC hydraulic plate shearing machine

CNC shearing machine  for sale


Recommend to purchase high-precision and high-speed CNC sheet metal shear machine from Shenchong. If you want to save labor and be more intelligent, you can also choose the front feeding automatic hydraulic guillotine shears.


ADIRA Sheet Metal Shear Machine

ADIRA is a sheet metal equipment manufacturer with a history of more than 60 years. It offers hydraulic shears for sheet metal cutting.

Product introduction:

ADIRA sheet metal shear machine manufacturer offers GH and GV series.

- GH hydraulic shears are swing beam cutting machine. It cut length 3 to 6 metre, thicknesses between 16 and 25 mm.

- GV shears is hydraulic guillotine series. These cut length 2 to 6 metre, thicknesses between 4 and 13 mm.

ADIRA Shear Machine

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- Both provide swing and guillotine shears

- With rich experience

- Good reputation


- High price

- Long distance, expensive freight


ADIRA large hydraulic shear machine is recommended. Their heavy-duty hydraulic shears with swing cut is very famous. They allow for different cutting capacities and lengths.

4. Baykal

Baykal Sheet Metal Shear Machine

Baykal is one of the leading companies in the machinery industry. This is the first Turkish machine tool manufacturer to pass CE certification and affix the mark.

Product introduction:

They have three series sheet metal shear machines for sale

- Performer Series HGL and MGH are swing beam shear.

- Pro Series HNC is guillotine shear with "variable-rake".

- Premium Series is Metal shear with loading system.


- Well-known Turkish metal shearing machine manufacturer.

- Good reputation.

- Has a long history and is trustworthy.

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Baykal Shear Machine


- Old brand design concept.

- The appearance of the shearing machine remains unchanged.

- The machine lacks innovation.

- Prices are generally not reasonable.


Users who are keen on old-fashioned Turkish metal shear machine can choose Baykal! But in terms of cost performance, we don't really recommend it.


ERMAKSAN Sheet Metal Shear Machine

ERMAKSAN focuses on the field of sheet metal processing machinery and becomes one of the well-known manufacturers of sheet metal processing machinery in Turkey. They manufacture and sell many machines, including mechanical and hydraulic metal shears.

Product introduction:

- CNC HVR is CNC hydraulic guillotine shear for all kinds of sheet metal cutting.

- HGD is hydraulic swing beam shear for sheets 6-20 mm in heavy duty conditions.

- HGS is also swing shear with normal requirements.

- GMR is mechanical guillotine shear for thin plate.

ERMAKSAN Shear Machine


- It has strong technical support of Turkish industrial machinery.

- It is involved in various mechanical products. The product range is more abundant.


- Most of the hot sellers are large plate shears. The standard guillotine shears have low cost performance.

- The price of medium size CNC hydraulic shear is not competitive.


We recommend you to buy ERMAKSAN mechanical sheet metal shear machine for thin plates cutting and large swing plate shears for heavy duty conditions.

6. SafanDarley

SafanDarley Sheet Metal Shear

SafanDarley focus on the research of combination of hydraulics and electronics in sheet metal machinery, specializing in electric bending and cutting. It has unique insights in E-shearing and E-bending. It is devoted to developing hybrid shear machines.

Product introduction:

SafanDarley invented hybrid drives for sheet metal cutting. Their types of shears include: M-Shear, B-Shear and automatic cutting center. The hybrid plate shear machine is from 2 to 6.5 metre lengths.

Hybrid Servo Press Brake For Sale


- The sheet metal shear machine with electronic hydraulic system are very environmentally friendly.

- Hybrid drive is very energy efficient and low-noise.

- Energy saving hybrid system, low CO2 emissions.

SafanDarley Shear Machine


- Its plate shears are limited in model. The use scope of hybrid shearing is also limited.

- Their hybrid shear is not good at cutting heavy-duty metal sheets. 

- Very high price.


Electronic hydraulic technology is more suitable for the cutting process of small and medium-sized plates. It has no competitiveness in the field of large plate or thick plate. Although E-shear technology is a major trend, it is not particularly mature and stable. This is not the mainstream. There are restrictions on the cutting of many sheets.

In countries and regions with high environmental protection standards, hybrid sheet metal shears are very popular! For users who have higher pursuit of energy saving and have sufficient funds, you can buy it! 

7. Boschert

Boschert Sheet Metal Shear Machine

Boschert is the exclusive North American representative manufacturer in sheet metal machinery. It has been producing hydraulic swing beam shears for more than 50 years.

Product introduction:

Boschert shear machine has G-Cut CNC series and ElectroCut.

- G-Cut CNC series is swing beam hydraulic shear. Cutting thicknesses is from 4mm to 20mm in mild steel and 2mm to 12mm in stainless steel.

- ElectroCut is new servo-electric shear. Cutting thicknesses is 4mm to 6mm in mild steel and 2 mm to 4mm in stainless steel.

Boschert Shear Machine

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- With 50 years of experience in swing beam hydraulic shear manufacturing.

- Their heavy duty hydraulic shears with a wide range of maximum cutting thicknesses.


- Not offer guillotine shear series, just have swing beam and electric.

- Better at designing large shears, less experience in medium-size equipment.


If you need heavy duty hydraulic swing beam shear machine, Boschert Gizelis is a good choice.

8. Yeh Chiun

Yeh Chiun Sheet Metal Shear Machine

Yeh Chiun is famous for producing high-precision NC/CNC bending machines, automated machinery integration systems, production lines for box forming equipment, refrigerator panels, and complete sets of equipment.

Product introduction:

- YCS-FR Type is automatic hydraulic metal shears with stacking production line.

- YCS-FA Type is automatic hydraulic metal shears with sheet lifter.

- YCS-HD Series is CNC mutiple axis hydraulic guillotine shear.

- YCS-HA and YCS-HM Type is NC hydraulic shear machine.

- YCS-SM Type is NC hydraulic swing beam shear.

Yeh Chiun Shear Machine


- Other related sheet metal processing equipment is on sale. Complete supporting facilities.

- Good at the integration of the whole production line.

- It is professional supplier to integrate the shearing machine into the whole production.


- The main metal shears are NC hydraulic series and swing beam type.

- There are defects in the shearing accuracy and speed of the sheet metal shear machine.


Automatic hydraulic shear feeding and stacking production line is their key product in recent years. Users who plan to integrate the whole production line can consult them.

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