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Useful Tips For Press Brake Hydraulic Oil

1. What is press brake hydraulic oil?

What is press brake hydraulic oil

Press brake hydraulic oil is a key factor in whether hydraulic products can reach design performance and life.

The hydraulic press brake oil in the hydraulic system plays a multi-effect. They can be used as a medium, lubricating motion component for power transmission, and take away the heat and impurities generated in the middle of the system.

Most of the bending machine hydraulic oil runs under bad conditions, so it must have sufficient performance to ensure that hydraulic oil has effective power transmission, sufficient abrasion resistance and excellent chemical stability.

In addition to the basic functions above, hydraulic bender oil also has other requirements to prevent rust; prevent the formation of mud and glue, inhibit the stability of foam and chemical properties.

2. Press brake hydraulic oil type

Press brake hydraulic oil type

The press brake hydraulic oil is divided into several varieties based on different environments and needs: HL, HM, HR, HV, HG, HS, etc.

HL type, which has anti -rust resistance and antioxidant, is used in the low -pressure oil system. Generally, more use: oil cylinder machine tools, excavators, etc., can be replaced by HM oil.

The HM type is anti -wear press brake hydraulic oil. Compared with HL oil, it improves abrasion resistance. It can be used in low, medium and high hydraulic systems, and can also be used for medium -load mechanical smooth parts. Of course, this variety of press brake hydraulic oil can be replaced by HV.

The HR type, compared to HL hydraulic oil types, improved its viscosity. It is generally used in the case where the environmental temperature is large and the working conditions are relatively harsh. For example, field factories, ocean vessels, etc. Can be replaced by HV.

The HV type, compared with HM, improved its viscosity, also has wear resistance, and is suitable for use in the cold area environment. It is used in environmental temperature differences and harsh conditions. Can use HS instead.

HG type, which has anti-slip, anti -adhesive, imitation, and is used for both hydraulic transmission and sliding noodles.

HS type is attributed to composition, which is the same as HV oil. The use temperature is lower than HV. Based on the formation of hydrocarbons, it has a low pour point and an outstanding annual temperature.

Because the temperature in most parts of my country is between -25 and 40 degrees, HM hydraulic oil can be used. Oil liquid changes or light or thick with the temperature. Suitable viscosity and outstanding viscosity function can ensure that hydraulic elements obtain outstanding smoothness, energy transmission, cooling and sealing under the conditions of changing working pressure and working temperature.

3. How to choose the oil for press brake hydraulic?

Select hydraulic oil according to the environmental conditions and engineering environment conditions of it.

When selecting press brake hydraulic oils used in hydraulic engineering equipment, it should be fully considered, such as temperature, environment, hydraulic system, work strength and component material, economy, etc.

* The environmental factors are: cold district, high temperature, bright fire, etc.

* Use engineering environment: type, sealing materials, working hours of pumps.

* Nature of oil: Physical and chemical performance characteristics.

* Economic: use time, oil exchange period, price.

4. What oil does Shenchong hydraulic press brake add?

hydraulic oil Shenchong press brake add

Shenchong press brake recommends add 46#(or 32#) anti -wear hydraulic oil.

So why does the Shenchong CNC hydraulic press brake choose 46#(or 32#) anti -abrasive liquid pressure oil?

First of all, we need to understand the performance characteristics of the special hydraulic oil for press brake 

- Various viscosity levels can meet the process requirements of different equipment.

- Excellent oil and water separation performance and foaming performance to ensure stable equipment pressure.

- High rust resistance, effectively protecting hydraulic elements such as oil pumps is not corroded.

The pressure generated by the hydraulic system of the CNC press brake is passed through the mold and finally obtained the required material shape. Therefore, it is necessary to properly lubricate the press brake , improve the efficiency of the equipment, reduce the wear of the machine tool, and extend the use period of the equipment, and must use 46#and 32#anti -wear press brake hydraulic oil.

So what is the difference between hydraulic oil No. 32 and 46?

The quality of the same brand of bender oil is the same, and the viscosity of hydraulic oils of different types of specifications is different. The viscosity of hydraulic oil No. 46 is greater than the viscosity of hydraulic oil No. 32. When the required pressure is relatively large, it is recommended to choose 46# hydraulic oil. If you use 32#, the possibility will have internal leakage and cannot provide sufficient pressure.

However, the use of the two types of oil also needs to consider the environmental temperature of the place.

Generally, 46# hydraulic oil is recommended under normal temperature. If you use 32#hydraulic pressure, the possibility will occur in the summer temperature that is too high in brake press hydraulic oil viscosity, and internal leaks will not provide enough pressure.

If you use it in a very cold area, you should choose 32#, and the possibility of pumps cannot be suck oil in winter.

5. How to maintain the hydraulic oil of press brakes?

maintain the hydraulic oil of press brakes

Of course, hydraulic oil also needs maintenance. Good maintenance can make the oil live. There are also some oil maintenance work here (provided that the equipment runs normally without abnormal conditions).

- Ensure that bending machine hydraulic oils are not used at high temperatures. oil products will soon oxidize and deteriorate at high temperatures.

- The air filter on the hydraulic station should use filters that can filter both particles and filter water.

- The precision filter element filter hydraulic oil, so that the pollution of the oil is maintained at the NAS <8 level. The filter element comes with the device is generally poor, and the cleanliness of the press brake hydraulic oil cannot be guaranteed. Because the capacity of the hydraulic station is only 5um, the accuracy of its own filter element is often greater than this size. Scientifically stipulates that the pollution of general hydraulic stations is controlled at level 8.

For equipment with servo institutions, higher requirements, less than 7. If you have disassembled the servo valve, then you understand everything, why the pollution of press brake hydraulic oil is controlled so high. It is best to buy a precision filter machine for online filtering, and some filter element accuracy has reached 0.1um.

- Centrifugal dehydration/vacuum dehydration (for water station with water).

As long as it is controlled, generally, MOBIL, Shell, etc. can be used for 5 years.

- Do it regularly

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6. How to replace the hydraulic press brake oil?

After a period of use of new hydraulic oil, due to oxidation and pollution, the quality of oil will cause the quality of the oil. The oil in the hydraulic device shall be regularly sampled and tested on a regular basis. Once its physical and chemical indicators reach the oil replacement indicator, they must be replaced. The basis for replacement is mainly the following:

- Change oil on time.

Change the oil according to the time stipulated by the equipment provider or oil supplier. For example, for construction machinery and equipment with high liquidity and difficulty in sampling, you can choose to change oil on time. The oil exchange period of press brake hydraulic oil is generally 2000 ~ 5000H.

- Replace oil by quality.

Refer to the oil exchange index for oil change. For example, for the specified hydraulic system, it can be replaced by oil.

L-HM press brake hydraulic oil exchange standard






± 10





GB/T 260




GB/T 6540




GB/T 264, GB/T 7304








GB/T 5096