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Cold stamping is one of the most common material forming methods in sheet metal manufacturing. We deeply analyze it form: characteristics, types, shapes and materials. Let's analyze the "cold stamping process" in depth and sort out the application steps.
The automatic bending robots are suitable for the processing of large size, large weight, single variety and large batch of workpiece. The robotic press brake manufacturer needs to deeply understand the customer's on-site working conditions before making recommendations in the communication with users.
The CNC hydraulic shearing machine has been used for a long time, and the plate shear blades are worn out, which affects the normal production of the equipment. At this time, we need to disassemble the shearing machine blades in time and install them after repairing them.
7 Functions of MES Production Management System: comprehensive integration, lean scheduling, sutomatic logistics & material management, quality control, production process management, equipment management, statistics & analysis, mobile application...
The hydraulic shear blade is a necessary tool for cutting metal plates. Especially when cutting stainless steel products. The blade edge must be sharp, wear-resistant and ductile.
The bending robot workstation uses the robot to communicate with the CNC press brake to form an automatic bending production unit. The bending robot uses the gripper to grasp the sheet metal and cooperate with the press brake machine program to follow the sheet metal track to realize automatic bending.