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The full name of security door is "anti-theft safety door". It combines anti-theft and security performance. Professional door manufacturers will adopt high quality processing machinery to production workpieces. Shenchong Machines are always adopted in door manufacturing industry.
The loading and unloading robot system has high efficiency and stability, simple structure and easy maintenance, and can meet the production of different types of products. For users, it can quickly adjust product structure and expand production capacity, and can greatly reduce the labor intensity of industrial workers.
Recently, the list of "2023 National May Labor Award and Proposed Commendation Objects for National Worker Pioneer" was announced. The technical innovation comprehensive team of Wuxi Shenchong Forging Machine Co., Ltd. is awarded the "National Worker Pioneer".
At present, bending mainly adopts the method of manual assistance, which is labor-intensive and low in production efficiency. In order to reach the level of automation, informatization and intelligence, we need to improve the bending process urgently. The replacement of human labor by sheet metal bending robots has become the main development trend of the industry in the future.
The sheet metal industry often encounters CNC machine tools and CNC lathe machines. What is the difference between CNC machine tools and CNC lathe machine?
The application range of steel alloy in daily life is quite extensive now, and most of the products processed by customers using bending and shearing machines are steel alloys. We will analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of common alloy steels.