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December News: Egypt Dealer Visit Shenchong Factory

Wuxi Shenchong Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has successfully entered the market in the Middle East and Africa for several decades. In Egypt, we have long-term stable cooperative distributors. Every year, SC Egypt distributor purchase bending machines, shearing machines, and rolling machines for Egyptian customers.

Shenchong News Egypt Dealer Visit

1. Egypt distributor visits Shenchong factory

In December of this year, Egyptian dealers came to China and visited the Shenchong factory. The Egyptian distributor has communicated and discussed with us, and planned how to further maintain and expand the Egyptian market in the future.


2. SC new products

The Egyptian dealers are also very interested in the new products related to sheet metal automation developed by Shenchong in recent years. They are preparing to update the existing samples and further promote Shenchong's new products in the future.


With further development and research of automation technology, it will be more efficient, accurate and future-proof. Belive that “Intelligent Manufacturing Redefines Your Future”!


Uncoiling Leveling Laser Cutting Machine + Truss Loading Unloading System + Panel Bender + Robot Welding


We had a great conversation with the Egyptian distributor during this visit and hope that our future cooperation will continue to improve!


3. Delivery cases of SC machines to Egypt

- Cable Tray Automatic Bending CNC Press Brake

- Servo Hybrid Press Brake 200T/3200


- Plate Shearing Machine With Pneumatic Support

We hope that we can provide better products and services to Egyptian customers in the future!