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Russian Customers Visit SC Robot Bending Workshop

Last week, Russian customers visited Shenchong factory. The two Russian clients mainly visited and inspected the SC robot bending workshop.

Russian customers visited Shenchong factory

In addition, Shenchong press brake, shearing machine, plate bending roll and other equipment have also been sold to Russia for a long time.


Russian Machine Case:

Russia Heavy Duty CNC Press Brake

Russia Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Machine

Russia Plate Bending Roll


SC Robot Bending Workshop

In 2007, Shenchong established the Sheet Metal Automation Department, with sheet metal equipment automation as the research direction, and began to focus on researching cutting, bending, and forming supporting automation. Based on years of experience in designing and producing CNC sheet metal processing equipment, SC robot fully automatic bending units/production lines have been exported to various countries in Europe. This year, multiple foreign partners have come to inspect and visit SC robot bending workshop.

Russian customers visited Shenchong factory

In the design and development of robot bending, Shenchong focuses on personalized user needs and prioritizes customer requirements. In the development of each technical solution, we have detailed technical exchanges with customers. Engineers will accurately calculate and simulate the workpiece drawings provided by customers. After confirming that the robot bending can efficiently complete customer processing, technical solutions can be developed.


Nowadays, robot bending has been successfully applied in various fields such as electrical cabinets, elevators, communication cabinets, file cabinets, ovens, kitchenware, etc. Automatic robot bending meets the requirements of highly intelligent production. Used together with peripheral accessories, the equipment can complete a series of fully automatic production processes from sheet materials to automatic loading, bending, turning, and stacking. Fast, accurate, reliable, and highly versatile, suitable for sheet metal with different shape requirements. Welcome everyone to consult!