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ESA S640 CNC Press Brake Controller Maximum performance and maximum compactness in the splendor of a 15” LCD HD Touch screen. Up to 6 axes. The complete CNC line with touch screen and bundled software to control machines from the simplest to the custom ones, up to the incredible limit of 128 axes.
Alloy steel refers to the addition of other alloying elements in addition to iron and carbon to steel, which is called alloy steel. T8 is the material of the ordinary press brake tooling. 42CrMo is a CNC bending tool. 6CrW2Si is a material used for ordinary shearing machine blades for cutting mild steel. For cutting stainless steel plates, blade material needs to be Cr12MoV.
Shenchong CNC press brake machines have successfully entered the Egyptian market. We have long-term cooperative distributors in Egypt. In March 2023, Egypt customer ordered an automatic press brake bending machine for cable tray.
A stainless steel grooving machine refers to a machine that manufactures machines, also known as a work machine or tool machine, commonly referred to as a machine tool. CNC v grooving machine is suitable for industries that require highly processed boards, such as elevators, decorative materials, stainless steel processing.
Electrical cabinet is a cabinet used to protect the normal operation of components. The electrical cabinet is also called distribution cabinet. It is used to integrate electrical components used for energy distribution.
DELEM DAC 360 CNC Shearing Machine Controller Compact and versatile system for advanced shears. With bright LCD screen, operation is most user-friendly. The numerical programming with clear icons guides the operator through all programming functionalities.