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ESA Press Brake CNC Control System | 3 Common Models

With the development of press brake for sale in recent years, various CNC systems have appeared on the market, such as:

– CYBELEC system from Switzerland

– ELGO system from Germany

– DELEM system from Netherlands

– ESA system from Italy

– MD system from Hong Kong, China

– SNC system from Nanjing, China……

Among so many press brake CNC controllers, ESA system has high cost performance. The purpose of this article is to introduce Italy’s ESA system to you.

1. Brief Introduction of ESA CNC Control System

Based on more than 18 years of sales experience and users' feedback, ESA press brake CNC systems are more cost-effective and practical.

– ESA system is the system that common press brake has been equipped with all the time.

– This is also the standard configuration of Shenchong CNC press brake WEK. So we have a relatively good understanding of it.

– The 530, 540, 550 and 560 of ESA system are all keypad versions. And their corresponding 630, 640, 650 and 660 are all touch-screen versions.

2. Most Common Button Version – ESA 530

ESA CNC Control System

The most commonly used button version is ESA530 system equipped with a 10 inch screen.

It can be programmed for three pages with graphics, but cannot be programmed automatically.

The ESA530 press brake CNC system can also be double-machine linkage. It means that tandem CNC press brake can also use it.

ESA530 press brake CNC system

3. Touch Screen Version – ESA 630 and ESA 640 Press Brake CNC Control System

The touch screen versions most commonly used are the ESA630 and ESA640 CNC press brake system.

1) ESA 630

– ESA630 system standard configuration is 4 axis, at most 4 axis in the meantime.

– The 4 axis can control the up and down movement of the slider, the back and forth movement of press brake back gauge and the up and down movement of the back gauge.

– ESA630 is equipped with a 10 inch touch screen, which can be used for digital programming, graphic programming, automatic programming, automatic optimization, or dual-machine linkage.

ESA630 CNC press brake system


From the point of price and performance, ESA system is obviously better than DELEM and CYBELEC.

DA53T press brake CNC system of DELEM series from Netherlands has the same function as the ESA630. But the DA53T is more expensive than the ESA630.

The CTH12 press brake CNC system of CYBELEC from Switzerland is one of their best-known systems on the market. But when we used it, we found it didn’t work as well as the ESA630.

2) ESA 640

– The standard configuration of ESA640 is 4 axis, and up to 6 axis can be configured.

– The additional 2 axes are used to control the left and right movement of the press brake CNC back gauge.

– The 6 axis press brake CNC is more suitable for the processing of complex workpiece.

– Besides, the ESA640 with a 15 inch touch screen can be used for 3D display, 2D programming, or programming with a computer.

– The ESA640 can also achieve three-machine linkage.

ESA640 CNC press brake system


If a customer asks for an inquiry, saying that they want a hydraulic press brake CNC of 125 tons and 3200mm, and the bending workpiece is relatively complex, we will recommend the ESA640 CNC system of Italian ESA series to him.


First of all, the ESA press brake CNC controller has high cost performance.

Secondly, ESA640 CNC system can be equipped with 6 axes to control the up and down movement of the slider and the up, down, front, back, left and right movement of the press brake cnc back gauge respectively Then, there is no pressure in the processing of complex workpiece.

And at the same time, 6 axis press brake controlled with 15 inch touch screen, the operator interface is simple and clear, so that the press brake cnc training and learning is also a very simple thing.

Intelligence and automation is a major trend in the development of cnc bending machine. As a result, the press brake control system is more and more advanced and diverse.

You can choose the press brake CNC system relying on your own actual situation and preferences.

As a high-tech product, we do not recommend users to carry out ESA press brake CNC retrofit at will. Please use the press brake CNC system according to the manual.