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ESA S630 CNC Press Brake Controller Introduction

ESA S630 CNC Press Brake Controller is the most powerful CNC in its class. 10 ”color touch screen. Up to 4 axes. ESA CNC press brake controllers are uitable for conventional, syncro, hybrid, electric, tandem, multitandem. Wuxi Shenchong CNC press brake always use this stable CNC control system.

When recommending bending machine configurations for customers, we often recommend the ESA numerical control system. Due to our years of debugging experience and usage investigation of CNC press brakes, the ESA system is a very cost-effective controller. Low failure rate and stable operation.

Next, let’s take a look at the specific features and parameters of the ESA S630 CNC press brake controller.

1. Press Brake CNC System ESA S630 Introduction

ESA S630 CNC Press Brake Machine

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ESA VIS-600 CNC Control System

The complete line of CNCs with touch screen and embedded software to manage machines from the simplest to the custom ones, up to the incredible limit of 128 axes.

The VIS-600 CNCs have been designed to meet the growing demand for High-Performance CNCs that are simple and intuitive to use, with a high level of functionality and a user-friendly and modern graphic environment.

By seamlessly integrating with the turn-key software developed by Esautomotion, ESA S630 CNC hardware is suitable for all applications, such as: sheet metal bending, cutting and so on.

The intelligent heart of software specifically designed for bending is beating in all our VIS-600 CNC press brake controllers, thus guaranteeing exceptional performance with every type of processing. Developed ad-hoc according each client’s needs, our turn key software allows both 2D and 3D visualization, while optimizing all the bending sequences.

Thanks to unique Esautomotion’s exclusive FLED (Fast LEearning Design) philosophy, it greatly simplifies and speed up the machine operator’s work.

2. ESA S630 CNC Press Brake Controller Features

CNC Press Brake ESA S630 Controller

ESA S630 CNC Press Brake Controllers have high level performance in an economic, performing and easy to use CNC. 10 “Touch color screen, advanced graphic programming for greater ease of use, sophisticated algorithms to make the most of the machines in all applications.

ESA CNC controller General interconnection diagram

ESA S 630 Controller Main features:

- All-in-one monoboard

- Resistive type 10 ”Touch color screen

- For all applications up to 4 axes

- Clear and ergonomic HMI for intuitive use

- 32 + 32 I / O with integrated PLC

- 1 standard Ethernet port + 1 optional

- 2 RS-232 serial ports

- 2 USB 2.0 ports

- 4 analog inputs + 2 analog outputs

- 1 CANopen port

- Available in 25 languages

3. ESA 630 Control System Technical Data

ESA S 600 Range CNC Control System Technical Specifications1

ESA S600 CNC Control System Technical Specifications2

ESA S 600 Range CNC Control System Technical Specifications 3

ESA S 600 Range CNC Control System Technical Specifications 4.jpg

4. ESA S630 CNC Controller For Press Brakes 

ESA CNC press brake controllers are uitable for conventional, syncro, hybrid, electric, tandem, multitandem.

ESA S 600 Range CNC Control System Panel

- Dedicated HMI

- Complete range of software for press brakes machines.

- Simple and intuitive 2D and 3D interface. Both available on the machine and off-line to guarantee the maximum bending experience.

- Management from traditional press brakes to more complex multi-tandem systems.

- The integrated PLC combined with the open software structure does not limit the development of structured architectures for the construction of complex systems, avoiding the addition of third-part electronics devices.

- Management of the Y1-Y2 axes, combined with the rear back gauge axes.

- Complete database for most sheet sizes and thicknesses.

- Automatic optimization of the bending sequence.

- Integration with the most common typesof crowning (mechanical, hydraulic, hybrid with the possibility of real-time management).

- Interface with the main suppliers of pumps and valves (Bosch, Rexroth, Hoerbiger,Voith).

- Interface with the main measurement systems of the bending angle in real time (Data M-Lazer Safe).

- Interface with the main PLC safety systems (Nuova Elettronica-Lazer Safe-Fiessler-Pilz).

- Easy integration of robots for interlocking  Anthropomorphic and Cartesian plates.

- Ready to use software for hybrid CNC press brake machine applications (with the possibility of full hardware + software package).

- “Ready to use” software for the main types of electric presses: direct, pulley belts, motor + gearbox(with the possibility of full hardware + software package).

CNC Press Brake With ESA S630 Controller

ESA S630 is the most powerful CNC in 10 ”color touch screen controllers, up to 4 axes. Also, we have more advanced ESA 640, ESA 650, ESA 650W for customers to choose when you buy our press brake machines. In addition to ESA CNC press brake system, we also have other brands controllers, such as DELEM DA 66T, DA69T, Cybelec Touch 12, Cybelec ModEva Pac, Cybelec VT19, ELGO......

ESA S63 CNC Press Brake For Sale

Different users will have different bending workpieces and require different operating functions. According to your requirements for processing plates and bending, we will recommend the optimal bending machine model and equipped controller for you!