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5 Keys to Choose CNC Bending Machine for Sheet Metal [2023 Update]

Selecting the right CNC bending machine for your needs is easy when you consider these five key factors:

1. Workpiece

CNC bending machine Workpiece

When choosing your CNC bending machine, the first element to consider is the workpiece.

You should know the thickness, width, length and material of the processed plate. For instance, you may need a different machine for bending stainless steel vs. 16-gauge mild steel.

Knowing the components of your workpiece will help you to pick the right machine.

Choose the tonnage, which is the bending capacity of the bending machine, according to the workpiece you’re using. The length of the worktable is also dependent on the workpiece.

2. Punch and Die

Bending Dies

The punch and die are press brake toolings. They affect the accuracy of the bending process and so they are an important element to consider.

It’s crucial to select the appropriate upper and lower die according to the workpiece drawing and processing requirements. The press brake punch is another integral element to choose when you know what your workpiece consists of.

- The type of material of the plate will indicate what the appropriate punch and die material should be.

- The shape of the workpiece will indicate what the upper die should be.

- The plate thickness and bending angle will indicate which lower die to select.

Choosing the correct die also affects the next key factor.

3. Precision

Accuracy is another essential element to be aware of. They are dependable when it comes to repetition precision and forming precision.

They have better repeatability as compared to manual machines, which have poor repeat accuracy.

Also, if you choose the correct high-quality die, the forming accuracy of the machine will greatly improve.

4. Deformation

When bending sheet metal, especially long plates, the sheet metal can deform. This is an issue to keep in mind when choosing your CNC bending machine.

We can prevent deformation from happening by installing a compensation device on your machine. This device effectively compensates for deformation to ensure accuracy.

5. Price

Last but not least, the CNC bending machine cost is the final element to consider. It is likely important to you to purchase the best possible machine at the most reasonable price.

Choosing a machine provided by a reliable professional press brake manufacturer is the best option from the perspective of quality and service.

Investing in the right machine that fits your budget is easier when you know what you need from it. An awareness of all the previous key factors will contribute to making your decision clearer.

In summary, five important factors are the workpiece, punch and die, precision, deformation, and the CNC bending machine price. Keep these five factors in mind and you will find it easy to choose the best CNC bending machine.