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10 Reasons: Why Choose Automatic Bending Machines? (Update 2024)

Why choose automatic bending machines? Still unwilling to automate your press brake? Now is the time for us to rethink this question!

The latest robotics automation has proven that it can reduce your production costs and compete on an equal footing with your competitors.

Next, we will analyze together: why do people not want to use robotic bending machine? And 10 reasons to persuade you to use the automated bending machines.

1. Why not use automatic CNC bending machines?

Why not use automatic CNC bending machines?

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of industry, the employment cost of enterprises continues to increase, and the management cost and difficulty also gradually rise. As a result, many enterprises begin to upgrade their production equipment, and the coverage of intelligent production is getting higher and higher.

The automation of machine tool equipment and production mode is a major development trend of sheet metal industry. More and more manufacturers are interested in robotic bending and sheet metal automation flexible production line.

But some customers are still dubious and take a wait-and-see attitude. Why do they disagree and distrust fully automatic bending?

The reasons why people don’t want to use press brake automation are as follows:

– Use automation systems to limit limited resources.

– A lot of programming and planning work.

– Establish initial part quality standard.

– In terms of equipment and floor space, it is much more difficult and expensive to use automation than ordinary machine tools.

However, we will give you ten reasons to tell you why you should consider automatic bending.

2. Why choose automated bending machine?

With the continuous development of bending machine automation, automatic bending technology has become more reliable and economical.

Production that uses a lot of manual operations, this situation is changing. Everyone is always looking for faster and better metal processing methods.

2.1 Workstation composition

Robot bending automation technology

– Bending machine

– robot

– Ground track

– Center stage

– Turnover frame

– Loading and unloading trolley or pallet

– Separation inspection organization

– Control unit

Robot bending automation technology has attracted extensive attention. Let’s take a look at the advantages of automatic bending machines.

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2.2 Ten reasons for robotic press brake

robotic press brake

1) Output

Automation systems provide consistent output. And can provide unattended production, thereby improving the production.

2) Quality

Automation can improve the quality of all aspects of the process. It can eliminate material dropping, missing loading, missing processing, returning and scrapping products.

3) Labor issues

With the continuous rise of labor cost, more and more enterprises in the industry begin to introduce flexible production lines to realize automatic processing, assembly and testing.

Many companies also find it difficult to hire qualified workers to complete normal loading and unloading tasks. Retraining operators will cost money, time and valuable resources. If automation equipment and robots are used, these human and material resources can be used in other places.

4) Safety problems

There are many technologies and equipment designed to make machines more and more “intelligent”, reducing variability and dependence on human factors, as well as the risk of accidents.

The robot will not be tired, will not be injured or will not make a claim. Operators usually place their hands and arms on the machine (to prevent the parts from bending backward), so they will suffer more injury and pressure.

5) Process control

Automation improves process control. This reduces product differences so that all parts are always the same.

6) Utilization rate

In many cases, automation can increase equipment utilization to more than 90%. Due to fatigue, rest, shift, illness and other reasons, the utilization rate of most non automated equipment is less than 65%. The use of robotic automatic CNC bending machines mean that more parts are produced in a day.

7) Flexibility

The design of bending robot combines the characteristics and advantages of mechanical, electric and hydraulic, as well as in-depth understanding of automation, intelligence and control system. The complementary between robot and ordinary machine eliminates the limitation of bending feasibility.

Robotics enables customers to respond quickly to market demands. The simplicity and flexibility of off-line part programming software helps to create and test new devices and programs offline. The merging and initial running of these new programs can be completed faster. Robots can also be easily redeployed to new tasks.

8) Predictability

Controlled processes allow predictable production scheduling and system maintenance. Expensive rescheduling and unplanned maintenance events can be greatly reduced.

9) Reliability

The use of highly reliable robots in the robotic bending unit greatly improves the normal running time of production.

10) Global competition

Global competition is the first reason to consider using automated robot bending. Manufacturing plants everywhere are trying to compete in this global market.

It has been proved that robot automation technology can reduce manufacturing costs and maintain fair competition with global competitors. While maintaining a high level of innovation and high quality, automatic robot bending will also be an evolutionary change conducive to the competitiveness of the company.

The automatic bending machine saves labor, has no hidden danger, is suitable for long-term continuous operation, and has good consistency of work piece accuracy.

With the continuous development of intelligence and digitization, robots and automation equipment are becoming more and more popular. And it's very mature and universal.

We should learn to keep pace with the times, and have the courage to try and innovate. Don't stay in the past, try the new automatic bending machines!