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Comparison: Vertical V Grooving Machine and Horizontal

1. Difference between: vertical and horizontal grooving machine


1.1 Processing range

– The vertical V grooving machine has more than a dozen pressure plates and more than a dozen clamps, which can automatically clamp the sheets, and can process no matter the size of the sheet. The thickness of the generally processed plate is between 3 to 5 mm thick.

Both horizontal and vertical grooving can be done, the smallest work piece is 80*80mm.

– Horizontal grooving machines are usually only for grooving large thin sheets, just for plates less than 3 mm.

After grooving longitudinally, because the sheet material will be deformed, it cannot be clamped horizontally, which leads to the failure of grooving transversely.

1.2 Power loss

– When the vertical grooer is planning, it is the part of the tool holder that is doing reciprocating motion, and its weight is about 60kg.

– When the horizontal grooving machine is planning, the gantry and the tool holder part do reciprocating motion together. Its weight is about 1000kg, and its energy loss is 10 times that of the vertical.

1.3 Precision

The depth of the CNC V-grooving machine is directly related to the effect of the chamfer. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R is different.

– When the CNC vertical v-grooving machine is working, the planer is fixed in a straight line to the table, and the accuracy of the distance from the tool tip to the table is controlled within 0.02mm.

– When the horizontal V grooving machine is working, the knife faces the accuracy of a platform 1.5 meters wide and 4 meters long. It is difficult to control within 0.1mm.

1.4 Processing technology

– The work surface of the vertical groover is made of die steel after heat treatment and precision grinding by a grinder. The surface is fine to the mirror effect.

– The horizontal work surface is welded by ordinary iron plates, and stainless steel plates are harder than it.

When grooving stainless steel and damaged blades, the table top is pitted, which is why the processed product is spotted.

1.5 Security

– The vertical V grooving machine is hydraulically automatically clamped the work piece, automatically positioned, and works automatically, keeping the operator away from the moving parts of the machine tool.

– The horizontal grooving machine clamps the work piece within the movement range of the machine tool. The gantry moves at a high speed, and the control part runs together with the gantry, which can easily cause injury to the operator, and there is a big safety problem.

1.6 Installation

– The vertical type is welded by steel plates, with high strength, stable and quiet operation. As long as it is placed on a flat and solid concrete floor, it can work stably, and it is convenient to move and hoist.

– The horizontal type has high impact force due to the high-speed operation of the gantry. Need reinforcement.

2. Advantages of vertical V grooving machine


2. 1 More suitable for aluminum plates

When aluminum plate placed horizontally, its surface is easy to be uneven. If you adopt the horizontal V-groove machine, the aluminum sheet is likely to be broken.

In this case, the use of vertical slotting machine is much more convenient and effective!

2.2 Save more energy

The energy loss of the horizontal V grooving machine is more than 10 times that of the vertical series.

2.3 Wider processing range

When groove special-shaped plates, vertical machine is more practical.

It can process no matter the size of the plate, while the horizontal V grooving machine is suitable for grooving large plates.

2.4 Better machining process

The working table of the vertical V grooving machine is made of high-quality die steel.

And the working table of the horizontal V grooving machine is made of ordinary iron plate.

Also, vertical type is more conducive to installation.

2.5 Safer

The vertical grooving machine keeps the operator away from the moving parts of the machine. The operator is relatively safe.

The horizontal grooving machine clamps the work piece within the range of motion of the machine tool, and the gantry runs fast, and the safety hazard is high.

Compared with the horizontal V grooving machine, the vertical V grooving machine has more advantages. Due to the manufacturing cost, it will be more expensive than the horizontal V grooving machine.

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