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Environmental Protection Equipment Metal Press Brake WEK-160TON 4000MM

The environmental protection equipment factory ordered a metal press brake from us. Workers are packing and ready to deliver!


Environmental Protection Equipment Metal Press Brake WEK-160T 4000MM

Configuration of environmental protection equipment metal press brake:

- WEK electro-hydraulic series

- 160Ton 4000mm

- ESA S630 controller

- 4+1 axis

Environmental protection equipment metal bending:

This environmental protection equipment enterprise mainly engages in the production, installation, maintenance, and renovation of cremation furnaces, incinerators, and rear exhaust gas processors. It also includes the production, processing, and sales of specialized combustion machines and supporting products for cremation furnaces.

Environmental Protection Equipment Metal Press Brake

Spark paths and incinerator covers in the environmental protection industry are made from sheet metal raw materials. During production and manufacturing, users need to use press brake machines to bend raw materials. Welcome to inquire! Choosing the Shenchong cnc press brake machine can help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of environmentally friendly equipment manufacturing!