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Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing - Sheet Bending Follower DLSD10

A bending machine in a mechanical equipment manufacturing factory needs to be equipped with a shee follower device. Finally, the customer ordered SC press brake bending follower. It has been sent to the customer's factory and installation has been completed.

CNC machining center manufacturing Sheet Bending Follower DLSD10

This is a CNC machining center manufacturing factory. They need to bend some sheet metal parts related to the manufacturing of machining centers. Due to the large surface of the metal sheet, complete manual bending is somewhat difficult. So, a bending follow-up device was ordered for the existing bending equipment in the factory to assist with the work.

Press brake sheet followe is a semi-automatic tool that assists workers in turning up during the bending process. Shenchong servo bending follow-up can cooperate with the CNC press brake to quickly form a semi-automatic production unit. Save labor, fast and flexible, mass production.