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Environmental Protection Equipment Metal Shearing Machine QC11K-6X4000MM E21S

The manufacturer of environmental protection equipment ordered a metal shearing machine from Shenchong. It's packed and ready for delivery!

Environmental Protection Equipment Metal Shearing Machine QC11K-6X4000 E21S


Configuration of environmental protection equipment metal shearing machine:

- QC11K hydraulic guillotine shear

- For 6X4000mm metal sheet cutting

- E21S control system


Environmental protection equipment metal shearing:

Environmental protection equipment refers to mechanical products, structures and systems manufactured and built by production units or construction and installation units for controlling environmental pollution and improving environmental quality. Environmental protection equipment refers to the mechanical processing products that control environmental pollution, such as dust collectors, welding smoke purifiers, monomer water treatment equipment, noise controllers, etc. Environmental protection equipment should also include power equipment for conveying fluid substances containing pollutants, such as water pumps, fans, conveyors, etc. At the same time, it also includes monitoring and control instruments to ensure the normal operation of pollution prevention facilities, such as testing instruments, pressure gauges, flow monitoring devices, etc.

Environmental Protection Equipment Metal Shearing Machine 6X4000 E21S

The shell and many parts of mechanical processing products that deal with environmental pollution are made of metal. When manufacturing this kind of machined products, users need to use metal shearing machine to shear raw material plates.

Welcome to inquire from Shenchong metal shearing machine manufacturer! Choosing SC CNC/NC hydraulic guillotine shears can help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of environmental protection equipment manufacturing!

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