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8X2500MM Hydraulic Shearing Machine For Cold Storage Manufacturing

The cold storage manufacturer ordered a hydraulic shearing machine from us for the manufacturing and processing of cold storage. It has been shipped to the customer's factory and put into use.


1. Shearing Machine For Cold Storage Manufacturing Configuration

- Hydraulic guillotine series

- 8X2500MM

- E21 Controller

8X2500MM Hydraulic Shearing Machine For Cold Storage Manufacturing Delivery

2. Cold storage manufacturing: process flow

The cold storage manufacturing process refers to the processes and steps that need to be followed when manufacturing cold storage. A cold storage, called a cold storage or freezer, is a room or building structure used to store refrigerated or frozen products.


Cold storage is widely used in food processing, refrigerator manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical industry and other fields. The cold storage manufacturing process flow will be introduced below.


1) Design plan

First of all, a cold storage design plan needs to be formulated based on the customer's requirements and needs. The design includes core elements such as the type, size, temperature requirements, door and window sizes, materials, etc. of the cold storage. The design plan needs to be formulated based on the actual situation and technical requirements.


2) Material procurement

The main materials required for cold storage production include insulation boards, steel, doors and windows, refrigeration equipment, etc. It is necessary to select suitable materials with good thermal insulation properties and structural strength, and ensure adequate supply and high quality.


4) Manufacturing material processing

The processing process includes cutting of insulation boards, steel processing, and assembly of refrigeration equipment. In cold storage manufacturing, many cutting and bending processes of metal sheets are involved. At this time, we will use shearing and bending machines for production.


We must pay attention to ensure processing accuracy and processing quality, improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, cold storage manufacturers must purchase high-quality guillotine shearing machines and press brake machines to assist production.


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5) Assembly and installation

After the cold storage parts are produced, they need to be assembled and installed. This process requires ensuring the quality of assembly and accuracy of installation, and formulating detailed standards and specifications to ensure the quality and service life of the cold storage.


5) Quality inspection

After completing the cold storage assembly, quality inspection is required. Including thermal insulation performance testing, air tightness testing, refrigeration equipment working condition testing, etc. Ensure the quality of cold storage meets design requirements and standards.


6) Debugging and use

After quality inspection, the debugging and use of the cold storage can begin. Make adjustments and improvements to ensure the stable operation of the cold storage and ensure the quality and efficiency of the cold storage.

8X2500MM Hydraulic Shearing Machine E21

In short, cold storage needs to ensure the quality of materials, accuracy of processes and reliability of manufacturing quality during the manufacturing process. Only in this way can we provide customers with high-quality cold storage to meet their needs. The cold storage manufacturing process is a systematic production process that needs to be continuously improved and improved to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality to meet customer needs and market demands. Welcome to inquire about high-precision shearing machines from us!