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Thailand - Sheet Metal Bending Follower Supporting Device

The existing CNC bending machine in the Thai customer factory is running stably with the SC sheet metal bending follower device. The plates processed by the Thai customer factory are larger. Workers cannot complete their jobs easily. Therefore, they purchased SHENCHONG sheet metal bending follower to assist production.

Sheet Metal Bending Follower Supporting Device

When bending workpieces, the CNC hydraulic press brake machine often processes workpieces with longer length and larger width. When the press brake machine is bending, as the upper and lower dies close, the sheets on both sides of the bending line turn upward.


In order to prevent overly long or large sheets from affecting the bending accuracy of the workpiece due to pressure and gravity, we recommend equipping the press brake machine with a SC bending follower supporting device.


SC sheet metal bending follower supporting device of CNC hydraulic press brake adopts a novel design. Servo motor drive. Wider work surface and greater load capacity.

During bending, the follower supporting device of the bending machine can always follow the movement of the workpiece sheet according to the movement trajectory of the workpiece. While ensuring the bending accuracy of the workpiece, it greatly eliminates the difficulty of manpower-assisted material support.


Through the cooperation of the linear motion and rotational motion of the pallet, the turning trajectory and speed can be accurately matched with the reversal and speed of the plate during bending. This sheet metal bending follower device is a fully automatic CNC independent motion axis.