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SC CNC Press Brake WEK For Refrigeration Equipment Industry

The customer purchased this CNC press brake machine mainly for the manufacturing and processing of refrigeration equipment and accessories, air condensers, fans and other sheet metal parts.

Press Brake Machine WEK 130Ton 4000mm ESAS630 4+1

Refrigeration Equipment Industry Press Brake Configuration:

- WEK electro-hydraulic

- 130Ton 4000mm

- ESA S630 CNC System

- 4+1 axis

Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing:

Refrigeration equipment is used in people's lives and industrial production in modern society, covering every corner of industry, agriculture, commerce, etc.


Refrigeration equipment manufacturers will manufacture different types of refrigeration equipment according to different user needs, such as screw chillers, integrated chillers, split chillers, explosion-proof chillers, etc.

CNC Press Brake Machine WEK 130Ton 4000mm ESAS630 4+1

The simplest refrigeration system consists of four major components: compressor, condenser, throttle valve, evaporator, etc. What is a refrigeration system? The refrigeration system is composed of four basic parts: compressor, condenser, throttling component and evaporator.


The components of refrigeration equipment are composed of various metal parts. Therefore, when manufacturing refrigeration equipment, manufacturers must use various sheet metal processing equipment, such as CNC plate shearing and bending machines. Welcome Inquiry!