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How to Maintain Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine?

The upper roller universal rolling machine is widely used in industries with high accuracy requirements, such as: aviation, nuclear power and other metal structures, as well as chemical machinery, marine petroleum platforms, oil and water pipelines and other industries.

The main features of the upper roller universal plate rolling machine are the upper roller lifting, the upper roller universal transmission and horizontal movement. At one time, the pre -bending and curl -shaped workpiece of the two ends of the board can be completed.

It can also be treated with a certain plastic surgery for metal plates. Compared to the mechanical three-roller rolling machine, there are direct bending, provincial, and ingredients. At the same time, the NC system control is also configured to increase the degree of automation.

1. Daily Maintenance Of Upper Roller Universal Rolling Machine

SW11SNC 25×2500 Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine

In the daily operation process, how can we operate correctly to maintain the upper roller universal rolling machine?

- According to the intention of the machine lubrication, the lubrication and artificial lubrication point of each oil cup should be cheered as required.

- The rolling plate should follow the roller universal roll machine parameters

- After the power is connected, the lower roller is in two directions and the upper roller lifting movement to check whether there are abnormal card deaths in each movement.

- Strictly follow the upper roller universal bending machine roll processing process and operation method. When the upper roller rises to the limit position, pay attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

- When the main transmission is stopped, the upper roller can be lifted, the dumping of the bearing and the upper roll up.

- During the operation, if there are abnormal phenomena such as irregular noise, impact, etc., it should be stopped immediately.

- During the operation, the personnel of each person should coordinate each other and obey the command of the person in charge of the rolling plate. There is no password, and the machine is prohibited.

- When operating on the upper roller universal rolling machine , pay attention not to be pressed and rolled in the steel plate.

- When hanging or rolling the steel plate with a crane , be careful not to collide with the machine.

- After ending the rolling plate, the site needs to clean the venue, and do the maintenance of equipment, and turn off the power in time.

We operate the rolling machines daily, so we must do it in accordance with the regulations, so as to better maintain the rolling machine. In addition, we need to maintain the machine regularly. So how to maintain the upper roller universal roll machine?

When the rolling machine runs for 600 hours, we need to perform first -level maintenance. Mainly operate the workers and perform the cooperation of the workers. Note that before the maintenance, first cut off the power supply of the rolling board.

2. Upper Roller Bending Machine Maintenance Regulations

- Wash the surface of the coil machine to keep the inside and outside clean, without rust, no yellow robe.

- Curdite with defects, nuts, buttons, and signs.

Hydraulic lubrication

- Wipe and check the oil pumps, valves, fuel tanks and pipe surfaces. Requires cleaning, rustless, oil-free, yellow robe, no leakage.

- Cleaning the oil cup and filter, dredging the oil circuit, the oil label is bright.

- Check the oil quality and oil of the mailbox and add lubricating oil as appropriate.

- Check the pressure gauge

Electrical Appliance

- Wipe the electrical box and require no dust and oil.

- Check the lines complete, the hose protection connection is reliable, and the performance is good.

- Check the safety protective cover and tighten the zero device.

When the machine is running for 5,000 hours, we need to perform secondary maintenance. Maintenance workers are mainly based on the operators to participate. In addition to the implementation of first -level maintenance content and requirements, the following work should be done, and it should be surveyed and easy to make loss parts. Pay attention to cut off the power first and then perform maintenance work.

Three rollers

- Check and adjust the accuracy of the three rollers to achieve stable exercise and meet the requirements of craftsmanship.

- Fix or replace defects parts

Hydraulic lubrication

- Disassemble, check the electromagnetic ball valve, grind the valve and the valve core.

- Cleaning, checking oil pumps, tanks, plunges, repairing the muscles, and replacement of oil seal.

- Check the pressure gauge

- Fix or replace severe wear parts

- Drive to check the running of each oil cylinder and plunger smoothly without crawling. Adjusting the brakes can meet the requirements of use.

Electrical appliance

- Clean the motor, check the bearings, and replace the lubricating oil.

- Fix or replace carbon brushes and other components.

- Electric complies with the standard requirements for the equipment


- Correct the level of machine tools, check, adjust, and repair accuracy.

- The accuracy meets the standard requirements of the device.

Wuxi Shenchong reminds customers that we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the upper roller universal rolling machine, and the maintenance of the upper roller universal rolling machine after using 500 hours and 5,000 hours.

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