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Types and Composition: Automatic Sheet Metal Storage System

1. What are the current needs of sheet metal factories in storage?

Sheet Metal Intelligent Storage

The current needs of some typical intelligent sheet metal factories mainly include the following aspects:

- Multi-process, multi-process production management. Including cutting, bending, welding, polishing, transportation, warehousing, quality inspection and other links.

- Integration of multi-system and multi-equipment. Like ERP, MES, WMS, PLM, CAM, CNC, PLC, barcode system, etc.

- Automatic layout and automatic sorting of multi-variety and small-batch sheet metal workpieces. This includes automatically linking orders, nesting layouts, and more.

- Management of intelligent warehousing and logistics distribution. Not only the raw material storage system, but also the in and out of finished products and semi-finished products and the management of line side storage system.

- Barcode management and quality traceability. Coding, sticking, scanning and traceability of workpieces and raw materials.

- Production line Kanban and management visualization. Real-time display of production status, equipment status, work efficiency and other data.

- Data analysis and application. Such as predictive maintenance, fault alarm analysis, etc.

- Training and virtual display. Such as operational training, digital twin demonstrations, virtualized model drives, tours and sales demonstrations, etc.

2. Three common automatic sheet metal storage systems

There are 3 types of automated storage system:

– Single storage system loading and unloading

The material storage system generally determines the selection of the material storage system according to the customer’s plate.

The general models of the storage system are divided into 2513, 3015, 4020, 6020; namely 2500mmx1300mm, 3000mmx1500mm, 4000mmx2000mm, 6000mmx2000mm sheet.

The thickness is generally between 0.5mm and 20mm. So usually the maximum loading capacity of each layer of the material tower is 3T, or 10T.

Considering the height of the customer’s workshop, the general design height of the material tower has 6, 10 and 15 layers.

sheet metal storage system

Composition of an automatic sheet metal storage system

The 3D sheet metal storage system is composed of material tower, elevator, tray, loading and unloading material, material storage system management system, etc.

1) Material tower

It is assembled and formed by rectangular tubes. The lifting column is processed by a gantry milling machine to ensure the running accuracy and stability.

The double column lifting mechanism is adopted, and the motor is driven by multiple rows of chains to realize the lifting and lowering of the pallet sheet.

A hook on one side enables entry and exit of the storage system. The overall structure is simple and elegant, and the equipment is easy to disassemble and carry.

Sheet Metal Storage Material Tower

2) Lifter

The double-column liftering mechanism is adopted, and the motor is driven by multiple rows of chains to realize the lifting and lowering of the pallet sheet, and the tractor on the lifter pulls the hook on one side of the pallet to enter and leave the storage system.

The lifting CNC system adopts laser scanning code for closed-loop positioning, synchronously eliminates the extension size of the chain, and has the functions of accurate positioning, stable operation, fast and flexible operation.

3) Tray

The roller tray is formed by welding pipes, which can load 5T. The tray is analyzed by finite element analysis.

The positioning pins are installed on the tray for the positioning of the plate material.

There are two pull blocks with U-shaped notches on both sides of the tray.

When the translation device moves, the special-shaped pull block will hook the U-shaped gap on the tray to realize the tray in and out of the storage system.

4) Feeding Rack

It is formed by round bar welding, which can meet the supporting and positioning function of the whole plate.

5) Management system

It is controlled by a touch-screen industrial computer, including the interfaces of sheet storage, sheet delivery, sheet loading and unloading, record statistics of incoming and outgoing materials, inventory statistics, inventory warning, and fault warning prompts.

The interface is simple and convenient to operate. It is easy for operators to learn and learn.

6) Workflow

When the material storage system is replenished, a forklift or a crane is used with the feeding positioning table to place the plate at the origin of the pallet.

Then the lifter automatically sends the plate to the empty position of the material tower, and the material library system automatically enters the plate information.

When the production requires a certain specification of plates, the lifter automatically goes to the corresponding storage location to pick up the materials and deliver them from the storage.

– Double tower sheet metal storage system

double-tower storage system

The double-tower storage system is a storage system composed of 2 storage systems.

The 2 storage systems only need to share one lifter, and the storage capacity is larger, and the four sides can be used as the storage port and the storage port, which is compatible with the customer’s workshop. Higher, more machines can be connected.

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– Combined layout warehouse

Combined layout warehouse

Combined discharge warehouse is to connect multiple warehouses, using a gantry type lifter, the lifter can move on the ground rail to enter each warehouse.

The strip warehouse is suitable for large-scale automated processing factories and factories with large monthly output.