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Sheet Metal Storage System

Sheet Metal Storage System

Intelligent Sheet Metal Storage System

Intelligent Sheet Metal Storage System is used to manage raw materials and finished products.

Sheet Metal Storage System + Double Beam Rack Loading and Unloading Machine + Laser Cutting Machine Combination, realizing unmanned automatic cutting process: the sheet metal plate automatic exit the storage system and feed into laser cutting machine, automatic unloading and automatically separate the finished products and waste, and finally feed the products into the storage system.

 Intelligent Manufacturing Redefine Your Future! 

Automated Sheet Metal Storage System

Automatic Sheet Metal Storage Tower Advantages and differences:


- There are multiple layers of SHENCHONG Intelligent Storage system, which are used to classify and store plates. It is controlled by the computer, intelligently selects the plates of each layer, and automatically transports the sheets during the production process.


- Multi-layer Storage System (multi-storage system type) can be connected with laser cutting machine, shear center line, automatic punching center, robot automatic press brake, rolling center, various forming lines, automatic welding production line, spraying line and other automatic production lines as an unmanned factory.

Automated Sheet Metal Storage System

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Obvious advantages: fast, economic and intuitive

- Provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for your work place

- Intelligent Sheet Metal Warehouse to improve storage security and safety operation

- Saving storage space and handling time

- Material protection

- Material handling to improve manufacturing process

- Easy and clear production management

- Flexible independent of manufacturer and integrated processing machine

Laser Cutting With Sheet Metal Storage System

Automated Sheet Metal Storage System Applications:

- Intelligent sheet metal storage system is used to classify and store all kinds of metal plates, control the entry and exit of the plates through the computer, intelligently select each layer of plates, and connect with the enterprise's MES system.

- Various types of automatic storage warehouses are suitable for metal plates of different shapes, thicknesses, widths, lengths and weights.

- It can connect with the laser cutting machine, the cutting center line, the robotic press brake, the automatic punching center, other equipment in order to provide raw materials and store finished materials.

Automatic Punching With Sheet Metal Storage System

SHENCHONG Intelligent Sheet Metal Storage System FAQ:

Q: How to get an accurate sheet metal storage tower price from SHENCHONG?

A: Every customer can get automatic sheet metal storage system price from us. Please provide us the details of your sheet material, max thickness and max width, what kind of machine do you want to connect. Shenchong automated storage warehouse can not only connect with laser cutting machine, plates shearing machine, turret punch press, but also it can connect with any other sheet metal processing machine. We have our own engineer team to design the technical propsal for you. Also, it is best to provide us your factory site space, and we will try best to design the most suitable technical proposal for you.

Sheet Metal Storage System For Sale

Q: What's the shipping cost from China to your country?

A: We can send machine to your port or door address by sea or railway. please kindly tell us your nearest port or address with postcode. we have reliable shipping agent to insure the safe convenient and time delivery. SHENCHONG is a professional sheet metal warehouse manufacturer, we will provide the best shipping proposal. 

Q: Do you offer teaching & training?

A: Yes, after our engineers install and adjust the intelligent storage system for your laser cutting machine or plate shearing machine, they will also teach your workers how to operate the machine and how to do the daily maintenance.

Intelligent Sheet Metal Storage System

Q: Do you offer after sales service?

A: Yes, during the guarantee period, Shenchong responds within 60 minutes after receiving the customer's failure notice. If the on-site service is required, we appoint professional and technical personnel to provide services such as consulting, maintenance and replacement of parts, and timely fill in the maintenance report (including the maintenance report (including the maintenance report (including The cause of failure, treatment and buyer's opinions, etc.).

SHENCHONG will remotely guide the customers in the maintenance and repair of all equipment and software of the project at the 6th and 12th months after the completion of project delivery.

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