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Hydraulic Metal Shears Instruction Manual in 2024

1. Notice

We suggest that all users and operators read this operating manual carefully before using hydraulic metal shears.

This manual is designed for professionally qualified personnel. It comes with diagrams and all necessary documentation to lift, move and place the machine, as well as instructions for the safe use and maintenance of the machine.

2. Application of the Shear Machine

Application of Plate Shear Machine

This hydraulic metal shears suits the field of machinery, motors and electrics and light industry and etc.

It is widely used in the straight cutting of various metal plates (with tensile strength less than σ b ≦ 450Mpa).

With relatively small cut thickness and better knife, it can also cut the plates of low alloy steel, stainless steel,spring steel which is with strong tensile strength.

3. Structure of Hydraulic Metal Shears

Structure of Hydraulic Metal Shears

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3.1 Frame

Welded steel construction with excellent rigidity and stability. The main parts consist of left and right support pillars, clamping board, a working table and oil tank. The two cylinders are mounted on the support board which connects the two support pillars and boards.

3.2 Upper knife beam

A triangle steel-sheet welded structure with guiding rail plate, blade and back-guage device. The cutting operation is effected through reciprocation movement actuated by left and right cylinders.

3.3 Cylinders device on the left and right

It consists of two piston cylinders and sealing components. This device directly drives the movement of upper knife beam.

Hydraulic Shear Machine Cylinders

3.4 Hydraulic system

It consists of Main motor, oil pump, valve, oil tank, pipings and etc. It is the driving system of the machine.

3.5 Clamping device

Consists of many cylinders which are installed at the front of the machine frame. When oil enters the clamping cylinders, the clamping heads overcome the pull strength of the springs, press down, clamp the sheet to cut, then return to its original position with the help of spring force after cutting. The clamping strength increases as the plate thickness increases.

3.6 Blade gap adjustment device

It consists of adjustment handle, lever, dial and etc. The gap can be adjusted according to the plate thickness.

3.7 Electric system

It consists of electric box which is installed on the left support pillar and the buttons at the plate. This is for operation and control of the hydraulic metal shears.

Hydraulic Shear Machine Electric System

4. Hoisting and Installation

4.1 Hoisting

- The hydraulic metal shear has lift holes at the top for hoisting:

Please choose proper steel ropes and hoisting equipment as per the machine weight. Accidents will occur if the hoisting is not effected properly.

- The basis of thehydraulic metal shears:

The earth around the basis should be solid, and the depth depends on the specific condition.

4.2 Installation

When installation, remove the balling cover on the worktable, and put the same height pad at the processing side.

Put the IM ruler on the pad. And then use the lever meter to adjust vertically and horizontally, the allowance is less than 0.2mm every 1000mm length. The left and right direction should be same.

The base depth for machine installation depends on the earth situation (but not less than 500mm). The earth pouring work is done by twice (please see the chart).

After 15 days from the date of first pouring, put the shearing machine on the base and adjust horizontally and then set the foot screws and adjust the pad iron and then make the second pouring. After 48 hours of that, adjust horizontally and tighten the foot screws.

5. Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Shear blade clearance

5.1 Blades

– The blade clearance (blade gap) adjustment before use

It is a very important factor to adjust the blade clearance which relates the cutting quality and knife life.

Please follow below procedures:

- The clearance data is 0.07~0.10 times of the plate thickness, the plate thickness =0.07~0.10t. The above is for specific elongation δ= 0.21.

- For more than 0.21, it is suggested to use smaller clearance.

- And for less than 0.21, please use larger clearance.

Turn the hand wheel in the front of the plane board to adjust the clearance data. That means adjust the clearance according to the plate thickness. The data will be displayed on the hand wheel.

Hydraulic Shear Control Panel

– The blade clearance (blade gap) adjustment after use

Measuring of blade clearance and adjustment of the proportional clearance the proportional clearance relates the cutting quality directly

It is set up by the manufacturing and unnecessary to modify normally. After the shear machine has been used for a period of time and if the knife side is changed, then it is a must to adjust the blade clearance again.

The adjustment procedure is as below:

Turn the switch to adjust mode, adjust knife beam to balance.

Turn the clearance adjust hand wheel anticlockwise to the “smallest clearance”, turn off main motor (power on), press oil filling button, move knife beam down until distance between upper and bottom blades is 3~5mm.

Adjust the bolts and nut which support bottom blade on work table. Use the plug gauge to inspect the clearance. After the adjustment is finished, repeat reset course of knife beam.

– The installation of the blade

After Hydraulic Metal Shear has been used for a period of time, must turn over the blade sides or change the blade.

The installation of the upper blade is as below:

Make the upper knife beam flat. Then turn off the screw at the lower knife to change the blade or turn over the blade (be careful of the sharp blade to avoid hurt).

It is easier to change the lower blade. Just take off the upper blade cover at the working table and turn off the screw to change the blade or turn over the blade.

Installation of shear blade

– The grinding and change of the blades

The blades need to be ground timely. And It is costly if do not grind the blades timely.

If the blade is not sharp enough, the blade will be hurt due to too much pressure in cutting and the cutting quality will be affected.

So please make up a complete blade grinding timeline according to the production status. It is recommended to have some spare blades for replacement at any time.

Our recommended blade grinding timeline:

1. For operation 80-100hours, please turn over the blade sides. The upper blades and the lower blades can be turned over three times.

2. For operation 320-400 hours, please grind the blade.

3. For most severe damaged blade, please change the blade.

4. After the blade grinding or when new blade is used, the blade clearance needs to be reinspected and readjusted.

5.2 Lubrication of Metal Shear machine

Good lubrication is a must for the proper machine operation and long machine life.

Please make good lubrication as per our provided procedures.

The main areas for lubrication:

- The guiding rod and thread rod of the back gauge. Lubricate it once a week (clean the thread rod off the dirt and oil stains).

- 3 rolled guiding rails. Lubricate it every day for the initial stage of hydraulic metal shears running.

- For the spare parts outside and the rolled bearings, please lubricate it twice a week. And please inspect and clean the lubrication system frequently and take good care of them.