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Top 7 World-Famous Groove Machine Manufacturers (Update 2023)

Groove machines work with pipes and solid surfaces to create joints and couplings. The goal is to develop accurate grooving so that two ends get joined together appropriately.

The industry offers stationary and portable models to ensure operators have their equipment needs met.

What is the best groove machine for sale? Each manufacturer provides several options that could be the best solution for your upcoming project.

Groove machines can produce long or short cuts. The results can be closed or open.

Options for straight, deep, and shallow cuts are possible, along with the opposite results.

Several companies are creating outstanding equipment options if you have groove or slot milling needs. These world-famous groove machine manufacturers can meet virtually any budget or project requirement.

1. Star “V” Machinery Ltd.

Star “V” Machinery Ltd.

Star “V” Machinery Ltd. began producing groove machines in 1994. The founders took almost 30 years of combined experience to start engineering and manufacturing their products.

It only took seven years of development to create 11 unique V-groovers. The equipment is useful for many applications. It works with engineered stone, speakers, millwork, and more.

Eight different V-grooving machines are available for the solid-surface industry. The remaining designs are for fixtures, cabinets, and displays.

Model MLV

This roll machine is an entry-level model intended for smaller volumes. It works with wood composites, plastics, and solid surface materials.

It creates V-shaped folds to build up the front edge or create backsplash profiles. Users can groove angles beyond the standard 90 degrees with this affordable unit.

It only needs a 60×30-inch footprint to operate, making it suitable for small shops. A feeder belt moves items over the flat table while the groove gets applied. Cross-cuts up to six inches away are possible.

Model SLG

This auto V-groove machine features one- or two-pound models. It’s intended to be an upgrade from entry-level equipment.

The feeder belt moves your wood or plastics across a stainless steel roller bed. This design reduces friction to prevent material marring during operations.

Operators can perform cross-cuts and linear cuts up to 24.5-inches away from the fixed fence. It is a groove machine manual control option for the setup.

Model SLG-2000

This model is the best V-groove machine offered by Star “V” Machinery. It works with various solid surface materials, promoting the work of virtually any fabricator.

The V-shaped groove gets cut from above while the materials roll through on a stainless steel bed. It offers a motorized setup with standard cross-cuts up to 14.5 inches. Optional features push the length to 24.5 inches.

Additional Star “V” Machinery Models

Several models offered by this manufacturer offer no width limitations. When choosing the Model SCG 120/145, a 5-foot by 12-foot board or solid surface sheet is usable. The V-groove can happen anywhere on its surface.

Angled cuts for pyramid shapes are possible for operators using this equipment. Several models don’t need a scoring blade to create positive results. The SLG-485 provides excellent examples of these benefits.

Operators who need a single, precise V-groove cut may want the SCG-1300. It works well for creating columns, boxes, and display cases. Anyone working with MDF or engineered wood can take advantage of its design.

Factories requiring high-production volume will want the Model SMCG-3000-5 from Star “V” Machinery. The cycle time for this groove machine is as low as 22 seconds. Up to 1,000 boxes can get created in a standard shift.

Who Should Use These V-groove Machines?

Anyone needing a V-shaped channel or cut on solid surfaces should consider one of these machines. The units ensure a high-quality result by creating accurate depths on each part.

CNC-controlled equipment can produce intricate patterns to improve the aesthetic appeal of some items. Anyone wanting to enhance design aesthetics will appreciate the outcomes of this investment.

What makes this manufacturer such an attractive option is the sheer number of designs available. Operators working in factories or businesses of any size can invest in the model that best meets their needs.

Star “V” Machinery is one of the few groove machine producers offering equipment for stone and PVC. Anyone working in these fields would want to look here first.

This manufacturer also provides groove machine custom options. The Model SLG-489 uses nine heads and routers to create a self-locking profile.

Used groove machine are sometimes available. The inventory does not last long because of the quality of the manufacturing process.

2. Shenchong

Shenchong top CNC grooving machine producers

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Shenchong is one of the world’s top CNC grooving machine producers. Their reputation involves manufacturing high-quality equipment for reasonable prices that meet global safety standards.

The models produced from this provider helped it to grow from 20 workers to over 300. They are an industry-leading brand operating successfully since 2005.

What is unique about Shenchong’s approach to business is its service system. They’re one of only a few providers that provide services before, during, and after the transaction.

Their CNC V-grooving machine designs are some of the best in the global industry today. Anyone who needs auxiliary equipment cuts or sheet metal bending can find a solution here.

This manufacturer offers two grooving machine solutions. You can choose from a horizontal or a vertical model.

Shenchong also creates press brakes, shearing machines, and rolling machines. Every item produced is a new CNC unit if it isn’t a manual V-grooving machine.

CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine

This CNC groove machine features high-strength steel plate welding. The design eliminates stress from production activities through heat-treatment insulation tempering.

It’s a process that produces excellent stability.

Operators feed each piece through the front end to begin the grooving process. The design uses hydraulic clamping and pressure to perform automatically in many areas. This process makes it comfortable to use.

With strong rigidity and minimal resistance, factories can save time and energy by upgrading to this groove machine.

An independently adjustable working surface works with a servo-driven tool holder to offer torque and precision. It’s one of the highest efficiency products of its type currently produced.

CNC Vertical V Grooving Machine

The CNC control system provides operators with several parameters. This design feature ensures that each process focuses on high stability and strong rigidity.It offers up to ten cutting structures to improve overall efficiency.

Operators can use this engineering idea to enhance their cutting quality.

The vertical system operates with a ball-screw and line guide. The gear and rack transmission enhance the durability of the design. It is exceptionally precise, with repeat positioning accurate to 0.03 millimeters.

This model works with a hydraulic plate system. It features a coolant system and compressed air to offer long-term operator use.

It produces an excellent joint, with an annealing stove offered to reduce inside stress.

Operators receive a CNC system with three-axis support to ensure precision. The worktable uses carbon tool steel, with hardness after quenching exceeding international standards.

Who Benefits From Using These V-groove Machines?

Operators can use the CNC V-groove machines for planer and line V-shaped grooves. The equipment works in the position where the plate requires bending.

If operators require pipe or roll grooving machines for PCB, Shenchong does not manufacture this equipment.

The CNC V-groove machine designs from Shenchong provide unique slotting experiences. Operators find the stainless steel plates make production processes more efficient. Custom options are available for specific length and thickness requirements.

Once the groove is accomplished, a general mold can bend the material into a closed shape. This feature is similar to what one would find on a plate groove machine.

The iron plates are easier to bend after moving. This ensures the shape and quality meets or exceeds expectations.

The V-groove machine price in China is highly competitive. When operators work with Shenchong, they receive factory-direct items with a complete warranty. The goal is to offer the highest quality item at the lowest price.

These facts apply to agencies wanting horizontal or vertical groove machines.

Remote viewing tours and direct visits are possible for operators who want to inspect the facility first. Candid conversations with engineers are possible if any issues occur with the purchase of a V-groove machine.

3. Jeet Machinery Tools Corporation (JMTC)

Jeet Machinery Tools Corporation (JMTC)

JMTC manufactures, distributes, and supplies groove machines and similar equipment. Any work that involves cutting, pressing, or bending can benefit from their innovative approach.

Jeet Machinery Tools Corporation started offering services in 1967. Every unit produced by the company meets or exceeds international quality standards. The goal is to provide innovative technology with advanced automated features to simplify operator labor.

JMTC is headquartered in Delhi. Their extensive experience produces high-performance options at competitive prices.

Consignments get delivered safely and securely all over the world.

ISO Certification standards were met in 2015 to ensure that all manufactured machines meet today’s best practices. Only high-grade components get used on the production floor. JMTC uses a quality testing unit to ensure parameters and inspections can detect flaws immediately.

Three different options are available from this manufacturer for operators interested in a new grooving machine.

JMTC Hand-Operated Grooving Machine

This unit may be the best pound-for-pound value in the groove machine industry today. The current price for the equipment is less than $20.

The issue that operators may encounter with this equipment is its manual design. A hand-crank sits behind the unit, requiring users to create their grooves manually.

Factories can produce a stable work area because the foundation bolts to a table or the floor. A second person may be needed to hold the solid surfaces in place that require grooving.

Operators can set the depth stop to create the desired result with relative ease. It’s made from steel to ensure a reliable performance is available every time.

JMTC Motorized Grooving Machine

Although this unit doesn’t come with an operations table, it does offer some versatility. It’s one of the industry’s only models that use a cutting thickness range of 0.3 to 12 millimeters.

The power source on the JMTC motorized grooving machine offers 1 HP of support. It consumes 8.5 kW while operating, but the unit only needs a 220V connection. That means it can plug into the same outlet type as a dryer or a stove.

It provides a straightforward design that makes it user-friendly for most operators. All of the controls sit at hand level, enabling one-person feeding for the proper groove.

Although the cost is about 30 times higher for the motorized unit, production levels increase by a similar amount. Experienced operators can achieve significant outcomes when using this equipment.

Since the design is satisfactory to use, some factories may find this model to be a useful training unit. Once someone gets trained with it, they could move to a higher capacity groove machine.

JMTC Hand-Operated Swaging Machine

Swaging machines work to reduce tubing, wiring, or rods. It uses rapid strikes to form the metal. Instead of chipping items out, the grooves limit material waste.

Operators who have frequent needs to shape, taper, or size metal parts can benefit from this equipment.

The advantages of using the JMTC hand-operated swaging machine are numerous. It provides low-cost tooling that can be under $20 in some markets.

This equipment enables users to swage to an exact size and finish specification. That means fewer components are necessary for ongoing maintenance needs.

Factories can speed up their assembly work with a high-quality swaging machine. The shaping features create fittings that working with multiple components. Tubes get crimped with relative ease.

The primary use of this manual swaging machine is for assembly. It can also manage end forming work.

Because it is a rotary design, operators can produce symmetrical pieces with relative ease with this equipment.

Who Benefits the Most from JMTC Products?

The two manual grooving machine options from JMTC are for entry-level producers. It’s a suitable solution for factories that have limited power access. This equipment is affordable throughout the developing world when technology access is not always viable.

The production options from Jeet Machinery Tools Corporation don’t stop there. They provide sole cutting equipment, bending machines, and hand presses.

Anyone involved with sheet metal fabrication will appreciate their metal cutting machines. JMTC even has tapping, slippers, and grinders in their portfolio.

Businesses can purchase the supplies needed for their production needs directly from JMTC for added convenience.

The motorized grooving machine from JMTC is still an entry-level option for most operators. Its advantage is the cutting thickness range it provides.

Anyone interested in swaging may also want to consider this manufacturer. Although their equipment is manual, operators can provide a high finish. That result reduces the need for secondary operations.

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4. RIDGID Tool Company

RIDGID Tool Company

RIDGID Tool Company has become a household name around the world. The manufacturer produces a broad range of tools to use in several applications. Everything from vacuum cleaners to power drills is in their portfolio.

For operators in India, RIDGID is a top supplier of roll grooving machines. The precision offered in their manufacturing process ensures that the highest quality materials are used. This emphasis combines with a commitment to craftsmanship to create a world-class product.

One issue that afflicts the international groove machine industry is order delivery. It is not uncommon for service requests to be overdue. That’s why several providers charge a percentage upfront, with the remainder due at shipping.

RIDGID has a reputation for delivering in a timely fashion.

Their emphasis on quality ensures the roll groove machine sits within a sturdy housing. It’s corrosion-resistant and provides simple functionality for operators.

Several different options are available for consideration.

RIDGID Combo Roll Groover 975

RIDGID’s combo roll groover features auto-tracking and a depth setting gauge. When matched with is 300 power drive, operators can quickly roll grooves into place.

The unit features a 55% higher gear reduction with its design. This feature reduces the hand force needed to produce a successful result. It’s especially useful for operators with overhead roll responsibilities.

The RIDGID 975 uses ductile iron for its construction. This design feature ensures the equipment can withstand almost any environment. The cast-in handle even adds an element of portability.

Actuation occurs with a half-inch ratchet that comes in the box with this unit.

RIDGID Roll Grooving Machine 916

The power-driven RIDGID roll grooving machine 916 is the most durable unit available. It features a cast-iron housing that withstands heavy use.

Even with the heavy-duty construction, the 916 is still light enough to be portable.

The design features a depth adjustment screw that’s kept separate from the feed mechanism. This option enables operators to maintain consistent groove depth.

It uses a cam-type feed actuation to reduce user efforts when forming the needed roll groves.

Copper, stainless steel, and PVC are all compatible with this well-designed groove machine.

RIDGID Hydraulic Roll Groover 918

RIDGID incorporates significant quality control measures to ensure operators receive a world-class product. The hydraulic version of their roll groover provides several advantages.

It starts with capacity. The equipment works with copper, stainless steel, and PVC. Items up to 12 feet are compatible with the unit.

Users receive a carrying case, 10/40 rolls set, and a 12’ schedule 10 roll set in the box.

Only high-grade materials go into the construction of each hydraulic unit. It features a 15-ton hydraulic ram in design that only weighs about 80 pounds.

A variation from the standard design called the Model 918-I is one of the fastest machines in its class. It processes Schedule 10 pipe quickly so that operators can meet production needs.

The Model 918-I weighs about 100 pounds more than its counterpart.

RIDGID Roll Groover 920

This equipment takes roll grooving machines to the next level of innovation. It provides a pipe diameter capacity range of two inches to 24 inches.

This design element makes it the largest capacity unit within the RIDGID product line.

Users can mount the RIDGID 920 on the Model 300 power drive. This option makes it useful in the shop or while working in the field. It matches the manufacturer’s large diameter pipe support to make each project as easy as possible.

RIDGID uses a patented depth setting gauge with the 920. That makes it simpler to achieve an accurate depth. Operators aren’t required to keep adjusting the protective guard with this feature.

It also comes with a built-in pressure gauge. Users can monitor the 920’s hydraulic pressure to reduce flare.

Operators can switch between groove roll sets quickly with the front change-out design. The unit includes support legs that create a level working area, even on unlevel ground.

Who Should Buy a RIDGID Roll Grooving Machine?

RIDGID roll grooving machines are typically reserved for operators in India. Although agencies with an import license may qualify for this product, the cost could be prohibitive.

There may be tariff and shipping fees associated with an order that push the price beyond what would be available domestically.

Each item offers a reliable performance with a swift grooving process. The sturdy design ensures operator accuracy at all times. An automatic tracking feature provides a smooth outcome when the manufacturer’s instructions are followed precisely.

5. Copier Pipe Machinery USA

Copier Pipe Machinery USA

Copier Pipe Machinery USA offers several pipe roll grooving options for operators today. Their business started in 1997, providing automated choices for grooves at both pipe ends.

You can find pile roll grooving machines offered at competitive prices. Operators can secure roller benches for their work using the knowledge and custom design solutions included with each unit.

The machines groove from the outside to the inside. This design supports modern irrigation and sprinkler piping purposes.

This manufacturer even creates an entire production line for roll grooving. Their designs are semi-automated and programmable. Each unit can handle pipes of 0.75 inches to 24 inches.

In addition to the pipe roll groove machines, Copier Pipe Machinery offers three other manufacturing options. They create pip bevel, tube bending, and pipe welding machines.

Two different designs are available to meet specific needs. Each model gets manufactured in the company’s Holland factories.

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GM1 Pipe Roll Grooving Machine

This groove machine uses touchscreen controls. That means operators don’t need to make mechanical adjustments for their grooving depth.

Users have the option to make required adjustments while the equipment operates. The high control levels ensure less flaring happens during the grooving process.

Since no hydraulics are part of the design, it offers no leaks and lower noise levels. Those features make it comfortable to install or move in almost any factory setting.

It uses a 480-volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz connection for power. The total capacity of the GMI is up to 12 inches, with a wall thickness of 8mm.

Operators can groove carbon steel with this equipment. It is also suitable for some stainless steel metals.

GM2 Pipe Roll Grooving Machine

This pipe roll grooving machine is meant for sprinkler installations. It presses a groove into the material to place couplings for this safety system.

This PLC pipe roll grooving equipment works with 24-inch pipes. Adjustable depth settings and easy controls make it a straightforward operation.

Operators can use the touchscreen on this model to make their necessary mechanical adjustments. It contains zero hydraulics to reduce the noise on the factory floor.

Companies will need different rolling and drive sets to perform the full range of pipe dimensions offered.

Who Benefits From Using These Pipe Roll Grooving Machines?

The goal of Copier Pipe Machinery is to create the best grooving machines in the industry today. This manufacturer also produces chamfering and pipe beveling equipment.

Operators and agencies that choose Copier Machinery receive assistance in several pipe end preparation issues. The company sells and installs globally, ensuring everyone has opportunities to benefit from their ingenuity.

The stationary pipe roll grooving machines from this manufacturer are meant for those who create pipe joints. It is equipment meant for niche operators who must accomplish specific tasks.

The advantage of choosing one of these models is its permanent footprint with optional portability. Both models weigh approximately 3,500 pounds. That makes them more comfortable to move with factory layouts must change.

All of the groove machines produced are IPC-controlled. Each one is accurate and durable. The designs are meant for heavy-duty use only.

Operations began in the United States in 2018. Anyone wanting the highest quality solution for their groove machine needs can benefit from these designs.

6. CIDAN Machinery

CIDAN Machinery

This groove machine manufacturer is one of the oldest continuously operating companies of its type. CIDAN Machinery offers over a century of direct experience with their tools, solutions, and services.

The company is a global supplier of sheet metal machinery options. They use innovative software tools and world-class customer service to meet operator needs.

The values the company featured in 1907 are still present today. Each product features a combination of safety, speed, and reliability.

CIDAN Machinery introduced the first sheet metal shearing equipment in 1947. That invention changed the way that operators thought of construction. Ongoing innovations continue to push the envelope for new efficiencies.

Although the company was founded in Sweden, it is now a global force. Offices and manufacturing centers are on three continents an over 30 countries.

CIDAN V-groove Machine

This groove machine creates a new world of possibilities for operators. It’s one of the few choices available for working with aluminum or mild steel. Users can form sharp corners to produce outstanding aesthetics with relative ease.

The versatility of this groove machine is virtually unmatched in the industry. It works with 22-gauge materials in lengths of up to 32 feet.

The back gauges are 48 inches and 60 inches to support the varying lengths and thicknesses. It creates detailed perfection with each use.

CIDAN uses its history of Swiss-crafted processes to enhance the precision of this groove machine. The industry sets specific standards for manufacturers to meet. The design process from this company ensures that operators receive equipment that exceeds those expectations.

The V-groove machine from CIDAN Machinery focuses on waste material reduction. The manufacturer eliminates byproduct contamination while encouraging environmental sustainability.

It is a recipe for success that ensures each V-groove machine is on technology’s cutting edge.

Who Should Use a CIDAN V-groove Machine?

Businesses of every size work with CIDAN Machinery to improve their efficiencies. Anyone who works with sheet metal can potentially reduce production costs with this fabricating equipment.

Sign manufacturing, architectural concepts, and industrial fabrication all invest in CIDAN products.

Quality is never a question with CIDAN Machinery. With over 110 years of experience, their European manufacturing methods deliver impressive results. Pricing can be an issue for some operators.

CIDAN Machinery is one of the few manufacturers that offer leasing and financing options to counter the price concerns. Instead of requiring 30% down and the rest on delivery, operators have an affordable way to work.

Anyone needing to work within a budget should balance the equipment value with their balance sheet. Choosing this option lets bank credit lines become available for various needs.

Equipment leasing doesn’t require a down payment. That advantage may let an organization acquire higher-end products without disrupting their budget.

Should you decide to lease from CIDAN Machinery, the installation and maintenance costs get bundled. That benefit takes away an additional expense to the budget.

In addition to the high-quality groove machine, several additional equipment options are available. CIDAN produces metal folders, cutting equipment, and decoilers. Roll-forming machines provide portable or permanent production choices.

For most agencies, leasing is a business expense that can get deducted for tax purposes.

CIDAN Machinery sets trends instead of adapting to them. Their V-groove machine is evidence of this approach to manufacturing.

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7. Hydrapower International Inc.

Hydrapower International Inc.

With over 4,000 units currently operating, finding a used V-groove machine for sale from this brand is rare. The company offers one of the world’s best product lines with over 40 years of direct experience.

The first product ever offered by Hydrapower was a swing-beam shear design cutter. Even though it was introduced in 1972, the unit is still the only one of its kind.

Hydrapower introduced its two-axis CNC press brake machine in 1976. They continued to focus on plasma cutting and press brakes until 2011. That’s when they introduced their world-famous V-groover machine.

This manufacturer currently offers two machine options for those who need the advantages of groove machine groves. Operators can select a gantry-type or a heavy-duty design to meet their needs.

Each model offers specific advantages for operators to consider.

It is essential to note that Hydrapower is an investment company and not an original factory at this time.

Table-Gantry Type Groove Machine

Operators can make grooves in the center of a 4-foot by 20-foot sheet using this Hydrapower model. It provides a smaller installation framework, making it a suitable choice for smaller shops or factories.

Although the maximum thickness capability is four millimeters, this design uses less power. Operators have shorter drives and more cuts per groove as a result.

The table is somewhat low with the design. This option ensures that the operational footprint remains minimal.

Users will quickly notice that the control panel moves with the cutting tools on this unit. That means one must walk with each cut.

The engineering of this groove machine creates more operator labor, but it also reduces the cost. This option is one of the most competitively-priced options in the market today.

Heavy-Duty Type Groove Machine

This model can create grooves in the center of an 8-foot by 20-foot sheet. It features pneumatic clamping in the front and rear. This design prevents the sheet from curling during operations.

Since it doesn’t come with a hydraulic system, operators can avoid oil leaks. This design also reduces the maintenance needs of the equipment.

The design can hold sheets up to 12 millimeters thick. A full V-groove is possible at this thickness without leaving surface blemishes.

Operators can use the heavy-duty model to clamp irregular notches or cutouts. This feature enables the profiles or holes to get cut before groove placement.

This model performs machine welding for preparation angles at the sheet edge. Offering this option ensures grooves and welds happen in a single operation. It makes tubular shape creation much easier this way.

Operators can turn their sheets up to 180 degrees without limitation. It also creates several shape profiles other than the “V” option to enable additional capabilities.

Who Benefits from Hydrapower’s Technology?

Both groove machines from Hydrapower are CE marked for European use. Operators can include a taper attachment to generate parallel grooves. It works with HSS or carbide.

Each unit gets built higher than the current ISO-9000 requirement. The goal is to offer the highest standard for fabricating equipment, which translates well to the groove rolling machines.

The manufacturer includes operator training and factory startup help with each unit purchase. This benefit applies even if the groove machine custom features are unique to the model.

In addition to the groove machines, operators can select additional units for fabrication support. Bending and forming machines work with shearing and cutting equipment to produce fantastic results.

Hydrapower also produces an extensive line of pole manufacturing equipment to consider.

No matter what options users try, they’ll find superior outcomes are available. This quality does come at an unfavorable price for some operators.

Anyone looking for a roll groove machine for sale will want to evaluate the heavy-duty option. Its versatility is difficult for the competition to match. Metal, wood, and plastic materials are all compatible with this equipment.

Operators that need sharp outside corners on the bend will appreciate the advanced engineering of this equipment. It gives the work a distinctive look and a precision fit.

All groove machines from Hydrapower come with a 5-year warranty.

What Are the “In the Groove Machines” For Sale?

Groove machines produce necessary coupling or bending components for solid surfaces. They create joints that are useful in numerous industries. Most manufacturers supply units that work with wood, PVC, and various metals.

When you find an In the Groove machine for sale, that’s a different product. It is an arcade game meant to encourage players to follow specific dance patterns.

If you see an In the Groove machine buy option become available, it is not meant for construction.

Since used V-groove machines rarely reach the market, some marketers use this keyword to generate traffic. Don’t waste your time on those listings.

The best groove machine for sale is one that meets your specific production requirements.

What Is the Best Groove Machine to Buy?

The best groove machine to use depends on your project and application.

Whether you shop for a used groove machine or something new, start with these manufacturers. You’ll find high-quality options in every category.

V-groove machines, plate groove machines, and roll groove models all produce excellent results.

If you have time to way, a new upcoming groove machine may be the right investment.

After examining each one, choose the design that works best for your needs. You'll discover the cost is worth the advantages you receive.

Price is often unique to your needs and specifications. Each manufacturer offers a Request for Quote process to follow if you’re interested in a grooving machine today. Contact each one directly to get their best price.

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