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1. History and Development


Establish in 1964

The name Bystronic first appeared in 1964. Since 1994, it has been incorporated into the Swiss industrial holding company Conzzeta Group.

The three founders created Bystronic with the abbreviation of the name and began to produce glass plate cutting machine systems.

The First Laser Cutting Machine


With the application of CO2 laser technology in the industrial field, Bystronic manufactured the first CO2 laser cutting machine and put it into use in 1983.

This laser cutting machine is based on the mechanical system of glass cutting. Although it is not so perfect, customers are still very pleased with this new technology.

Because the new technology of laser cutting is superior to the stamping process, it has higher flexibility in production, shorter conversion time, no need for expensive molds, and less number of processes (no need for deburring and correction)

All advantages are combined: in the case of smaller and smaller batch sizes, the total processing time can be shortened.

Bystronic Laser Cutting Technology Development


In 1984, Bystronic produced a CO2 laser cutting machine that was more in line with market demand: bystronic fiber laser cutting machine Bylas 3015.

With advanced flying light path and automatic exchange table, it has emerged in the laser cutting market. In 1985, the independently developed laser was successfully developed and installed on the Bylas 3015.

This improved machine tool is so popular in the market that the fast-rising laser cutting department established its own factory in 1986, opening a new era of Bystronic Laser: Bystronic Laser AG.

Since then, it has introduced familiar laser cutting machines on the market: Bysprint, Bystar, Byspeed, ByJin, BySmart, etc.

2. BySoft Control System


It is an enterprising and innovative company. In 1988, the software control system Bysoft was innovated.

As a result, the company has the world’s first fully integrated cutting program that can run on ordinary PCs in the field of laser cutting. The program is still in use today and is constantly being improved.

Customers who have used the Bystronic software system can deeply feel its convenience, speed and intelligence. It is a software intelligent and worthy of considering.

3. Expand the bending market


If you want to gain a place in the sheet metal processing market, you must do both: cutting and bending.

It is always looking for potential partners in the bending business.


In 1997, it acquired the cnc bending machine division of Hämmerle. Haimole three-point bending machine has always been the most high-end bending product on the market.


Bystronic’s merger with the German Beyeler Group in 2002 is a typical win-win case: Bystronic expanded its product range in the bending field and established itself as the biggest ace competitor. And Beyeler obtained a strong capital injection partner.

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4. R&D and production base in China

It has successively established companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, the main purpose of which is to better serve these markets. Because without service, there will be no sales.

At the same time, it has increased its investment in China, which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and needs machine tools tailored for this market.


In 2002, it established a factory in Tianjin to assemble and produce Swiss Bystronic products, making localized production unstoppable.

This is an early but crucial step that Bystronic has taken in the market, which has strengthened people’s recognition of the Bystronic brand trust.

In 2005, Bystronic’s first domestically produced assembly laser cutting machine ByJin was delivered, which greatly saved domestic customers’ costs. This has also led the international giants in the sheet metal industry to set up production plants in China.

The second factory of Bystronic Tianjin Airport was also put into use in 2012. Bystronic’s Chinese factory also carries the innovative genes of the parent company and has strong research and development capabilities.

According to the requirements of customers in the local market, the quality of products is continuously improved. The technology is updated every year.

The laser cutting machine has also developed from a single 3×1.5 table. 4x2m and other large tabletop lasers, the power of laser generators is also increasing, and can cooperate with the loading and unloading automation system to improve production efficiency.

Innovation is endless, which determines whether the company continues to progress or stagnate.

5. New Era

In 2010, Bystronic launched the first fiber laser cutting machine: BySprint Fiber.

In 2017, Bystronic launched the 10kW fiber laser cutting machine ByStar Fiber, which once again refreshed the cutting speed and speeded up the cutting process to an amazing level!

6. Bystronic (China)


Founded in 2001, Bystronic (Shanghai) Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd., as the headquarters of Bystronic China, provides customers with a series of localized services such as sales, after-sales service, training, and spare parts supply.

Bystronic (Tianjin) Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the lean production of sheet metal processing machinery.

And it produced BySmart Fiber, BySprint Fiber, Xact Smart, Xpress and other familiar high-quality, high-efficiency, high customer satisfaction laser cutting machines, folding bending machine.

Supply the most advanced laser cutting machine and bending machine system for Asian and global customers.

7. Bystronic (Switzerland)


In 1984, it produced a C02 laser cutting machine that was more in line with market demand: Bylas3015, and began to gradually emerge in the laser cutting market.

The fast-rising laser cutting department established its own factory in 1986, opening a new era of Bystronic Laser: Bystronic Laser AG.

Since then, it has successively introduced a series of familiar laser cutting machines such as BySprint, Bystar, Byspeed, BySmart, ByStar Fiber.


In 1994, it became a member of the powerful Conzzeta Group in Switzerland.

Bystronic (Switzerland), which has grown and grown in the “land of innovation”, is deeply influenced by the spirit and culture of Switzerland.

Therefore, from its inception, the Swiss Bystronic Group has been committed to the systematic research and development and sales of world-class high-tech sheet metal processing equipment.

As the headquarters of the Swiss Bystronic Group, Bystronic (Switzerland)’s corporate culture and development strategy play a vital role in the development of the group.

Bystronic (Switzerland) is cooperating with application systems and demonstration centers while developing and producing laser cutting systems. Support customers with Swiss quality and innovative quality in laser cutting, bending, automation, software and services.

ByTrans’s extended automatic loading and unloading system greatly improves the production efficiency of the machine tool.

The triangular cutting bridge independently developed realizes the excellent acceleration power of the laser cutting machine, and improves the mechanical performance of the fiber laser equipment to adapt to higher laser efficiency.

Speed requirements, these patented innovations all demonstrate Bystronic (Switzerland) as a Swiss company’s value concept of precise analysis and pursuit of excellence.

The Bystronic company is headquartered in Niederönz, Switzerland.

Several other R&D and production bases are located in Switzerland (Sulgen), Germany (Gotha), Italy (Cazzago San Martino and San Giuliano Milanese) and China (Tianjin and Shenzhen).

It has opened its own sales and service companies in more than 30 countries, and has established representative offices in more countries.