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LVD came from three of our founders, Mr. Jacques Lefebvre, Mr. Marc Vanneste and Mr. Robert Dewulf.

Founded in 1952, LVD is widely recognized as a manufacturer of precision press brake machines.

It grew significantly in the 1990s, including the acquisition in 1998 of Strippit (Strippit, A company that manufactures turrets) and the beginning of the production of laser shearing machines, making LVD a leader in laser, punch, and bending technology.

Nowadays, LVD provide a complete sheet metal processing of integrated solutions.

There are 5 production bases in the world and active in 45 countries, following the principle of providing localized sales and service for each region.

1. Family owned


LVD was founded in Galigin, Belgium in 1952. A family-run company, LVD is currently run by the second generation of three founders, whose surnames are Lefebvre, Vanneste and Mr. Dewulf.

Starting as a small manufacturer of deep drawing and press brake machines, it has gradually developed into a technical leader in sheet metal equipment and a global provider of advanced sheet metal processing solutions.

LVD group operate independently and set their own strategy and development direction. Sticking to family values is at the core of the company, becoming a cultural driver and providing a solid foundation for future growth.

2. LVD's passion, customers' solution

LVD's passion customers' solution

LVD’s most critical resource is their people – a group of experienced professionals who understand the manufacturing and service industries.

Each member of the LVD group shares a common commitment to solving customers’ problems and providing equipment that can meet production needs – rooted in a strong sense of family values and a focus on building lifelong partnerships.

3. Innovation driven


LVD designs and manufactures laser cutting machines, punch presses, press brakes, shearing machines and integrated software for sheet metal processing.

With innovation at their core and in their DNA, LVD continue to challenge tradition and strive to deliver the latest innovative equipment and software solutions to their customers to achieve profitability and growth.

Much of their research and development effort is focused on providing industry-wide or single-customer solutions.

Worked closely with several Universities in Europe and was helped in the development and testing of new technologies.

At the same time, LVD have formed cooperative alliances with several leading suppliers, such as Fanuc GE, Voith Group, Bosch Rexroth, THK, Rofin Sinar, IPG, B&R, Lazer Safe, Wilson mold, etc., to introduce the best technology from the outside into our products.

Combined with the originality of LVD, the final result is to create technologically superior products that meet the needs of specific industries.

4. Advancing LVD world

Advancing LVD world

LVD equipment is used in production facilities around the world, including some of the industry’s best-known companies.

With more than 30,000 customers ranging from food services to national defense, our equipment helps create products in all fields.

The main industries LVD serve are as follows:

– Transportation

– Industrial and commercial machinery

– Defense

– Food and catering equipment

– Construction – such as excavators and telescopic cranes

– Energy – renewables – wind power – lighting poles

– Agricultural equipment

– Subcontract fabricated metal products

– Electronic equipment

– Medical and scientific

– Commercial and domestic appliances

– Steel service centers

5. LVD Located near you

LVD Located near you

LVD production facilities and support centers are strategically located adjacent to the global sales and service network to ensure timely response to customer needs.

LVD factories employ the most advanced and efficient production methods, which enable them to provide our customers with high quality products with reasonable investment and ensure timely delivery.

Their support center provides a convenient location for training and testing and demonstration of their latest equipment.

6. The INSIGHTS 2020 campaign will begin in September


LVD has launched INSIGHTS 2020, a series of virtual and live technology events that will be held from September to December.

The INSIGHTS 2020 platform enables sheet metal manufacturers to leverage the latest technologies and new products, and to provide timely industry INSIGHTS and intelligence to drive the critical business of sheet metal processing in these challenging times.

INSIGHTS 2020 kicked off on September 15 solstice 17 with six virtual technology sessions covering fiber laser cutting, new automation possibilities, adaptive bending and bending automation.

In addition to the September virtual events, INSIGHTS 2020 virtual Technology conferences will be scheduled in October, November, and December. Every month there are new topics, and all the conferences offer attendees the chance to ask technical experts questions in real time.

For those willing and able to attend the conference in person, the LVD Experience (XP) Belgium Center’s “Live Technology Day” lasts 1.5 days and provides insight into the latest technologies, including new products for 2020, live demonstrations, interactive technicians and networking opportunities.

The event can accommodate up to 25 people. Safety measures have been strengthened and all necessary health and safety procedures have been complied with.

The 2020 INSIGHTS technology day is scheduled for October 27 solstice 28, November 3 solstice 4, and November 25 solstice 26. The new product will be unveiled at all three events.

This is LVD in Belgium! Through this simple understanding, do you want to buy LVD machines? What brand do you think LVD is? Welcome to post your comments and opinions.

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