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Top 6 V Grooving Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers 2024

V grooving machine can be used for sheet metal, pipe, tube, wall, door, window, PCB circuit board, glass and other materials processing. As a professional manufacturer of sheet metal processing machinery, we will analyze the well-known groove machine manufacturers and suppliers for you.


Since 1972, Hydrapower International, Inc. have invested in engineering & service! Now, HYDRAPOWER have the largest product line in the world.

It attaches great importance to advanced science and technology. Hydrapower products mainly include machinery, green energy, auto parts and so on.


HYDRAPOWER CNC Grooving Machine Introduction

On their official website, HYDRAPOWER CNC grooving machine manufacturer says: “We have the most advanced CNC V Grooving Machine in the world.” Users and manufacturers, do you agree with? Please read on.

CNC V Groove Machine for curtain wall and architectural metal processing:

- Heavy Duty Type

- Table/Gantry Type


- Advanced Technology

HYDRAPOWER is an Intellectual Property Holding Company with many product lines and related patents. The CNC sheet metal groove machine is equipped with very advanced technology.

- Super High Quality and Long Using Life

You don’t have to worry at all! All the groover machines for sale are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards far higher than the requirements of ISO-9000, with a 5-year warranty!

- Cooperation with Many Famous Enterprises in the World

Aerospace, railway, electric power, steel and metal, energy, elevator, chemical, industry, etc.

Such as: IBM, Rockwell International, Boeing Aerospace, DBCI, NCI, McDonald Douglas, Grumman Aerospace, Northup Aviation, General Electric Corp., US Steel, Union Carbide, GEA Rainey, Elixer Industries, American Rail Car Inc., Laitram LLC., Thai International Airlines and so on.


- HYDRAPOWER is an investment company, not a original factory of CNC metal v grooving machine.

- As a grooving machine supplier rather than a direct manufacturer, the v grooving machine price is not very favorable.


- HYDRAPOWER is the largest sheet metal forming machine supplier in the world. Its quality and technology are ahead of other manufacturers, suitable for high demand customers!

- To strictly prevent counterfeiting, you can check the parameters and ask HYDRAPOWER sales for YouTube videos.

2. SHENCHONG (China)

SHENCHONG is professional sheet metal groover manufacturer in China. Shenchong company has established a perfect pre-sale, in sale and after-sale service system for the whole series of sheet metal processing machinery products.


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SHENCHONG CNC V Grooving Machine Introduction

- CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine

- CNC Vertical V Grooving Machine

For more information, you can visit the product website!


- High tech enterprise integrating design, production, maintenance and sales

Shenchong has more than 20 years of machine manufacturing experience, and knows all kinds of machines in sheet metal industry very well. According to your plate and requirements, Shenchong will choose the best v-grooving machine for you.

- High stability, strong rigidity and convenient in usage

Use large tempering furnace to eliminate stress. Adopt high precision ball screw as a power transmission element. The CNC control system has several parameter to choose, big in storage and easy in the machine operation. High precision, low noise and low power consumption.

- Reasonable price and good quality

Shenchong metal v-groove machine tool has obtained TÜV CE certification, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries such as Europe and America. Quality can stand all kinds of tests and is trustworthy.


- Shenchong mainly provides two types of v cut groover for sheet metal. Not offers pipe groover, roll groover and v-groove for pcb. But if customers also need these when buying SHENCHONG products for sale, we can also purchase them from our partners for you.

- All grooving machines on sale are new CNC machines, excluding manual v-grooving machines, old grooving machines and used grooving machines.

We do not recommend users to purchase obsolete manual sheet grooving machine and second-hand/used grooving machine with poor quality. Please consider carefully!


- If you want to buy good performance metal sheet grooving machines and enjoy high-quality services at a reasonable price, Shenchong is a good choice!

- You can contact our sales for more information about sheet metal v-groove machine, such as machine catalogue or pdf.

3. CIDAN Machinery (Sweden)

Sweden grooving machine manufacturer CIDAN Machinery started as Göteneds Meteniska Verkstad, which was founded in 1907 in Sweden. In 1993, CIDAN A/S acquired Göteneds. The combination of the two companies and breakthrough innovation have made today’s success.

CIDAN Machinery (Sweden)

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CIDAN Machinery CNC Grooving Machine Introduction

CIDAN V-Groove machines enable you to form sharp corners on mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. In the design of CIDAN V-grooving machine, they have fully considered the details and kept in mind the satisfaction of returning customers.


- Have 111 years of history

CIDAN Machinery is one of the oldest and most perfect companies in the sheet metal business. So it’s experienced and trustworthy.

- CIDAN Machinery is a multinational company

CIDAN has offices in Sweden and Denmark, providing services around the world.

- Sell machines worldwide

After sweeping north and South America, CIDAN machinery company has gained new opportunities to expand to Shanghai, China. They also set up a trading branch in Shanghai, China, to provide sales and technical support for the whole Asian continent.


- High price typical European style machine

High quality manufacturing process will bring huge cost. Therefore, as an old European manufacturer, the price of its groove machine is very high.


- It is a typical European machinery manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. If you have enough funds to support, it will be a very suitable partner.


WUXI SHEARCHY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is specializing in the production sheet V grooving machine.

SHEARCHY CIDAN Machinery CNC Grooving Machine Introduction

Horizontal grooving machine:

- The Shearchy horizontal CNC grooving machine is suitable for large thin plates below 6mm.

- This series of products has high processing accuracy, convenient operation, and stable and reliable operation.

- Used for V-groove processing of stainless steel, iron, and copper plates, especially suitable for V-groove processing before sheet metal bending.

- The slotting machine has low requirements for operators.

Vertical grooving machine:

- The vertical CNC grooving machine is suitable for grooving 3-6 mm thick plates, and is used for grooving special-shaped plates.
- More suitable for aluminum panels.
- High stability, strong rigidity, and convenient use.


- If you want to find a new brand grooving machine manufacturer in China, you can consider WUXI SHEARCHY.

5. Supreme Technologies (India)

Supreme Technologies is a grooving machine dealer in India, founded in Delhi, in 2013. They sell the best grooving machines in India with first-class technology and the most favorable price.

Supreme Technologies (India)

Supreme Technologies Grooving Machine Introduction

The CNC V grooving machine for sheet metal is full auto v grooving machine. It is specially used for sheet metal cutting and pipe cutting.


- Low price

Compared with the market price, the Supreme Technologies machine price is very low.


- Less than ten years of production and sales experience

As a sheet metal machinery company established in 2013, its experience is insufficient compared with many other manufacturers.


If you want to buy grooving machine in India at a low price, you can contact Supreme Technologies. Maybe smart users can also find good machines in India.

V grooving machine is not only used in sheet metal industry, but also widely used in PCB processing industry. Next, we will learn about a PCB v-grooving machine manufacturer.

6. Digambar Enterprises (India)

Digambar enterprises are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PCB V grooving machines. The factory is in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Digambar Enterprises (India)

Digambar PCB Grooving Machine Introduction

It is semi automatic, not full auto. Digambar V groove machinery is for PCB processing, not for sheet metal.


- Leading Manufacturer, Supplier of PCB Processing Machineries

Since 1999, the company has been engaged in the manufacturing of PCB machinery, and in challenging development work. It is professional manufacturer of V grooving machine for circuit board.


Digambar enterprises provide V-grooving machine for PCB circuit panel, not for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other sheet metal plate.


- There are many kinds of v groover machines for different applications. V groovingmachines for different materials are completely different.

- When purchasing, please clarify whether you need sheet metal v-groover, PCB grooving machine, or other grooving machines.

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