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How to Achieve CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Safety? [Standards and Measures]

1. Manufacturing Safety Standards for CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Manufacturing Safety Standards for CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Different countries will have different safety standards for hydraulic press brake made in their own countries.

For example:

China will have Chinese standards, and some safety technical requirements for hydraulic press brake are specified in JB 10148-1999.

In Europe, you will have CE standards for hydraulic press brake, which need to meet Standard: EN 60204-1:2006+A1:20009+AC:2010.

In the United States, the safety standards are also specified in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We must first meet the national safety standards before we can produce. If you need to export, you need to meet the safety standards of the importing country.

If you need to export to the US, you need to meet US OSHA press brake safety standards. Only manufactured in strict accordance with international safety standards, we can produce machines.

2. Safety Device on the CNC Press Brake

Safety Device on the CNC Press Brake

2.1 Safety guards

There are protective fences on both sides of the machine and at the rear of the plate bending machine for protection.

A door opening and power-off device is installed on the rear protective door. Safety sensors will be installed on the door. When the door is opened, the power will be cut off.

2.2 Safety laser

Press Brake Safety laser

Hydraulic press brakes are usually equipped with laser protection on both sides. Previously used safety light curtains protection. Safety laser protection is now the main focus.

Main brands of laser protection

For example:

FIESSLER and PILZ in Germany, NUOVA ELETTRONICA in Italy, and LASERSAFE in Australia are all well-known brands. FIESSLER akas ii press brake safety system is the most searched.

How does safe laser work?

How does safe laser work?

The safety laser protection device of the bending machine mainly sets the protection area near the top of the bending machine.

A protective area is formed 2-3 mm below the upper mold. If the worker’s finger enters the protected area, the beam will be blocked and the bending machine will stop immediately.

2.3 Open the door and power off

Open the door and power off

Also, the electrical cabinet and the rear protective door have a door opening and power-off device.

After opening the door, the power will be cut off and the machine will stop. This can protect the workers very well.

2.4 Safety signs

Press Brake Safety signs

Safety warning signs will be posted on the plate bending machine. These safety warning signs tell the operator how to operate correctly and avoid doing unsafe acts.

To achieve the safety of the bending machine, we not only need to control the manufacturing safety of the CNC hydraulic press brake, but also pay attention to the aftermarket safety. Next, we will talk about press brake aftermarket safety.

3. Aftermarket safe of the hydraulic press brake

When we sell these machines, we need to do safety training for our customers. We will teach the operator how to operate the hydraulic press brake correctly and safely. We should go to the customer site to teach the operator personally and list some press brake safety instructions and tips for them.

Some customers who are inconvenient to go to on-site debugging can also prepare safety training videos for customers. Through various ways to train customers on the safe operation of after-sales bending machine.

What are the safety operating guidelines for CNC hydraulic press brake?

safety operating guidelines for CNC hydraulic press brake

Before starting machine

– The operator must wear labor protection equipment.

– Check the equipment to see if the motor, lines, and switches are all normal.

– Check the firmness and coincidence of the upper and lower dies.

After opening the machine

Press Brake Safety Operation

– When working, one person should be in charge, and the operator and the feeder should cooperate closely to ensure that the cooperating personnel are in a safe position.

– Must be adjusted according to the back gauge on the bending machine, the working bending pressure cannot be greater than the nominal force.

– We need to pay attention to press brake safety on changing tools. When adjusting the gap between the upper punch and lower die, the slider must stop at the top dead center, the gap must be adjusted from large to small, generally about 1mm larger than the plate thickness.

– When bending more than two people, there must be a person stepping on the footswitch.

– Do not stack debris between the upper punch and lower die.

– Be sure to cut off the power when adjusting bending tools.

– The upper punch and lower die should be installed firmly to avoid trauma.

– When the it is working, no one is allowed to stand behind the machine.

– When the machine finds a problem with the tooling or the work piece during operation, it cannot be corrected directly by hand. The machine should be stopped to avoid injury to hands.

– When an abnormality occurs, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause. Notify relevant personnel to eliminate the fault.

When turning off the machine

– Before shutting down, you need to lower the upper mold to the bottom.

– After finishing, exit the control system and turn off the power. Clean up the worksite.

Safety Maintenance

– When changing the oil, replace the filter. Check the air filter regularly every quarter and replace it once a year.

– Clean the hydraulic components monthly. After using the new machine for one month, it is necessary to check whether the lower oil pipe is deformed and whether the fasteners are defective. These should be implemented after shutting down and the press brake machine for sale.