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Steel Coil Cut To Length Line Advantages

The steel coils lift from the steel coil warehouse to the steel coil preparation table by the crane, then sent to the uncoiler drum by the steel coil trolley. The drum will expand for fixing the steel coil. The strap of the steel coil removed. By using uncoiler device, introduce the steel coil head into the clamping device, transport it to the straightening machine, straighten, enter the looper, re-straighten, measure, cut and transport.


Winding → Uncoiling → Precision leveling → Looper → Deviation guide → Fixed length feeding → Cross cutting → Belt conveying → Stacking → Discharging → (hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electronic control system)


1. Steel coil cut to length line advantages

Steel Coil Cut to Length Line

- This production line is an integrated system project with mutually coordinated processes, which has high productivity for sheet metal processing. The high degree of automation greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. At the same time, plates of various specifications can be produced at any time as needed, thus saving inventory and reducing costs.


- The process flow simple, the layout compact and beautiful, the technology advanced, the operation continuous, effective and safety, the overall energy consumption low, the maintenance simple, and the operating cost is low.


- The steel coil cut to length line can operate as a single machine or a complete line. Single action is mainly used for threading materials, the whole line combination can realize automatic unwinding, leveling, cross-cutting and stacking functions. Unit speed (leveling speed) ≤50m/mim (sizing machine speed).


- The main parts of the steel coil cut to length line all by hydraulic, with smooth and reliable action, low noise, and convenient and reliable maintenance.


- The steel coil cut to length line is controlled by a CNC system, equipped with frequency conversion or servo devices, and has high positioning accuracy.


- The main electronic control components are equipped with imported products, which have high working reliability; the control system has strong anti-interference ability and has a self-diagnostic function, which can help quickly find out the cause of the fault.


- The steel coil cut to length line fully considers human and machine safety, takes reliable protective measures to prevent misoperation. Once an emergency problem occurs, the power supply can be cut off immediately.


2. Steel coil cut to length line features

Steel Cut to Length Line

The uncoiler adopts a single support structure, a hydraulic expansion and contraction drum and a hydraulic rotary joint. The cantilever end is equipped with auxiliary support, which has good rigidity and high uncoiling quality.


It adopts pressure disc brake, when manual threading operation, it is used for braking. During automatic operation, the motor will generate the back tension, the tension is constant, and the operation is stable without deviation.


The material storage platform consists of two symmetrical parts forming a V shape, which is installed on both sides of the trench above the loading trolley. The loading trolley can directly lift the steel coils from the storage table for loading.


- Feeding device

The feeding trolley seat is on two rails. The lifting frame is driven by an oil cylinder to lift the material roll to the same height as the axis of the uncoiler drum. The motor drives the walking chassis through the reducer to move along the axis of the uncoiler drum.


The steel coil is threaded onto the uncoiler drum. After the feeding is in place, the unwinding auxiliary support is lifted, the material rack is lowered, and the trolley is driven back to the next loading position. Adopting four guide pillar structure, the material loading is stable.


The feeder is composed of a pressing beam, a feeding pallet and a telescopic plate. All three are driven and swung by oil cylinders.


The pressure roller on the pressure beam rotates passively, tightly pressing the material head to prevent loosening and assisting in unwinding.


According to the different diameter of the unrolled material, the swing bridge deck is adjusted by the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder.


During online operation, the pressing beam lifts and the supporting plate falls. The surface of the telescopic plate is hard chrome plated.


- Leveling machine

The leveling machine has 9 upper leveling rollers and 10 lower leveling rollers. The upper and lower leveling rollers each have two layers of support rollers. That is, there is a layer of full-length support rollers between the short support rollers and the work rollers to protect the work roll surface from irregularities. Being crushed, it improves the service life of the work roller and the leveling quality of the sheet surface.


Leveling machine rollers:

The upper roller and support roller of the leveling machine are fixed on the upper beam, and the lower roller and support roller are installed on the lower base. The beam and base are connected through four tie rods. The top ends of the four tie rods are hinged with the cross beams, and the base ends are screw rods, which are respectively installed on the four sets of worm gear lifts on the base.


All leveling rollers and traction rollers are driven, and the transmission sequence is:

the AC motor drives the reducer, and the universal coupling transmits the power to the leveling rollers and traction rollers through the transmission distribution box. The distribution box is a double-layer power transmission, the intermediate gear transmission is strong, the gear distribution is reasonable, the service life is long.


The leveling roller and support roller bearings are rolling bearings. To ensure reliable lubrication, this machine uses centralized pressure lubrication. The leveling roller bearings adopt imported bearings with high support accuracy and can ensure the high-precision leveling requirements of the sheet metal.


The lifting bridge spans both sides of the pit. It consists of a motorized lifting middle bridge and an arc-shaped supporting surface formed by a number of rollers. When the material head moves forward, the middle bridge rises to facilitate the passage of materials. When the material head enters the fixed-length feeding machine, the middle bridge falls down to form a material storage loop.


- Shearing machine

The secondary leveling and servo feeding adopt German Lenz servo motors. The measuring roller is equipped with a photoelectric encoder. After the encoder detects the position, it feeds back to the CNC system to stop the feeding roller motor for accurate shearing.


The shearing machine is driven by a mechanical crank connecting rod, shearing from bottom to top, which can prevent the sheet from deflecting and protect the quality of the board. The AC variable frequency motor has stepless speed regulation, and can achieve continuous shearing of small-sized sheets.


The stacking is of pneumatic flipping and blanking type, and pneumatic beating to reduce scratches on the sheets. The effect is neat and beautiful and is equipped with a blowing device to avoid scratches on the sheets.


The discharging trolley, pneumatic flipping rack and lifting workbench are combined to stack the sheets and transport the stacked sheets out of the line.


3. Lubrication system features and functions

The distribution box and gearbox of this steel coil cut to length line are oil-immersed and lubricated. The rest is centralized intermittent lubrication by the oil pump.


The lubrication operation is simple, convenient, reliable, and meets the normal operation of the equipment.

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