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Sheet Metal Equipment Automation Solutions: Units, Lines And Intelligent Factory

The rapid development of the global economy has brought enormous development opportunities to the sheet metal industry. The new opportunities have brought about a huge demand for orders. How to quickly and efficiently adapt to market demand and seize market opportunities has become a problem that many enterprises are currently facing. With the rapid increase in labor costs in recent years, the original production model is bound to squeeze out the profit space of enterprises, resulting in problems such as layoffs and labor shortages. So how to quickly and efficiently respond to market demand while reducing labor costs? This article analyzes through some sheet metal equipment automation solutions.


Whether it is low-voltage cabinets, medium voltage cabinets, mid mounted cabinets in the switchgear industry, or door panels and hoardings in the elevator industry, there is a characteristic in the traditional production and processing process, which is the large size, heavy weight, and high labor demand of the workpiece. And product quality is easily affected by human factors, and automation production units can precisely solve such pain points.


1. Sheet Metal Equipment Automation Production Units

Automated single side loading and unloading and sheet metal punching unit

- Automated single side loading and unloading and sheet metal punching unit

This unit is a compact structure. Small footprint. Achieve automatic loading and punching of raw material sheets and automatic unloading of semi-finished workpieces on one side. Eliminating manual handling of loading and unloading processes, bringing stable products and extremely high production efficiency.

The advantages of this solution are low initial investment and free combination. In the later stage, it can also be transformed and upgraded into a production line according to actual needs.


- Automated sheet metal bending unit

Mainly used to replace manual production and processing of components such as side panels and door panels for large and medium-sized switchgear. The efficient CNC Press brake is combined with the intelligent industrial robot, which only needs to manually transfer the semi-finished parts completed by punching or laser cutting to the feeding area in batches.



The bending unit will cooperate with the press brake and other auxiliary equipment to complete the bending process of the workpiece according to the preset product program. After processing, the bent workpieces are manually transported in batches from the cutting area to subsequent processes.


2. Automated Sheet Metal Production Lines

The sheet metal equipment automation production line focuses on improving the production level of batch products, focusing on improving product manufacturing capabilities, product quality and reliability, delivery capabilities, and workshop information construction.

The advantage of this solution is that the production line of the assembly line operation mode is suitable for large-scale and standardized production, to maximize equipment capacity, and to minimize manual transfer and other intervention processes.

 Sheet Metal Equipment Automation Solutions

- Automated sheet metal storage system + punching + bending center production line solution

The three-dimensional material warehouse provides raw materials for the entire production line, and according to the production order requirements, the intelligent material warehouse supplies materials to the punching machine.

The semi-finished plates after punching by the punch can be discharged midway as needed and manually transferred to other equipment for further processing. It can also be assigned to subsequent automatic bending centers through a caching mechanism to complete workpiece bending processing and feed to the designated area.

Each module of the production line can be freely combined according to demand, and its high flexibility enables it to cover multiple types of products, maximizing the utilization of production capacity.


3. Smart Factory

Intelligent factory is based on the improvement of the overall level of factory operation and management, focusing on products, processes, monitoring, quality, warehousing and logistics. Through the means of digitalization and informatization, all-round control is carried out from order management to production coordination to improve the overall comprehensive efficiency.

The hardware equipment of a typical intelligent sheet metal factory includes an intelligent storage center, a CNC punching and shearing compound production line, an automatic bending unit, an automatic laser cutting system and an automatic welding unit. Each component can be freely combined according to the actual needs, and effectively meet the needs of customers.

In addition to hardware equipment such as automatic production line, intelligent factory must also realize intelligence and form a closed loop of information flow such as manufacturing decision-making, execution and control. Combined with the concept of lean production, the waste in the production process is reduced to the minimum, and the flexible small batch and diversified production goals are realized.

At present, intelligent manufacturing is like a storm sweeping the whole sheet metal industry, and sheet metal equipment automation is the only way to solve this storm, and it is also the development direction of the sheet metal industry in the future.