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9 Advantages of CNC Roll Bending Machine

They bend sheet metal into round, arc and conical shaped work pieces with ease and provide numerous shaping options. The most frequent shapes are circular, U-shaped and multi-section R-shaped bends but specialist equipment can provide triangular or even elliptical bends, among many other options.

Furthermore, as an enhancement from standard roll bending machine, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) bending machines will deliver reliable, repeatable results once programmed. This frees up space in the workforce, reducing overhead costs in the long run.

As such, roll bending machines are an incredibly useful for metal-working companies seeking to optimize their production. If you aren’t convinced already; here are 9 key advantages of using CNC roll bending machines.

1. 16-Segment Speed Control of CNC Roll Bending Machines

Control of CNC Roll Bending Machines

Facilitating a wide variety of speeds permits these sheet metal roll bending machine to work with many different metals in different working conditions. And being able to program these into the CNC system, means you can easily create specific programs for dealing with particular metals, thicknesses, shapes and quantities of material.

2. Simple Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Plate Rolling Machine PLC

In line with incredible speed control, the simple PLC allows preprograming of various different tasks. Along with speed, this can vary timing, orientation, shape and many more specific factors depending on your needs. Once programmed, these varying functions can be easily operated by even low-skill workers allowing costs to be saved down the line.

3. Tailored to your needs

With various optional features, CNC roll bending machine can be tailored to your exact needs. The most common of these optional features are PG vector control, torque control and V/F control.

4. Heat Dissipation

Specifically designed to deal with the heat intensive task of roll bending, these machines adopt an independent air duct design which dissipates heat with ease. Moreover, fans can be freely removed for maintenance, replacement or other purposes.

5. Modular Circuitry

Designing the circuitry modularly ensures that operation is stable and efficient. But, more importantly, it makes it simpler to identify and solve internal problems if they ever do arise.

6. Powerful input and output

With the ability to be programmed for multiple functions, plate roll bending machines offer an incredible range of potential inputs and outputs in one bundle.

This can, depending on your model, help reduce the necessity for multiple machines which undertake similar tasks.

7. Unique Adaptive Control Characteristics

Thanks to plate rolling machine powerful CNC functionality, metal plate roll bending machines offer automatically assigned upper limits of motor torque.

This helps to prevent frequent circuit tripping which is most often caused exceeding torque thresholds.

8. Built using Advanced PID Algorithms

Yet another advantage of CNC design is incredibly advanced PID algorithm. This helps to effectively regulate temperature, flow, pressure, speed and other variables to ensure the longevity of the machines.

The advanced algorithms used in these CNC sheet metal roll bending machine provides fast responses, strong adaptability and simple debugging if any problems do arise.

9. Attractive Design of Roll Bending Machine

CNC steel roll bending machine design

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Alongside incredible functionality, modern CNC steel roll bending machines integrate a number of European design concepts.

This ensures that the body of the machine maintains smooth linage, appealing colours and an overall attractive appearance.

With these advantages in mind, it is clear that a CNC roll bending machine offers a fantastic solution for metal-working companies. Providing long-lasting, multi-functional and durable machines that are, once programmed, incredibly easy to operate.