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Uncoiling And Leveling Laser Cutting Line

Uncoiling and Leveling Laser Cutting Line is a highly automated production line used for uncoiling, leveling and laser cutting of metal coils. This kind of production line is mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of metal sheets, such as construction, automobiles, home appliances and other industries.


The traditional method of sheet metal processing is to use a decoiler to uncoil and level the sheets, and then send them to a shearing machine to cut them into sheets of a certain length. Finally, the materials are manually transported to the laser cutting machine for cutting and blanking. Most existing laser cutting machines can cut various shapes, but when cutting, the sheet is stationary, and the incoming and outgoing materials cannot be carried out at the same time, which affects the processing speed of the sheet.


1. What is an uncoiling and leveling laser cutting line?

Uncoiling Leveling Laser Cutting Bending Production Line

The production line of the uncoiling and leveling laser cutting machine can achieve four functions of uncoiling and leveling, feeding, cutting, and cutting in one, breaking the traditional processing method, that is, the laser cutting machine is used for flying cutting during the movement of the strip. The purpose is to solve the problem of rapid cutting of continuous metal strips without molds, thereby reducing the investment and consumption costs of cutting equipment and molds, and effectively improving material utilization.


The laser automated production line for uncoiling and leveling is usually composed of uncoilers, leveling machines, laser cutting machines, conveying devices, etc. Among them, the unwinding machine is used to unfold the metal coil, and the leveling machine performs leveling treatment on it. The laser cutting machine cuts the metal sheet according to the preset processing dimensions. These devices are usually equipped with automated control systems and sensors to achieve high-precision processing and production control.

coi fiber laser cutting machine

The coil laser cutting equipment mainly consists of automatic unwinding, leveling system, servo automatic feeding, laser cutting system, automatic assembly line, online coil cutting, saving labor, improving efficiency, etc.


2. Technical characteristics of luncoiling and leveling laser cutting production line

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The CNC laser cutting machine adopts a professional system to control motor synchronization. The cutting machine workbench is a track type cutting table, which is equipped with needle plate cutting strips. During the processing, the cutting table and the unwinding servo feed are synchronized and run at the same speed to achieve plate cutting.

The body of the CNC laser cutting machine adopts a steel plate welding structure, which is subjected to high-temperature tempering treatment to completely eliminate welding stress.


The leveling machine's correction wheel is made of bearing steel, with a thickened and electroplated surface, which is durable and wear-resistant. Easy and convenient to operate, all correction wheels are equipped with gear transmission and spare pressure wheels, which can effectively enhance the rigidity of the correction wheels and improve the quality of correction.

Uncoiling And Leveling Laser Cutting Production Line

High product quality:

The feeding and cutting system of the leveling machine, as well as the automatic stacking system, can adapt to the production of various metal material parts and billets.


High material utilization rate:

Due to the use of coil materials for continuous production, there is no loss of material head and tail under single piece conditions. Meanwhile, the equipment adopts optimized layout. Combine various shapes of parts for edge free cutting to reduce material loss and improve material utilization.


Wide applicability of materials:

It can cut carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, especially high-strength steel plates that are difficult to be stamped with a punching machine.


3. Advantages of the decoiling and leveling laser automated production line

Sheet Metal Uncoiling Leveling Laser Cutting Bending Production Line

The advantages of the decoiling and leveling laser automated production line are its high degree of automation, high precision and high efficiency. This kind of production line can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, due to the use of laser cutting technology, the processing accuracy and cutting speed can be greatly improved, further improving production efficiency.


In addition, the uncoiling and leveling laser cutting automated production line also has the characteristics of easy operation and simple maintenance. This kind of production line is usually equipped with a touch screen or computer interface, and the operator can complete the adjustment and control of the equipment through simple operations. At the same time, the equipment has a simple structure, fewer parts, and is relatively easy to maintain.


In actual use, the decoiling and leveling laser cutting automatic production line is further subdivided according to the different sheet metal materials of the enterprise. Products produced using automated production lines should have a large enough output, and product design and technology should be advanced, stable, reliable, and remain basically unchanged for a long time.

The use of automated production lines in mass production can increase labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve labor conditions, reduce production area, reduce production costs, shorten production cycles, ensure balanced production, and improve economic benefits. If the product batch is small and the varieties are not fixed, it is recommended to use a semi-automatic production line.

In short, the uncoiling and leveling laser cutting line is an efficient, high-precision, and highly automated production line that is suitable for the processing and manufacturing of various metal sheets. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of industrial production, this kind of production line will become more and more popular and become one of the important development directions of future industrial production.