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How to Evaluate Hydraulic CNC Plate Shears Safety and Efficiency?

With the popularization of industrial equipment, Hydraulic CNC Plate Shears are becoming more and more popular.

1. Hydraulic CNC Plate Shears Safety and Efficiency

Hydraulic CNC Plate Shear Machine

The basic movement of the shearing machine is always the same: cutting metal through the gap between the upper and lower blades. The safety and efficiency evaluation of shears is for reference.

1) Shearing Material and Specification

One of the factors we need to consider when evaluating shears is the amount required for a given job. The steel metal plate specification data of shearingmachine are generally low carbon steel and stainless steel. In order to compare the requirements of the metal processing plant and the steel cutter, the material specifications must be checked according to the capacity of the hydraulic plate shears.

2) Confirm the plate shearing machine manufacturer

In this part, it is usually easy to ignore. Because no matter which manufacturer connected, the plate shear machine manufacturers will basically inform the professional manufacturer. In fact, different manufacturers often produce different models. Therefore, users should pay special attention to understand and investigate manufacturers.

3) Comparison and selection inquiry information obtained 

After contacting with many manufacturers, we will get the price, parameters, payment and delivery methods. Then, customers compare and select layer by layer.

In general, you need to consider the following:

- High or low price

- Reliable manufacturer or not

- Objective: obtain better cost performance, guarantee quality and after-sales service.

After confirming the manufacturer, the next step is to sign the contract, pay the deposit, payment information and other related matters.

2. SHENCHONG CNC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine Hot Models Recently Shipped

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Shenchong CNC Plate Shearing Machines

3. How to Ensure Accuracy of CNC Plate Shears?

With the continuous improvement of requirements in various fields, high speed, high precision and energy saving are the future development trends of the CNC shearing machine and CNC press brake industry. Choosing to purchase sheet metal equipment with higher configuration can not only improve work efficiency, but also save labor costs.

Plate shears are used for linear cutting of various metal materials according to different needs, and are suitable for steel manufacturing, automobile, ship, switch electrical appliances, container manufacturing, plate shears machinery manufacturing, light industry and other industries.

So how can we make the quality and precision of plate shears high? The main points are as follows:

1) Power system

The power system is the key to the operation of the whole shearing machine. It can also be said that it is an important factor affecting the normal operation and service life of all components!

If the shear power can not be effectively improved, the tightness of the oil cylinder and the stability of the voltage can not be guaranteed! It will have a serious impact on other accessories of the equipment.

2) Shearing blade

The blade of plate shears is an important part of the machine. The gap between the blades is needed to cut the plates with different thicknesses.

Therefore, the high-quality blade can improve the cut and qualification rate of the products processed by the machine.

3) Adjustment of components

In the long-term use process, the equipment carries out mechanical movement. After long-term operation of the equipment, the clearance between the screw rods needs to be adjusted automatically or manually. Reasonable parameter adjustment can greatly improve the processing accuracy of the plate shearing machine.

The above three aspects described how to ensure the accuracy of CNC plate shears. Hope to pay attention to these problems in the future.