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How To Choose Suitable Sheet Metal Deburring Machine?

1. What is Sheet Metal Deburring Machine

Some materials and objects that are uneven, uneven in thickness, and do not meet process requirements, We can use physical removal methods such as emery cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring pad, non-woven polishing wheel, etc. to make the material smoother, smoother, and more uniform in thickness, and make it up to standard with craftsmanship. It is used in various veneer production, standard structural parts production, toy and handicraft industry, decoration and furniture industry, flooring and wall panel building materials industry, etc..

sheet metal plate deburring machine

- Burrs are inevitable

After sheet metal processing, sharp edges, curling edges, burr residues, etc. will be produced. These are mainly derivatives of laser cutting, flame cutting, and stamping parts. These defects often increase the hazard to personnel in the subsequent production process, which is why the sheet metal need be processed by sheet metal deburing machine.


2. How to choose a suitable sheet metal deburring machine?

There are many traditional deburring methods. For example, the first one is manual deburring, which uses angle grinders and polishing wheels to manually remove burrs. However, the sheet metal parts polished by this method cannot maintain consistency and are very time-consuming. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive and increases the possibility of accidental injuries. If you need to remove large quantities of consumables or deburr large plates, you will need a fully automatic sheet metal deburring machine. Nowadays, there are many types and models sheet metal deburring machine on the market.

Now when you are preparing to provide a deburring machine for your company, we recommend that you consider the following points:


- Material type that needs to be deburred

Sheet metal deburring machine is suitable for removing burrs on sheet metal, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates and other metal materials. However, different thickness, hardness, corrosion resistance and cutting methods, which also have different requirements for choosing a sheet metal deburring machine. Therefore, when purchasing a sheet metal deburring machine, we should understand the product material type and detail size , like thickness, length and width, etc.


- The size of the required deburring area

When choosing a sheet metal deburring machine, we need to consider the size of the required deburring area. If the material deburring area is small, we can choose a small, manually operated deburring machine. If the area is large, we need to consider a large model and automated deburring machine to improve efficiency.


- Work efficiency and precision

In sheet metal processing manufacturers, work efficiency and precision are very important. Therefore, when choosing a sheet metal deburring machine, we need to pay attention to its work efficiency and accuracy. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of automation, the higher the efficiency of a deburring machine, and its operation is relatively simple and requires less manual intervention. However, there may be problems with accuracy. If you want to pursue higher precision, we need to choose those deburring machines with high precision.


- Machine usage cost

Machine usage costs include the equipment purchase price, energy consumption per use, machine maintenance and other expenses. The purchased sheet metal deburring machine should be aimed at improving production capacity and reducing production costs. The less expensive it is to use a deburring machine to solve the burr problem, the better. At the same time, it is also necessary to understand the maintenance content and maintenance cycle of the machine to avoid production line shutdown due to insufficient machine maintenance.


- Machine safety

Safety issues should also be considered when using a sheet metal deburring machine. For example, the tools of sheet metal deburring machines are highly dangerous. Sheet metal fabricators need to ensure their employees can operate deburring machines safely. Therefore, when purchasing sheet metal deburring equipment, you need to worker operation training and safety training strictly, make sure machine safety use.

sheet metal deburring machine

3. Precautions for using the sheet metal deburring machine

- Wipe the machine clean every day to remove dust on the machine.

- It is recommended that the water eliminator of the compressed air filter drain the accumulated water every day.

- Check whether the surface of the conveyor belt is smooth every month. Uneven rubber surface will affect the processing effect.

- Check whether the surface of the active rubber roller of the abrasive belt is smooth every month. Uneven rubber surface will affect the processing effect of the workpiece.

- Check the air pressure every day to ensure the tension of the abrasive belt.

- Inspect all parts of the machine at a certain period to ensure that the parts are clean, ventilated smoothly, dust-free, and free of garbage or other residues.

- Add lubricating oil to each part according to the instructions

- Put in the workpiece. When grinding the workpiece, pay attention to the ammeter on the control panel. If the workpiece passes through the processing area of the abrasive belt, the ammeter does not respond, indicating that the workpiece has not been ground. When the workpiece passes through the abrasive belt, if the current is too large, it means that the workpiece has been ground too much. If it is too heavy, the current should be controlled within 7.5-10A. If it is too light, the deburring effect will not be good. If it is too heavy, the thermal overload relay will act and the abrasive belt motor will stop.

- When replacing plates with different thicknesses, be sure to adjust the distance between the conveyor belt and the abrasive belt first.

The distance is the same as the plate to be processed, so as to avoid too much difference in thickness and damage to the machine.

- When the job is completed and the machine is shut down, make sure that all the workpieces have been taken out. Press the abrasive belt motor to stop - rotation stops - revolution stops - conveyor forward stops - electromagnetic shutdown - dust collector stops to turn off the machine in sequence. After all the motors of the machine stop running, turn off the power.


To sum up, when purchasing a suitable sheet metal deburring machine, we need to consider multiple factors, including the type of material to be processed, the size of the deburring area required, the working efficiency and accuracy of the machine, the cost of using the machine, and the safety of the machine, etc. Relevant sheet metal processing manufacturers can choose the appropriate sheet metal deburring machine according to their own needs.

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