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SC Vertical CNC V Groove Machine Ultimate Guide 2024

The SC vertical CNC V groove machine can cut V-shaped grooves on stainless steel sheets, iron plates, aluminum plates, composite aluminum plates, copper plates and other metal plates. The bent edge arc radius of the workpiece is smaller, which meets the special needs of high-end metal plate decoration in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, commercial buildings, banks, airports and other places.


1. Advantages Of Vertical CNC Sheet Metal Groove Machine

SC CNC Vertical V Groove Machine For Sale

The vertical CNC grooving machine is more suitable for grooving thick plates and can perform oblique processing. It is very suitable for the grooving process of special-shaped plates.


- The machine body is an all-steel plate welded structure. Tempering aging and small deformation.

- Using CNC (numerical control) device, it can be processed fully automatically.

- Use pneumatic device. Clamping and releasing are fully automated.

- The table below the planer can be adjusted after wear to extend the service life of the entire machine.

- Using three planers to work together, the planing efficiency is high.

- There is a removable supporting frame in front of the workbench to facilitate processing of longer workpieces.

- Adopt full servo motor. Positioning accuracy. High processing precision.

- The entire operating system of the machine is a precise electro-pneumatic combination.

- Easy to operate. Flexible movements. Efficient. Low noise. No environmental pollution.


Vertical CNC v groove machine is a commonly used equipment in the construction and decoration industry. It can perform V-shaped groove processing on stainless steel sheets, aluminum sheets and other metal sheets. Make the edge arc radius of the bent workpiece small and reduce the bending force required to bend the thin plate. It can also be used to pre-position the bending edge length before CNC press brake machine bending to ensure the accuracy of the bending edge length.


1. Safe Operating Procedures For Vertical CNC V Groove Machines


- Check whether the power cord and power plug of the stainless steel grooving machine are normal. Make sure the grounding is safe and reliable.

- Check whether the locking screw of the stainless steel v groove machine is loose. Are there any unusual noises, odors, or other abnormalities?

- Select the appropriate cutter wheels and cutters according to your needs. Make sure the knife is sharp and the stainless steel material meets the specifications.

- Make sure the gouging material is securely fastened and does not move or slip during the gouging process.

- Before starting use, check that the v grooving machine is equipped with guards. Ensure safe operation.



- Align the material to be processed with the router and manually adjust the height and position of the router so that it is in contact with the material.

- Start the stainless steel vertical v groove machine, adjust the planing speed and depth appropriately, and then start planing the stainless steel material.

- During the planing process, pay attention to check whether there are protrusions, burrs and other problems on the surface of the material. Weakly detect problems and stop machine adjustments in time.

- Remember not to apply excessive force or extend your fingers into the groove when planing materials to avoid danger.

- When planing is complete, stop the stainless steel grooving machinery. Clean the debris out of the gouge for next use.



- When using a vertical stainless steel grooving machine, pay attention to the planing speed and depth and avoid excessive force.

- During the planing process, try to avoid overlapping cutting surfaces to avoid hardening the blade, causing wear or other damage.

- Wear protective gloves and goggles when using a vertical cnc v groove machine. Avoid being injured by fragments of material.

- During the planing process, the debris and iron filings in the planing groove should be cleaned up in time. Avoid damage to machines and people.

- The machine should be kept steady and without vibration during planing to avoid damage to the planing material and the stainless steel groover.


2. SC Vertical V Groove Machine Structural Features

SC Vertical CNC V Groove Machine

Vertical series V-grooving machine is an upgrade product of traditional planer. Vertical high-speed CNC grooving machine for thin plate adopts precision ball screw as power transmission component, which with high machining accuracy is especially important for high-grade products.


For material clamping device, hydraulic system is used as power , it brings high pressure, reliable fastening, low noise and low energy consumption. Adopt frame structure, connected with high strength bolt, through heat treatment to eliminate stress of worktable, to ensure overall rigidity and reduce deformation.


When this machine working, the beam is fixed, the workpiece is conveyed by after by back-feed mechanism. The working surface is made of carbon steel,the high frequency surface hardness achieve 55 to 60 HRC after quenching (ordinary mesa < 30 HRC), which makes workbench is stiffer than stainless steel, it keeps the workbenth surface flatness ≤±0.03mm, avoid scratches caused of low hardness. This technology makes sure the precision of v groove and extends the service life of the equipment.


There are supporting devices equipped in the front and back of the workbenth to prevent scratching the metal plate material in the process.


The CNC system is easy to master and operate. As long as the processing parameters are input, the equipment will be processed automatically, and there are multiple interlocking safeguards to ensure the safe operation of the vertical CNC v groove machine.


Mainly electrical components are imported, in line with international standards, safe and reliable, long life, anti-interference ability, and electric control cabinet is equipped with heat sink.