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Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine Common Problems & Solutions

Four column hydraulic press machine is a working medium with special hydraulic oil and a hydraulic pump as a source of power.

With the force of the pump, the hydraulic oil will enter the oil cylinder/piston through the hydraulic tube road.

There are several groups of coordinated sealing parts in the oil cylinder/piston. The sealing of different locations is different, but they all play a sealing role, so that the hydraulic oil cannot be leaked.

Four column hydraulic press machine was widely used in automobile manufacturing enterprises for many advantages. 

However, frequent system failures of hydraulic equipment often affect the normal use of the machine and directly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.

In order to ensure that the production and operation of the enterprise is not affected, the hydraulic system of the four column hydraulic press machine must have good technical performance and normal operation, especially the rapid processing system failure, find out the reason and solve it, understand the analysis and maintenance technology of the hydraulic system failure is a very important subject.

First, introduce some of the common fault treatment methods of four column hydraulic press machine.

1. Common Fault Treatment Methods of 4 Column Hydraulic Press

4 Column Hydraulic Press Machine

1) Replacement method

Same components on the hydraulic press which have same type, or the same structure, or the same principle, swap the same components in the same position, can quickly confirm whether there is a fault in the replacement component.

The strength of this method is that even if the technical level of the repair personnel is low, it can quickly apply this method to the failure of the hydraulic press and make correct judgments and treatment.

However, the use of this method must be based on the same type or same structure or same hydraulic principle hydraulic press, and also the same hydraulic element. Therefore, this method has great limitations and certain blindness.

2) Auxiliary method

With the help of simple auxiliary parts, there is a failure of the hydraulic element of the four column hydraulic press machine.

- Block the oil mouth 

If the oil port and oil mouth of the liquid pressure valve element can diagnose whether these hydraulic elements can be leaked.

- Artificial orientation

Use the top rod to change the direction of the hydraulic valve component, which can diagnose whether the switching valve is up, such as the stuck and the valve core are not in place.

This method can diagnose whether there is any failure of the hydraulic element without disassembling parts, avoiding too much disassembly workload, reducing the time of failure diagnosis, and easy diagnosis, especially it is very practical for faults such as large oil cylinders.

3) Experience method

The maintenance personnel understand the structure and working principles of each hydraulic element through the hydraulic system theory of the hydraulic press machine, on the basis of rich practical experience, a comprehensive analysis of the failure of the hydraulic machine generates the correct diagnosis quickly. In summary, the faults and reasons for hydraulic press can be roughly divided into the following four aspects:

- Improper adjustment of hydraulic components

Such as: hydraulic pump, oil motor, sequence valve, direction valve, overflow valve, unloading valve, balanced valve pressure and flowing valve adjustment errors;

- Sealing components are damaged or impurities make hydraulic components work properly.

- Over-wearing or damage to hydraulic elements

Such as: the valve component sealing the fault, the spring fails, the gap is too large or too small, etc.;

- Hydraulic electrical control agency fails

Such as: relay fails, the button is poorly exposed or damaged, and the electromagnet installation is uncertain.

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Here are the common problems of four column hydraulic press machine for your reference.

2. Common Problems Of Four Column Press Machine

100 Ton Four Column Hydraulic Press Machines

1) Oil temperature is overheated

Hydraulic oil is the working medium of the hydraulic transmission system, which is generally appropriate between 35 ° C and 60 ° C. If the oil temperature is overheated, it will cause some dangers

- Four column hydraulic press machine heat deformation.

Due to the small gaps in the matching gap, motion components with different thermal expansion coefficients in the hydraulic component are stuck, resulting in failure. It affects the transmission accuracy of the Four column press machine hydraulic system, leading to poor working quality of the component.

- Reduce oil viscosity, increase leakage, reduce the volume efficiency and overall system efficiency of the four column hydraulic press machine pump.

As the viscosity of the oil decreases, the oil membrane of the motion component of the thread shaft becomes thinner and cut, and the friction resistance increases, resulting in increased wear of the four column hydraulic press machine.

- Make the four column hydraulic press machine rubber sealing ring, accelerate aging failure, reduce sealing performance and service life, and cause leakage.

- Accelerate oxidation of oxidation and deteriorate asphalt materials to shorten the service life of hydraulic oil.

The sediment blocked the damping hole and the slit valve port, causing the four column hydraulic press machine pressure valve to be stuck and unable to move. The metal tube stretched and bent, and even ruptured.

2) The hydraulic system is mixed with the air

Mixing the air in the hydraulic system will cause unstable movement of hydraulic execution mechanisms, cause air corrosion and dry friction to hydraulic elements, shorten the service life of hydraulic elements, and cause symptoms such as vibration, noise, and slider crawling.

3) Pollution and deterioration of work oil

In the long-term harsh operation site environment, the oil is easy to mix into impurities and dirt.

When the contaminated hydraulic oil enters the pump and valve, the accuracy and roughness of the coordinated surface will be abraded and destroyed, thereby increasing the leakage.

At the same time, it will also cause increased oil temperature, resulting in insufficient pressure, unstable pressure preservation, not sensitive to executing mechanisms, and sliding blocks after parking.

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The following is a solution to the common problems of the four column hydraulic press machine.

3. Solutions To The Problems

500Ton Four Column Hydraulic Press

1) Release pressure on the electromagnetic safety valve

The manual adjustment function cannot be adjusted to the rated pressure. The electromagnetic valve core is frequently moved and worn with the valve holes, which causes the overflow valve to control the oil leakage and the pressure cannot.

The damping hole of the main valve core is blocked, so that the main valve core can start overflow at lower pressure.

The main valve core and valve seat hole is poorly sealed, and there is oil leakage.

The pressure of the main oil cylinder cannot rise because the solenoid valve is burned out, the slide valve block cannot be switched to the closed position, or the valve core is in the open position.


Check and analyze the faults of each department of the safety valve, adjust the safety valve hand wheel, adjust the pressure to 26MPa and lock the handwheel nut, control the gap between the valve core and the valve hole ≤0.008mm.

Replace the sealing ring between the main valve core and the valve seat, do not leak oil.

If the electromagnetic valve coil is burned out, it should be replaced to ensure that the valve core should be flexible when changing and switching.

2) The main cylinder adds the springs of the springs to make the additional valve seal poorly


Replace the spring, grind the liquid valve cover to ensure no leakage.

3) The main oil cylinder sealing ring is worn, which causes the upper and lower cavity pressure oil to collude with each other


Replace the sealing ring. If the inner wall of the main oil cylinder is pulled, the ground should be repaired to prevent the sealing ring from damaging.

4) Insufficient oil in the fuel tank, make the oil absorbing port enter the air.


The same level of hydraulic oil should be added to exclude the air in the 4 column press hydraulic system.

5) Pressure gauge pointer swings great


View whether there is air in the pressure gauge oil circuit, and the pipeline mechanical vibration excludes the air.

If the pressure gauge is damaged and replaced in time.

6) Slider crawling problem


Check whether the air or pump is inhaled in the system. Check whether the pump oil pipe intakes, and then exercise up and down many times. Check the precision of the slider, whether the column is short of oil. If the oil deficiency adds oil to the pillar, re-adjust the accuracy.

7) High pressure stroke speed is insufficient, slow upwards


Check whether the flow of the high-pressure pump is adjusted too small, and the appropriate adjustment. Or check whether the pump is worn or burn, and replace it in time.

8) Slip under the slider after parking seriously


Check the leakage of the sealing ring of the four column hydraulic press machine cylinder, adjust the pressure valve pressure or check whether the pressure valve pressure outlet is leaked.

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