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CNC Guillotine Shear Machine Advantages & Price Analysis

The CNC guillotine shearing machine adopts a frame structure with all-steel welding; four-corner and eight-sided right-angle guide rails, high precision, good rigidity, and hydraulic preloading. The hydraulic system adopts two-way cartridge integrated valve; the whole system adopts. And it can be equipped with digital display of stroke, photoelectric protection device and mobile workbench (convenient for mold replacement).

hydrauli guillotine shear E21S 6X3200

The guillotine shearing machine has the double-action function of the upper slider and the lower hydraulic cushion. The working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements. The operation is simple and centralized control is adopted.

When the oil enters the upper chamber of the oil cylinder at the left end of the machine, the piston descends. At the same time, the oil in the lower chamber enters the upper chamber of the right end oil cylinder to make the piston descend, thus ensuring the parallel movement of the tool holder.

When the amount of oil in the series oil circuit increases or decreases, the shear angle of the knife holder changes accordingly. When cutting the plate, the shearing angle is reduced, which can not only ensure that the plate is not twisted, but also shorten the stroke amount of the knife holder, and increase the number of strokes per minute. This structure often uses a nitrogen accumulator to drive one or two return cylinders to shorten the travel time and improve the productivity of the machine.

1. Five Advantages Of CNC Guillotine Shear Machine

CNC Guillotine Shear Machine

The specific advantages of the guillotine shearing machine are five points as following show:

- The CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine has high cutting precision. Guillotine shearing machine adopts an integrally welded frame structure, and has been subjected to vibration annealing treatment. The shearing machine tool has good rigidity. Wuxi Shenchong high-precision shearing machine has high precision and good precision retention.

- The CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts the synchronous system of serial oil cylinders, and the force on the machine tool is uniform. By adjusting the flow rate of the serial oil cylinders, the shear angle can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different shear plate thicknesses. It is not easy to distort and deform, ensuring the machining accuracy of the workpiece. What's more important is that the shear force is stronger when the shear angle is increased.

- The balde edge of the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine has a long service life. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts a movable blade support and a four-edged long blade, which is convenient for adjusting the uniformity of the blade gap, improving the cutting quality and prolonging the service life of the blade.

- The CNC guillotine shearing machine adopts a three-point bearing shaft rolling guide rail, and the upper knife rest rolls without gap between the rolling guide rails. The gap between the blade edges can be adjusted by turning the hand wheel. The operation is simple and the machine runs stably.

- The CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine adopts a motorized back gauge device, and the linear guide rail is fast, accurate in positioning, high in precision, and easy to adjust.

2. What is the price of the CNC guillotine shearing machine?

The first is to look at the performance parameters of the guillotine shearing machine, the power of the main motor, the max. width and thickness of the plate that the shearing machine can cut, weight, slider stroke adjustment, shearing times per minute, shearing angle and other parameters, as well as the quality control and production execution level of each factory. Different levels of quality control will also have a great difference in cost, so the final price will also vary greatly. Wuxi Shenchong has always adhered to European standards and only makes high-quality hydraulic guillotine shearing machine.

The second is to look at the brand. Most shearing machine manufacturers have the same technology, and the guillotine shearing machine is also the same structure. It mainly depends on the details and configuration of the machine. The quality of different brands varies greatly, and their prices also vary greatly. Wuxi Shenchong has always used well-known brands, with guaranteed quality and more stable machines.

The last thing is to look at the manufacturer's after-sales warranty. The convenience of after-sales maintenance will not delay things. When purchasing, it is best to check the manufacturer's product evaluation on the Internet, whether the machine performance is stable, or ask your friends which one they use. Understand the performance of CNC guillotine shears, and then make a final decision based on their usage and evaluation. Wuxi Shenchong provides 24-hour uninterrupted after-sales service. No matter when, our after-sales team can be contacted online. When necessary, on-site guidance and maintenance services can be quickly arranged.