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160 Tons Press Brake Application Guide

When people plan to purchase a new press brake, how to choose the machine model is the first question they would meet. Press brake tonnage range from 100 tons to 250 tons is the most popular in the market that can meet the most customers for their general bending requirements. This article will introduce the 160 tons press brake application to help people better understand their purchase needs.


1. 160 Tons Press Brake Application Range

160 Tons 3200mm cnc press brake

160 Tons Press Brake Models:

160 tons press brake standard models are: 160T x 2500MM, 160T x 3200MM, 160T x 4000MM, 160T X 6000MM.


160 Tons 2500 MM Press Brake

160 Tons 2500MM press brake can bend mild steel sheet plate maximum thickness 8mm and maximum length 2500mm. To bend stainless steel sheet can bend up to thickness 6mm and length 2500mm.


160 Tons 3200 MM Press Brake

160ton 3200mm press brake for sale

In theory, 160 Tons 3200MM press brake can bend mild steel sheet plate maximum thickness 7mm and maximum length 2500mm. However, because usually people do not buy 7mm thickness plate, most customers buy 160T 3200MM press brake machine to bend 6mm thickness 320mm length mild steel or bend 4mm thickness 3200mm stainless steel plate.


160 Tons 4000 MM Press Brake

160ton 4000mm cnc press brake for sale ESA630

160 Tons 4000MM press brake can bend mild steel sheet plate maximum thickness 6mm and maximum length 4000mm. When bend the 6mm thickness mild steel, customers need to choose the 60mm notch press brake lower die. 160T/4000mm press brake can bend stainless steel sheet up to thickness 3mm and length 4000mm.


160 Tons 6000 MM Press Brake

Although I list 160 Tons 6000MM as the standard press brake model, actually not many customers need to buy this model. Customers who want to buy 160T6000mm most use this press brake to bend thin poles. 160T x 6000mm can bend mild steel sheet plate maximum thickness 3mm and maximum length 6000mm. When bend the 3mm thickness mild steel, customers need to choose the 24mm notch press brake lower die. 160T/6000mm press brake can bend stainless steel sheet up to thickness 1.5mm and length 6000mm.


160 Tons Press Brake Tools:


160 Tons press brake tool lower die


As the above picture shown, Shenchong standard 160T press brake lower die has different notches that can cover general bending from 160T2500mm to 160T6000mm. This is the square press brake lower die that match with the wide bending table, and this kind of lower die can satisfy most of the bending requirements. However, if customers need to bend high precision workpieces or workpieces may impact with the bending table, then customers should contact with press brake manufacturer to produce narrow bending table and customize single/double V lower dies.

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2. 160 Tons Press Brake Machine Type Recommendation

160Tons WEK Electrical Hydraulic Press Brake

WEK electrical hydraulic press brake is the most popular cnc press brake machine type in the current market. 160 Tons is a very common machine model that customers high frequency using and so they should purchase high stable press brake. In this case, we recommend customers to choose cnc press brake rather than NC press brake. For the more detailed differences between them, you can check our article: Differences: NC VS CNC Press Brake Machines [How to Choose].


160Tons WDK Hybrid Servo Press Brake

160Ton 3200mm hybrid press brake for sale

For customers who have higher bending precision requirements, we recommend them to choose WDK hybrid servo press brake series. WDK 160T2500MM, WDK 160T/3200MM, WDK 160T4000MM, these three press brake machine models are highly used everyday and so if customers want to save energy, lower cost and improve production, electric hybrid servo press brake is a better choice than electrical hydraulic press brake. Also if you buy 160T/6000MM press brake and need to use it 8 hours per day, you should definitely consider hybrid press brake as well.

160 Tons Robotic Press Brake

Those customers who need to produce Large batch of workpieces and do not have many different workpieces types, we highly recommend them to consider robotic press brake. To match with 160Tons press brake, customers do not need to choose a very large bending robot because the plate weight would not super heavy, and usually 200kg ABB robot can meet the needs. Based on the specific workpiece drawings, smaller robots may also fit the bending requirements.


3. 160 Tons CNC Press Brake For Sale

In a word, 160 Tons is a standard press brake machine model generally use in thousands of sheet metal processing companies. Shenchong always have 160 tons 2500mm press brake, 160 tons 3200mm press brake, 160 tons 4000mm press brake, and 160 tons 6000mm press brake in stock for sale. If you have special bending requirements that need to customize the press brake, also welcome to contact with us by email: info@shenchong.com or whatsapp: 86-15951565113.