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The TRUMPF company was founded in 1923, started as a machinery factory, now has developed into an world leader (TRUMPF GROUP) in the fields of industrial machine tools, laser technology and electronics.



Over these years, TRUMPF GROUP has been working hard to further develop its production technology, which not only requires digital connection, but also must be more economical, accurate, and timeless.

TRUMPF needs to make the manufacturing process more efficient, and support building the future of the industrial world.

As the market and technology leader of machine tools and lasers in the industrial production, it has various innovations, providing a series of TRUMPF smart factory solutions, and realizing high-tech processes in the field of industrial electronics.

2. History


1923 — Company founded

In 1923, Mr. Christian Trumpf acquired Julius Geiger machine factory in Stuttgart.

The company first logo derived from its product — the flexible shaft. Soon, the company expanded its product range, and began to produce electrical sheet metal cutting machine.

In 1937, the company changed its name to “ TRUMPF & CO.,”. In the 1950s, the company decided to develop and produce stationary curve shears  —“Trumpf Aushauschere TAS”. This has laid a solid foundation for TRUMPF’s future growth and even to the world.

1968 — The huge development of CNC punch press and laser technology

CNC punch press and laser technology

In 1968, it presented the first sheet metal processing machine TRUMATIC 20 with a CNC system.

For the first time, this machine has realized fully automated processing including tool change.

The first combination punch laser machine TRUMATIC 180

In 1979, it showed the first combination punch laser machine TRUMATIC 180 at the EMO exhibition in Milan. Soon, TRUMPF self-developed its own 1KW CO2 laser and showed it to the public in 1985.

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3. Development in China

TRUMPF officially enters the Chinese market

2000 — TRUMPF officially enters the Chinese market

After exporting machine tools to China for more than 18 years, it began to invest directly in the Chinese market in 2000.

The first company established in China was sheet metal Products Co.,Ltd in Taicang, Jiangsu.

As a metal processing company, it can not only demonstrate the ultra-high efficiency of TRUMPF machine tools, but also provide customers with practical support for plant management.

2005 — TRUMPF new management

After 40 years in charge of the company, Professor Berthold Libinger TRUMPF retiring as president, as chairman.

Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammueller takes over as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

It has become a global leader in the field of machine tool manufacturing and industrial laser technology, and with its innovative machine tool concept and laser light source, it has set a new benchmark in the field of material processing and optics.

2008 — TRUMPF CHINA Taicang factory

The first TRUMPF laser cutting machine assembled in China was born in 2008. At the same time, the new plant started to build. The entire building is divided into two phases, which were completed in 2009 and 2011.

Nowadays, in addition to the original Sheet Metal Products Co., Ltd.. The factory also includes three assembly lines for laser cutting machines, punching machines and Trumpf press brake machines.

At the Taicang factory, multiple teams including R&D, application support, technical services, and customer training have also settled here to provide support for customers in China and other Asian countries.

2014 — TRUMPF rapid development in China

TRUMPF rapid development in China

In 2014, the first 4-meter plane laser cutting machine TruLaser 3040 Prime Edition finished locally.

In 2015, the first assembled TruLser 3030 fiber equipped with a solid-state laser finished and officially entered the Chinese market.

In the same year, the first TRUMPF Automotive Technology Expo was held in Taicang, and its first microelectronics processing laboratory was established in Taicang.

2017 — TRUMPF China Digital Sheet Metal Factory

TRUMPF China Digital Sheet Metal Factory

In 2016, it released the industry 4.0 solution TruConnect for the first time, providing customers with the best solution for realizing digital network factories.

TRUMPF’s latest 3D printing system TruPrint 1000 also completed its first show in China, providing customers with metal additive manufacturing solutions.

In 2017, TRUMPF Sheet Metal Products Co., Ltd. upgraded to a digital sheet metal factory, allowing customers to have a deeper experience of the intelligent networked production of sheet metal parts.

2019 — TRUMPF China Customer Center was officially established

TRUMPF China Customer Center was formally established in 2019, and it welcomed its first guests on April 9th.

In the latest customer center, customers can get a full range of product experience from different perspectives such as product training, programming, live demonstrations of different technologies, and product applications.