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Special Purpose Vehicle CNC Press Brake WEK-600T/6000MM

Wuxi Shenchong is a long-term supplier of bending and shearing equipment required by specialized automobile manufacturers. Now there is another large CNC press brake machine for specialized car manufacturing that has been shipped.

Special Purpose Vehicle CNC Press Brake Shipped

Special Purpose Vehicle CNC Press Brake Delivery

Special Vehicle Manufacturing - Press Brake Configuration

- WEK electro-hydraulic

- 600TON6000MM

- ESA 630

- 3+1 Axis

Special Purpose Vehicle CNC Press Brake

Overview of Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

Special purpose vehicle manufacturers are manufacturers of various types of specialized vehicles, manufacturing specialized vehicles for domestic petrochemical, landscaping, municipal sanitation, and highway engineering.

Special purpose vehicles, also known as SPV, are vehicles with specialized functions that are equipped with specialized equipment or undergo special modifications to undertake specialized transportation (goods or personnel) or operational tasks.


With the development of the economy, the variety and quantity of specialized vehicles are increasing day by day. There are over 500 types of specialized vehicles that are frequently used, and in industrialized countries, the variety of specialized vehicles can reach over a thousand. Special purpose vehicles can be divided into two categories: general purpose vehicles and industrial and mining production vehicles.

Manufacturing of Special Purpose Vehicles: Bending and Cutting

Special vehicle products include: on-board lifting and transportation vehicles (on-board cranes), excavator flatbed transport vehicles, multifunctional sprinkler trucks, multifunctional road sweepers, garbage transport vehicles, high-altitude work vehicles, suction trucks, suction trucks, road clearing trailers, various semi-trailers, full trailers, as well as a series of new energy special vehicle products such as electric sweepers, electric fire trucks, electric sanitation vehicles, and electric patrol vehicles.


The car covers and carriage panels of these specialized vehicles are made of metal materials. When processing metal plates for the front and body of the car, specialized car manufacturers need to use metal processing equipment such as SC bending machines and shearing machines.


The use of high-precision and high-speed CNC press brake machines and CNC plate shearing machines can effectively improve the appearance beauty of car covers and the assembly accuracy of carriage panels. Thus greatly improving the appearance quality and production efficiency of specialized vehicles!